Tuesday, February 22, 2011

History Day

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I haven't been very productive lately. I haven't done much at all. By now, I should be done with my fairy kei scarf's knitting part. I should be busy sewing all the little cutesy parts onto it. By now, I should have finished the plushie I'm working on, yet I'm not even done cutting out the pieces and making a pattern. So, what have I been up to? What's been keeping me from blogging and sharing my life with you? Well, I've been reading a lot. I just finished I Am Number Four in time for the movie. If you've read it, let's have a geeky conversation on it, deal? Magazines are also keeping me busy. Curse you Vogue, People and Time for keeping me entertained and busy. Pretty much everything Joel Stein writes for Time magazine makes me laugh. I seriously think he might be one of the funniest writers out there. Over the weekend, I spent time working on History Day, bonding with my church buddies, and spending time with my brother, who came to visit. I think I'll share with you what Tiffany, Tina, and I do during our History Day meetings.
Look what I brought to the meeting! We always eat during our meetings. Last time, we feasted on tangerines. I want to say Tina ate some absurd amount of tangerines. Was it 7?
I bought three different flavors for the three of us to share: Red Velvet, Belgian Chocolate, and Coconut. The icing isn't as pretty as it used to be at the bakery, but it still tastes good!
We cut up the cupcakes in thirds because all of us wanted to try all three flavors! The Belgian Chocolate was the worst. The icing was just dark chocolate and the cake was dry vanilla. The Red Velvet is always so good, just like its icing. The Coconut was such a surprise! The cake was so good and moist, but it would've tasted better with the cream cheese icing on the Red Velvet.
We timed ourselves while doing the script. We went way over the time limit. Our play is supposed to be 10 minutes or less, which means we had to edit the script again and again to cut out information...
Tina pulled our her cell phone and I realized something very sad. Remember how my friends and I had a cell phone charm gift exchange? Well all of us took our charms off. For me, one broke and all of them were attached to that one. Then I realized my cell phone could finally fit into all my cute tiny purses and I never put them back on. Tiffany and Tina took theirs off because I did. Haha, guess what else happened? That night I got the charms caught in a chair and they broke. I now only have a purikura album hanging off my cellular phone!
We opened up Tiffany's refrigerator and I was shocked. Look at all those dumplings and wontons her dad made. They look so yummy. I hope I get some at lunch! Sorry for the kind of lame post. Nothing is going on in my life because I have been very unproductive. I'm going to try to fix that though by finishing up my skirt or scarf soon. I'll have to study for my French test and Biology test first though. I need to get A's on both of them! Wish me luck!
What have you been up to?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So That's What You People Do at School...

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I have had a cold for the past week and it's pretty annoying. I hate that awkward moment, when the class is quiet and I really need to blow my nose. When I do end up deciding to blow my nose, I always fret over it being too loud or something...On the bright side, it's raining! That means I don't have to think twice about what I'm wearing to school. I just toss a trench coat over it and BAM! I'm done. Anyways, I know I've been doing tons of posts about what I do at school and you're probably sick of them, but that's what's going on in my life now. I can't do something amazing and attend a new event every day.
We've taken to climbing the PE lockers, when bored. It's funny how we'll be climbing over and then someone, who's changing, will look up and say to us, "Whoa! Where'd you come from?" In the picture are Vivian and Tina. Hyeajoon, Kimmie, Jackie, Lizette, Cathy, and I will join them, but none of them wanted to be photographed and I cropped myself out because my shirt made me look weird...
Here you can see Tina and me climbing the lockers before we actually got to the top. My outfit looks so boring, but it really isn't that boring. Just wait for the next picture.
You  see? My rainbow socks save me from being a complete bore. I haven't worn those to school in over a year, so everyone thought they were new. Haha, the wonderful effects of saving your clothing forever and ever! Vivian and I look so silly drinking from these drinking fountains. For these ones, you stick your head halfway through a wall, just to drink! It's so awkward and wonderful and silly!
Vivian drew this lovely portrait of me during Biology. She was looking through my pencil case and drew this in my planner. Guess who's on my Biology binder? Alex Watson in the Burberry Prorsum add...Yeah, that's how she chose the guy.  As you can see, my friends and I do find time for fun at school, even if we're not allowed to talk at the top of our lungs to each other. We're always finding new things to do.
Haha, in French we're learning to compare things using more than, less than, and equal to. We had to write 3 sentences about other people in our class comparing ourselves to them. Sagiv, Sean, Ceajae, and I all used each other for our sentences...I guess you can say we're really good friends! Most of our sentences were pretty complementary, except for Sean and Sagiv's sentences. Sean wrote, "Je suis plus intelligent que Sagiv." Then Sagiv wrote, "Je Suis plus intelligent que Sean." You can Google translate that, but they're basically both claiming to be smarter than the other.
Now I want to challenge you to make a post about what's interesting or fun at your school or university. Just tell me in a post and leave a link in the comments for me to look at!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Should Go Decora

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Lately, I have been extremely happy and I think it's due to my new schedule and the fact that we switched seats in most of my classes. I'm now in a new Geometry class and in regular PE. Geometry is much easier with this new teacher and he's actually pretty funny. In PE, I have so many friends to joke around with and I'm meeting new people, which is always great! Then in all my classes, where we switched seats, I now sit with more friends or with people I've been wanting to talk to more. It's really quite wonderful. Yesterday, I was playing basketball with Tina and Jackie because we want to become so amazing at basketball that the boys will have to let us join their game. There's usually only one organized game and it's always the same group of boys. They never let Tina, Jackie, or me join their game because we're girls and we're going to hurt ourselves. Anyways, while practicing, I was singing "Babies of the 80's" by Something Corporate and other people were looking strangely at me. I give a lot of credit to my friends for letting me sing terribly out loud while playing basketball.
Today I want to share something with you that's just fun to look at because I haven't done a strictly cute stuff post lately. After seeing Madeline from ♥Madeline and Sophie♥ share her collection of hair clips, I thought I would share my collection with you! This is mostly stuff I collected two years ago, but a bunch are from 2nd or 3rd grade. Yes, you will see the hoarder side of me today!
I know this isn't a photo of just hair clips, but of much other stuff! This is what I use for when I feel like going Decora. You can see my lovely handmade necklaces, Wet Seal bangles, and super cute Hello Kitty purse. I think the purse could go Hime and Lolita too, so that's pretty cool. I really like Decora. I find it interesting how there are girls dedicated to Lolita and Gyaru, but I find it hard to find a lifestyle Decora.
Here are all my blue hair accesories. The blue heart one is a gift from Amina and I actually have two of them, but I broke one and I've been too lazy to fix it! I'll fix it next time I pull out the hot glue gun!
This si probably my miscelleneous group. Some cream, yellow, and green. Nothing too special, but I think both of the cream colored ones are really pretty!
Here are all my black and wihte hair clips. Those Monokuru Boo clips were such a great deal! Only $3 a pack! You also get a great view of my kitty ears, which I love to wear whenever and wherever.
Here are my red and leftover pink hair thing. I like to wear that pink candy hair thing as a bracelet. It's probably what you would consider ita(because of the itchy lace and the threads coming off from the side), but I don't care right now. I get tons of compliments from people and it only cost $1! I don't wear my hair things half as much as I used to, but I still like looking at them. They're super cute and make me smile, so I hope that maybe the cuteness lifted your mood? So that's it for my awfully long post! If you have questions about any of the hair things, just ask me!
Do you wear a lot of hair accesories?
PS I'm thinking of getting rid of the tags with my friends' names. The problem is that many of my friends move and some people I just don't feel that close to anymore. Plus, the tags are mostly for me because not many of you know the people in the tags, so I doubt it'll make a difference to you.