Monday, March 28, 2011

Joshua Tree National Park is Pretty Cool

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It's been forever, since I last listened to that song, but it's still so good. I love the music video because of the theatrics and the obvious circus influence. I have a fascination with the idea of a darker circus, but I think I've been influenced by Alexander McQueen and Something Wicked This Way Comes...Sorry for going off topic because what I'm really up to is to tell you about my trip to Joshua Tree National Park(March 20th). I go there once to twice a year and it has served as inspiration for both Andrew McMahon and Gerard Way. In fact, in the "Na Na Na" music video, they're fighting with laser guns at the park. Pretty cool, eh?
I started off my day getting lunch with my family at The Rib Co. My dad and I shared a plate, so no, I am not a complete and total fatty.
It was a pretty chilly day and the haze was thick, so I couldn't see as much, as I had hoped. Usually the sky is bright blue and you see the mountains in the background, which are only a faint outline in this photo.
The trees look like they're from an earlier period in time. Possibly one, where dinosaurs still roamed the planet. (Sorry, I have dinosaurs on the mind. We're talking evolution in Biology and we spent quite some time on dinosaurs.)
I went there, hoping to see the blooming Joshua trees. Unfortunately, they were all dried out, so there were little brown skeletons left, a remainder of the once beautiful white flowers.
Even though it's a desert, there's still a little dam there built by Native Americans. For some reason, every time I go there, I have this vague memory of me dipping my feet in the dam and a blue dragonfly landing on my knee. I'm not sure, if it's the same place because it is a very early memory and the water isn't too clean, so I can't imagine my parents allowing me to do so. I'm leaning towards it might've been a dream because when I try to remember it, it feels very surreal to me.
On clear days, you can see all the way to Mexico. No joke. They have a picture with arrows pointing to different hills and mountains and one of the mountains is on Mexican land. They have sunrise masses at Joshua Tree, so I hope to make it to one soon. I just think it would be so pretty.
High five for alternative energy? The white fans sticking out of the ground are actually windmills used for alternative energy! I think they look pretty cool, but I really wonder, how much energy can one of these make? My science teacher from 6th grade talked about how we should put them by the ocean because it's so windy there and I remember raising my hand to say, "If I spent millions of dollars on my house by the beach, I would not want one of those by my house. Wouldn't it ruin the view? What would happen, if it fell on my house, huh? Would I die?" I feel bad for my teacher. That's probably why he hated me. I used to ask stupid "What If" questions a lot. Haha, anyways, I hoped you enjoy this post and I created a new tag called "Visit This Place" because I noticed that I write a lot of posts talking about how wonderful this place is and how you should visit it, so I made a tag for it! Sorry for not posting in over a week. I've been busy exercising (Shocking, I know!), reading, and or course, trying to finish the blanket I'm knitting for an orphanage.
What's new in your life? I've been careless lately and haven't been keeping up with all of the blogs I usually comment on.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"What Do You Say We Leave For California?"

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Well, this post is going to be pretty short, but I thought I'd share with you some photos of California...I live in California and I drive all over the place, so I obviously take a lot of photos. I hope you like them because to me, California is so pretty!
As you can see, it was very cloudy the day I went to Point Loma, San Diego. Imagine how beautiful it is on sunny days! When you're there, you can go whale watching or go look in the tide pools.
Down by San Pedro, there's a huge Mexican community, so if you go to the harbour area, you can get great seafood. It sure is expensive, but it's delicious. All around the area, you can grab fresh seafood like fried fish and Mexican style fish/shrimp. Also, there's a lot of Mexican drinks and food there, so it's kind of fun. Sometimes, they even set up a mini carnival!
I know this probably doesn't make you want to travel to California because I know how much the Gyaru community loves Forever 21. This just shows how the USA really lets us exercise free speech. When John Galliano gets out of jail for his Hitler remarks, he should move here! He can say whatever he wants and he won't get in trouble with the government. Here, a simple apology would do!
In California, we have beautiful sunsets and a plethora of palm tress. Do you have pretty sunsets where you live? If so, I want to see photos!
In Corona Del Mar, there's a great little place called Sherman Library and Gardens, were there is a great koi pond and so many beautiful gardens. It's pretty small, but it's also really cheap. $1 for 16 year olds or younger and $3 for people over 16. I want to say it's for free on Mondays, but I'm not sure. It even has a cute little crepe restaurant and a store filled with cute cookbooks and other fun things.
Would you like to make a post for me about why your state/country is beautiful? (Include photos!)
PS My title is from a Metro Station song. I don't claim copyright over it. Also, on a serious note, let's send our prayers to Japan and all our family/friends there. I'm so glad that Riho is safe along with my other friends' families.