Sunday, June 26, 2011

Most Worn Things Tag

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Thanks to an amazing new blogger, Florence, I've been tagged for the Most Worn Things Tag! I personally like tags. I think they're pretty fun and help to introduce readers to new blogs. So here's the only rule: Post a picture and description (optional) of your most worn item/items in each category.
Shoes and Bag-I wear my black Converse almost every single day because they go with pretty much all of my clothing and are pretty comfy. Also, I really feel like I can do anything in these and I'm ready for the day in them. I never have to worry about getting them dirty or scratching them. My favorite type of bag is a cross body bag and one of my favorite brands is Burberry, so my mum's purse from the early 1990's is my go-to bag. It's not too big, but fits my essentials. Both of these are rather beat up, as you can see...
Shirt and Jacket-I wear this jacket from T by Alexander Wang all the time with all sorts of tops, but a plain white one is my favorite. If I'm too lazy to create an outfit for the day, I toss on this jacket and a white v-neck from Saks Fifth Avenue Threads. It's super thin and soft, so I never have to worry about comfort in this top. This is something that always looks good and both pieces can be crumpled and show no wrinkles!
Earrings, Necklace, and Hand Accessory-I used to be a lot more creative with the jewelry I wore, until I had to start changing out for PE. Then I stopped wearing elaborate earrings, layering necklaces, and piling on the bracelets. It's probably for the best because I bought too much trendy jewelry. The hoop earrings I also stole from my mum and they just go with everything. The necklace is my favorite cross from Cozumel that my dad bought for me. I've worn it every single day for three years, but once in awhile, I replace it with a rosary. For bracelets, I gave away most of mine and now, I generally only wear hair things on my wrist for both myself and friends...
Lipstick/Lipgloss, Nail Polish, and Hair-I don't wear any makeup, so I guess Cherry Chapstick is my most worn lipstick? For nail polish, my favorite colors are unusual ones that go with everything, so Urban Outfitters Grey 4 and Castledew 9407A can be found on my nails, whenever I do put some polish on. Everyone puts on a topcoat, right? I use Cover Girl Clear Ice, which works pretty nicely in my opinion. For hair accessories, I wear tons of different things on my head, but there isn't one clear thing that I wear all the time, so it's my hair ties that make it for this post! I wear it because California weather follows this predictable pattern, cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, so I need hair ties for when it does warm up.
I'm going to tag three bloggers who all dress extremely differently, but I love the way they dress nonetheless! Lisa from COCOBELLA BALERINA, insertcake from "sometimes i've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.", ThisIsAlx from ThisIsAlx, and Savannah Burton from A WITCH'S STYLE! Hope you enjoyed this post and I'm looking forward to seeing these three ladies choices!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Out West in Venice, Oh, California in the Summer!"

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I kind of like the idea of making song lyrics the title of my posts. The lyrics are from "Holiday From Real" by Jack's Mannequin and it kind of relates to most of this post, which is about my trip to Venice Beach and summertime.

This greeted me today, when I set about Googling things like recipes for cookies and such. It's a first day of summer sketch by Takashi Murakami! Isn't it adorable? I love the psycho look to the creatures' eyes.
There's a freak show down at Venice Beach and they use this two headed turtle to draw you in. However, my mum disapproved of me paying $5 to see humans and animals put on display, so I did not see anything more. Even if I did go in, they probably wouldn't have let me take pictures for you, so it really makes no difference...I felt bad for the turtles. What if one wants to go left and the other right? They really have to accommodate for each other, huh? I have to admit, they were probably the most friendly turtles I've met in awhile.
Venice Beach has tons of side shows and street performers. I liked watching this man make a sand sculpture of an octopus. However, there are street performers, who do gymnastics and break-dancing. Sometimes, they drag in members of the audience to help them and I was unfortunate enough to be chosen. The guy jumped over six people and I was scared I was going to loose my head. It is common courtesy for you to give them a few dollars, but many of the shows are the same thing! They even use the exact same jokes.
Afterwords, my family and I went to one of my favorite restaurants to go to, when in the LA area. It's a Peruvian place and they make great lomo saltado, which is flambeed steak with tomatoes, onions, and such. I decided to try dessert there for the first time, so my family got two alforjas. They're basically sugar cookies with caramel in the middle and powder sugar on top. Then they decorate it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.
Have you ever been to Venice Beach?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

LACMA: Contemporary/Pop Art

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Do any of you remember how I went to LACMA before? If not, click here to freshen up your memory. My favorite part of the museum was the Contemporary/Pop Art building. It housed Warhols and so many cool things, so I thought I'd share a few pictures with you.
This was the main entrance, I believe. I liked the giant balloon animal and I remember seeing something like that in a fashion magazine, when I was little. All of the art here was really modern and very brightly colored. Therefore, making it my favorite.
I've always liked lights and signs because they come in such wonderful colors. At first, I failed to see what it said, but I like the "Last Chance Lost" sign now that I see it. It's ironic how it's a rather sad phrase, yet it's in such happy colors. I guess the slightly run down motel look of it makes up for that.
I loved these lit up boxes with the wires hanging out, but I was one upped by a guy. He brought in his ultra clear, high mega pixel camera to take pictures of this and I'm there with my camera that acts up in bad lighting. Haha, oh well...I think it'd be cool to have this just sit in the corner of your bedroom or in the center of your living room.
I liked this piece. The colors changed and different words were lit up as it changed. It reminded me of this book, where the main character was talking about how he'd fall asleep to neon lights twinkling outside his window...
I really don't have much to say about these pieces, other than I found them interesting and in the case of the last one, humorous...I heard there's a Tim Burton exhibit going on at LACMA and I'm dying to go. I love that man's work, so I think it would be great to get to see all of his work. By the way, I spent yesterday watching this video because I love listening to their great accents!
What have you been up to this summer?

Monday, June 13, 2011

So This House Burned Down...

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Yeah, so the title pretty much summarizes this whole post. I don't have much to say other than this house burned down, so I drove down to go look at it. That's about it, but on the bright side, I got some pretty beach pictures...Man, this post is going to be rather boring, but hey, this time I have an excuse. I'm studying for Finals and I'm only posting this out of guilt for not posting in five days.
The house in the middle was destroyed completely to the point, where only a chimney was left. The people who own this house accidentally left their fireplace on and then went out to have fun. Then the house caught on fire...Interestingly enough, they had been trying to sell the house too.
I feel bad for the neighbors next door because I'm pretty sure they'll have to tear their house down and rebuild. Plus, all their belongings must be rather soggy because it rained the morning I went. The roof sank in and it was very sad, at least to me. Their attic must've been a really cool place to hang out. I would've loved for that to be my bedroom.
The weather was weird that day. It was one of those days, where the clouds were covering up the sun, but the sun was still trying to break through. This is the last photo for today because I need to get back to studying. Only two more days of school. I can almost taste my freedom.
Is it summer vacation for you?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Circus is in Town

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Last Saturday night, I went to an art gallery with Sophie. Wow, Sophie and I have been spending a lot of time with each other, huh? You must think we're lovers! Fear not, we're just friends! Let me warn you, this post is going to have a lot of photos because there was just so much! On the drive there, Sophie and I entertained ourselves by listening to 80's rock and chatting about much other stuff.
The first thing Sophie did was run to the bathroom, so I watched JNGL paint for awhile. I love how bright his artwork is and the cute creatures that fill his canvases.
Look at all his paintings! I love the twisted world that these creatures live in. The figurines on the side were absolutely adorable. Sophie and I wanted to steal them all. By the way, I had to combine some of the photos, otherwise this post would be way too long!
JSalvador's art was so cute and I love the hilarity of it. All of the superheroes stories were altered and you kind of got to see things from their perspective. You should click on the photos to read the pictures.
I liked this lamp because it reminded me of this drawing Gerard Way had done. I love how Mickey Mouse is something so innocent, yet Gerard Way and this artist gave him a dark side.
Look at that! That's hilarity in the form of fruit on the wall! The same artist did the fruit on the wall as the Mickey lamp. Many people got dressed up, but I only got a photo of this girl's top hat. If you're her and want me to take the photo down, let me know.
Click on this photo to enlarge it. Then you can see the ornate frames and read the captions. Once again, the artist, Deanna Rene Adona, twisted the accepted connotations of these fairy tales.
Even though, the theme of the art gallery was Circus, there was a lot of art inspired by Japan. The one on the left was one of Sophie's favorites and the one on the right is by Yuki Miyazaki.
Leyla Akdogan's art wowed me. I love the delicateness of all the lines and the softness to the characters' faces. They all look so innocent and the world that they live in is one I'd like to join.
I love Walt Hall's work and really hope to go to his see more of his art at another gallery (click here for more information). The birds with the top hats are my favorites. I also like the irony of teeth running away from the dentist in the bottom photo.
Here's proof that the theme was Circus. Look at those gloomy clowns by Ken Dougherty. I liked the seriousness of these paintings and the threat of danger that seemed to linger in them. The other thing that was pretty cool was the band there. There was an Asian guy with dreadlocks playing the keyboards, a guy with a beard on saxophone, and a tattooed guy on drums. Pretty intense, eh? I'm pretty sure I went on opening day, so I can't guarantee the band and all of the people dressed up. If you liked these photos and want to see them in person, you can go to 729 S. Spring Street in Los Angeles. I highly recommend it, if you're in the area. However if you're not and want to look at the rest of the paintings, click here.
Do you enjoy going to art galleries?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Play House!

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Before we went thrifting, Aadil, Austin, Sophie and I played house. It was just like kindergarten all over again. Only this time, I didn't play the pet cat and it didn't end up with all of us fighting over who should be married...
It was getting close to lunch time, so we dug around through the cupboards to try to find something for lunch. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to eat, so Sophie decided we should make pancakes. We wanted to have big, colorful pancakes, so we decided Fruit Loops were absolutely necessary.
Sophie and I made a lot of the pancakes together with Austin's help. Aadil was in the next room vacuuming and dusting. He likes things to be super clean, so he had to start making everything sparkly clean in Sophie's house.
All the cool kids are cooking pancakes with their eyes closed now. Just kidding, I just blinked when Sophie took the picture. This was my first time cooking pancakes without my dad's help, so can I get a high five for that?
Our pancakes didn't turn out as colorful as we were hoping for, but they sure tasted good! I was surprised how many pancakes one cup of mix could make!
I also made tuna sandwiches for my friends. I fried up some canned tuna with olive oil, chili powder, garlic salt, and pepper. Then I toasted the bread with butter and smeared mayonnaise on it. Aadil filled the sandwiches with tuna for me. It actually tasted really good, so I was pretty glad. I was afraid that it would turn out to be nasty or something...But everyone ate it and no one got sick, so it's all good! I'm not used to cooking without my dad, so this was good practice. I usually have him to taste my food first, so Austin ended up being the guinea pig. We thank you for your bravery.
Do you ever cook with your friends?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifting With My Friends

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Tomorrow I have a Biology test, where I have to label 50 structures on a fetal pig. The only thing is there's around 100 things I need to know, but there's only 50 questions, so I'm nervous as to which my teacher will put on the test. Biology tests always turn me into a nervous wreck and being sick doesn't help either. I have both a sore throat, which limits how much I can talk, and a runny nose...Today, I had a headache, while taking my history test, so I had a hard time thinking. My colds always include the same symptoms: runny nose, coughing, sore throat, slight headaches, and occasionally, my voice is altered. My voice at the moment is very deep and nasal. Sometimes, when I try to talk, I can barely get a sound out, so I have to cough before I talk to guarantee that noise will come out. On the bright side of life, I got a perfect score on my French test and I went thrifting with Austin, Aadil, and Sophie during Memorial Day weekend!
We went to a Buffalo Exchange, where Sophie and I got all excited, while Aadil and Austin were soon bored. Silly boys going shopping with girls! Sophie and I tried on so much clothing, but barely anything looked decent on us. Look at the no pile. In the no pile, there is vintage, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, clothes that people have DIY-ed, and so on. After naming all those great options, I think you know why thrifting is a good thing. You can get unique clothes and designer for less. While sorting through all the clothing, I found True Religion, Ralph Lauren, 7 for All Mankind, and so much more. The best part of this is, there's barely anything over $50 at Buffalo Exchange!
This is one of the cooler things that Sophie and I found. It's a vintage dress, but we're not quite sure what era it's from. It was only $9.50, but she didn't end up getting it. I'm pretty sure she bought a mustache ring and v-necks.
It was a rather hot day and I was an idiot and wore a sweater...So my first order of business was to find a comfy shirt to wear for the rest of the day. Lucky for me, I found a Calvin Klein shirt for only $14.
I saw this Louis Vuitton tossed aside, so carelessly in a tub. I grabbed it faster than you would believe, when I saw the LV pattern peeking out. The best part is that it only cost $18 and it's real. It was made in France and is made out of silk, not to mention, the stitching is perfect!
I saw this top on someone's blog and have been looking for it, so you can imagine how happy I was to find this shirt for $10 at Urban Outfitters. Originally it cost $58, so I'm fairly proud of my three finds and so is my dad. I wore this top yesterday and my friend Jackie liked it. This is how cool Jackie is. She liked nebulas before the Christopher Kane Resort 2011 collection came out. Yeah, she's that epicly cool. Sophie and Austin spent a lot of time at Urban Outfitters and Aadil bought a hamburger phone for his friend.
After we were done shopping at Buffalo Exchange and Urban Outfitters, Aadil took us to this great place to grab tea. I got a delicious Lychee Shaken Ice Tea, which was absolutely lovely. The best part was that you sat outside and up above, were plants. All the chairs were garden chairs and there was a couch too. If you look at the photo, you can see strands of lights, and I imagine that it must be very pretty,when lit up. I must go back soon! Hope your week has been going well!
Have you gone thrifting lately?