Sunday, February 21, 2010

We the Kings and a Rocket to the Moon are saving Gingers

So yesterday I went to go see the Hot Topic Take Action:Driving For Donors Tour. Stereo Skyline was supposed to perform, but I never saw them. I don't think they showed up...
There For Tomorrow-I have never heard of There For Tomorrow before. So I thought going to the concert would help me decide whether or not I liked them. The whole thing was pretty bad. All the songs blended together and the singers voice was bad too.I liked the drummer's man scarf though.
A Rocket to the Moon-I have always been a fan of A Rocket to the Moon. They only played songs off their album On Your Side. They played my favorite songs by them("On a Lonely Night" and "Mr. Right") though! I wish they played "I Think About You Everyday" and "I'll be your Sunset." The whole band seemed really nice though. Nick said, "Tonight is going to be a good night. In fact, tonight is going to be a wonderful night." Then his band mate sang, "I got a feeling..." It was pretty funny. Every time Nick cussed he would say, "I'm sorry for cussing again." While Nick was singing barefoot, I noticed that all of the members have really skinny legs. I bet they can wear the ultra skinny jeans. Their whole performance was incredibly funny, amazing, and wonderful.Oh yeah, someone from The Summerset showed up to perform with them.

Mayday Parade-I actually like Mayday Parade, but the performance was bad. All of the songs blended together and the guitars were so loud, you couldn't hear the singer's voice. The singer sang a song by himself though, which was really nice. The band kept on spraying people with water bottles and tossing water bottles into the crowd. They did play my favorite song by them, which happens to be "Kids in Love."

We The Kings- Their performance was just amazing. It was funny entertaining and downright amazing. Travis proved to be the funniest with all his side stories. One story went like this: So this is for all the Mickey Mouse lovers out there. So everyone likes Mickey Mouse. He's a cool guy, who doesn't look like anyone else out there. So you're looking at all the products and you see this really cool Mickey Mouse bobble head. You buy it and you run all the way home with him. Mickey Mouse is just bobbling his head along. And when you get home, you go sit down and watch TV with him. Your mom then yells, "CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM! IT'S GETTING MESSY!" And you reply, "SHUT UP MOM! I'M BUSY! I'm sorry Mickey Mouse bobble head that you had to see that." Then you nuzzle noses the way you and your mom used to when you were young. Then you say, "I'll do anything for you! I'll promise you the stars!"
His other story was funny too. It went something like this: I drank a whole bottle of red whine and I had red wine brain. So I went outside and I was all like cool buildings! Then I wondered into the ghetto and saw this sketchy looking guy. I can't explain it, but you know. He asked me for change and I was all like I don't have any change. When I touched my pocket, all the coins jingled and I was like, "Oh shit." When someone asks you for change, it's the first sign they're going to kill you. His eyes got squinty and git even squintier. I wasn't scared, but I did almost poop my pants. Then he's all like, "You've got rockstar hair. You in a band?" Then I'm like, "Yeah, I'm in Fall Out Boy." I figured if he'd kill me, he'd go after my band. So instead of going after my friends, he'd go after Fall Out Boy. Yeah, I'm considerate. Anyways he puts his hand behind his back to pull out a knife or a gun. I seriously didn't know. And I was thinking, "You know what? Life's been good to me, at least until now." Then he pulls out his hand and he's like, "F*** you! You're not part of Fall Out Boy!" And that's how I came up with  "Story of My Life."
Here's a list of my favorite quotes by Travis:
"I brought my party shirt!" (opens up shirt and BAM! It's an NSync Shirt)
"Give it up for A Rocket to the Moon! Together we shall save the Gingers!"
"Did you just call me a Ginger?"
"Ok everyone put up your peace signs and hush up! My teacher used to say that and then I'd make a bunch of noise just to piss her off."
"Everyone nod your head yes. I said just nod, not say yes. (Someone screams Travis) I said nod, not scream Travis!"
"You guys are so sexy. And it's about to get a lot sexier."
We The Kings ended the concert by tossing out 2 drumsticks, a bunch of guitar picks, water bottles, and towels.

Overall my favorite performances were A Rocket to the Moon and We the Kings. I like Mayday Parade, but they're not good live. And There For Tomorrow was just awful. I shall listen to There For Tomorrow on myspace to figure out if they're any good.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Crew Is Funnier Than Yours

Here are the reasons why my group of friends are better than your group of friends.
1. Our Secret Handshake-We actually do have a secret handshake, like they have in the movies. We got up to 8 people to be linked in the secret handshake at once. I'm hoping to reach 10 by tomorrow. Sooin, Sarah, Rebecca, Madeline, Audrey(SHE HAS THE SAME NAME AS ME!), Tiffany, Hilary, and I were all doing the handshake together. We shake hands normally, pull our pants up in a nerdy fashion, and then blow against our elbows to make a farting noise. Guess it's not that secret anymore.

2. We Apologize For Accidents That Weren't Our Fault-So if you read my blog regularly, you read the Percy Jackson post right? Well in the Percy Jackson post, I mentioned Tiffany didn't make it. To be the smart kids Rebecca and I are, we bought a ticket for Tiffany before she ever came. Tiffany never showed up because her mum was all like, "Did you clean the floor?" Tiffany replied, "No, I'll do it later." Her mum then got angry and drove her home to clean the floor. That's why she was didn't show up. Rebecca and I were upset that she never showed up and we paid $9 for her ticket. So she's mailing Rebecca $20. And Rebecca said she only needed to send $9, but Tiffany was all like, "Oh the extra money is for any emotional damages I caused you guys."

3. My Friends And I Have Cool Clothes-Hilary and I both showed up at school with bunny hats one day! Yes, the bunny hat that I mentioned in my very first "Cuteness" post! One of my favorite dancers in the world named Paul owns a polar bear hat. My friends, Sophie, Madeline, and Tiffany(Tiffany from 1, but not 2), have the coolest shirts! Sophie has a shirt with a dinosaur in Paris saying, "Bonjour!" (Showed in one of my earlier posts) and another shirt of a soda can that says, "I'll be back!" Madeline has a lot of witty shirts that say,"Pardon my French!", "Peas in a pod", or "It's not easy being green." The first shirt has a picture of French Fries, while the Peas one has peas in an ipod. The green one has a picture of Kermit. Tiffany, oh my Tiffaniez, has a shirt that has a city scene scape and out of nowhere a cartoon snake pops out!

4. They Do Weird Stuff for Food-Paul from Reason 3(^^) dances for Hi Chew. My favorite dances for him are the Sorry Sorry, Nobody, and Tell Me dance. Sooin will pinch her cheeks and say, "Wugga! Wugga!" for chips. Madeline just stares at my food and says, "I know that (INSERT FOOD NAME HERE) is meant for me." Meanwhile Rebecca is a ninja. By the time you realize she's eating your food, it's already in her mouth. It leaves you with a WTH? feeling. Tiffany just says, "I know you want to give me some of that." And Sarah is all like, "Are you going to finish that? It's ok if you are, but it just looks really good."

5. We Have a Strict Seating Arrangement-On one side of the bench sits Merry, Inna, Sooin, Hilary, and Madeline. On the other side sits Tiffany, Sarah, Rebecca, and me. (Pictured Above) If you break this, you are going to get sat on. Before I knew about the seating arrangement, I sat on Sarah's seat. She was all like, "Move it!" And when I didn't, she sat on me. Yesterday, these two guys my friends rather dislike sat at out table and they sat on REBECCA'S and MY seats. We were mad and we yelled at them to get off. Eventually we kicked them off.

6. We Treat Our Lunch Table Like a Country-We have rules on BRO-ship, which is like citizenship at our table. You must sit at our table for 3-4 months straight! Then when you sit at our table long enough and if we decide we like you, we initiate you. Sarah, Sooin, Merry, and Inna's initiation was founding our table group. Madeline and I helped get out table this year and stake it out. I also get the umbrella for my table by giving Paul a Hi Chew. He then runs off and put the umbrella up for us. Our principal put a stop to that. Hilary was initiation ceremony was throwing tangerine slices at one kid, who was annoying us at the moment. Tiffany was initiated by slapping a guy and yelling at him, "DON'T TOUCH MY TRALALA AGAIN!"

7. We Have A Factbook- In our factbook, we all sit down and write random facts. Inna, Merry, and Sooin have never contributed a fact. Our factbook consists of Chuck Norris facts, silly facts about people at school, perverted facts, and weird facts. Rebecca and I take pride out of censoring facts. WE can all thank Sarah for enlightening us on perverted facts. Sarah wrote, "Snails have sex with their parents." And Rebecca and I changed it to, "Snails have cake with their parents." Madeline wants to start a book with quotes from everyone at the table and I started a book with all of our plans. The plans book didn't work out, so I want to turn it into a book like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Did you know the guy who played Ned is now singing? I actually like his songs. My favorite song by him is If Eyes Could Speak. I'm a sucker for love songs. UGH OFF TOPIC!

8. Everywhere We Go Evolves Around Food-After school on Fridays, everyone goes to eat at Ruby's at the "cool" shopping center. But my group of friends are like, "We rather get boba..." So we go off to a different restaurant in a different shopping center, and then go back to the "cool" shopping center so we can pretend to be cool. But of course we have to kill it. Cool kids go to the movie theater or to the candy store, after Ruby's. My friends and I go to Barnes and Noble and stick post its in pervy manga to censor it.

9. We Have to Prove to the World What Indie Kids We Are-If the campus is clean the whole week, on Fridays we have Friday music. The problem is most of my friends don't enjoy it. Rebecca and I talk about how we liked Cobra Starship and Owl City before they went mainstream, which is true. Sarah complains that the music is annoying and Madeline states that she hates the song that's on. Madeline wears V-necks a lot. I think she owns one in every color sometimes...Rebecca and I wear Indie kid scarves all the time. WE ARE SO COOL, SO HIP!

10. We Have Many Inside Jokes-One time I was going through Rebecca's jacket pocket looking for something and Maggie was all like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She's a pervert sometimes. So now it's an inside joke that we act all "naughty" when touching a pocket of any type. Brainkissing is an inside joke too. One time a random thought came to my mind from a Communitychannel video, when one comment was like "My teacher used to stare at us and tell us to kiss our brains. It was really awkward." So then I touched two fingers to Rebecca and Madeline's head and they asked me what I was doing. And I told them I was brainkissing them. In the movie Avatar, the characters have ponytail like things that are used for bonding. Rebecca pretends to bond using her ponytail to anyone else that has a ponytail. One time my Sevi friend, Catherine, was all like, "So who's the animal?" She's a pervert! Tsk tsk tsk. She was thinking of the bonding with animals, not like well never mind.

When we all part next year and go to different schools, I'm really going to miss these people. Rebecca is thinking of going to this school for really talented artists.  Sarah is trying to get into this school for smart people. Tiffany is supposed to go to the school that Sarah wants to go to. Madeline is planning on doing a lot of sports, so we won't see each other as much as we would like. Inna is always busy, so I don't see her much. Sooin will probably join music and I'm not sure if she'll choose the music kids for friends over me. Merry will always be with Inna. Paul might go back to Korea. Sophie and Hilary will be with me, I think.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

So today I went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief with Rebecca. Another girl named Tiffany (Fluffeh Bunnies) was supposed to come, but she never did. I showed up with the Poseidon sign, a trident, drawn on my arm to match Percy. This movie is based on one of my favorite book series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. I found this movie to be greatly disappointing though. If I had never read the book, I would have loved the movie because it was quite entertaining. I was just upset that the movie wasn't really based on the book. The movie added things, took out things, and changed things. Percy Jackson was supposed to be 12 but was played by 16 year old Logan Lerman, whose eyes are not green. And the girl who played 12 year old Annabeth was played by a 20 year old. Annabeth has grey eyes and bleach blonde hair, the girl in the movie didn't have bleach blonde hair. Grover was a ginger, not an African American. Poseidon has black hair and green eyes, not reddish hair. He wears a Hawaiian top, Bermuda shorts, and a fishing hat, not a suit. Luke has a scar running down his cheek. Some characters in the book didn't even exist in the movie. Some people were missing scars or other things. Another thing is some things in the movie never really existed in the book and some things in the book never existed in the movie. Overall, if you never read the book, I think you will really enjoy the movie. It is entertaining and has enough action. But if you did read the book, expect to be upset. Oh yeah, Rebecca thinks Logan looks like Zac Efron. Then I was like, "Percy has cooler hair!" Then Rebecca told me, "Zac Efron can get a haircut any time!" Oh hur hur. 
Dear Logan Lerman, 
Your cherry Chapstick colored lips match Rebecca and my cherry Chapstick lips.And by the way, I find you to be very attractive. My parents think Zac Efron is attractive and Rebecca thinks you look like Zac Efron, so I guess my parents think you're attractive too. :3
Audrey (hkittygirl)

Monday, February 1, 2010


1. Embroidery-I am currently working on a pillow case. It has a cupcake, Domo, turtle, mushroom, ladybug, and the lyrics to Swim  on it so far.
2. Knitting-I love to knit scarves and blankets. This year for Breanne and Sophie's gift, I knitted them scarves. For Sophie's birthday I knitted her bows. I also like knitting small blankets and clothing for my stuffed animals. Yes, I am that juvenile. Let's see, the first scarf I ever made was given to Madeline for a just because gift in 2nd or 3rd grade.
3. Reading-Whether it's magazines, comics, or novels, I am almost always reading. I usually read one book for school, one book for enjoyment, a comic book, and a magazine all within a week or two. I tend to read a tiny bit of each and then when I get bored with one I move onto another one and then I go back to it sooner or late. I am currently reading Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Van Alan Legacy, Pandora Hearts, Time, and Vogue. Quite a difference in genres from book to book isn't it?
4. Drawing-I like sketching pictures of people. They're cruddy most of the time, but I always get a compliment from people calling them "cute" or something along those lines. I also enjoy drawing frogs, tofu pillows, and pretty much anything cute. I also like making drawings that consist of symbols and lyrics. Most of the time these word/symbol drawings are dedications to Andrew's music.
5. Painting-I am currently working on a recreation of a Monet painting. It is one of his lily paintings. I could not find a picture of it online though. It is one of his lily paintings, where the water is a pastel pink/purple mixed in with muddy greens.
6. Going to Stores-I like going to vintage clothing stores, vintage furniture stores, and foreign food stores.
I love eating foreign I love eating foreign candy and chips. The furniture store is incredibly fun. You never know what you'll find. The pictures in this post are of things I found at the furniture store. One time I found a chandelier that had frogs playing violins on it.