Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Picking is Still an Adventure to Me~

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I've got 60 followers now! I haven't had as much time to blog during the school year or to take as many photos, so my rate of reader increase has slowed down, but I'm still do glad that I'm attracting new people! This is part two to my apple picking adventures with my friends, Sophie and Tiffany.
Here's another picture of an apple orchard that we weren't allowed in! Look how blue the sky is. Tiffany and I were sitting on a wooden crate, just looking around. I thought it was pretty, so I took a picture.
Here's Sophie cleaning an itsy bitsy teeny weeny apple. My dad thought that if she found another apple like it, she could make earrings!
We were in the car and this reminded me of The Lord of the Rings for some reason. GET OFF THE ROAD! Please put up with my geeky references.
We went to Snow Line, which has the best apple cider and mini fresh donuts. Here's the machine they use to make them.
This is a photo of the town area. They have tons of handmade things there! Tiffany bought this cute rabbit fabric bowl from a vendor and the lady got the cute bunny printed fabric from Japan.
Here are all the apples we got! It was super heavy, but once we divided it by three, it wasn't that much! The small ones are still so cute to me for some reason! We had to toss three apple because they all had holes (From worms most likely) or a huge scratch. Only 3 out of around 100 apples! Pretty good huh? Came out to 30 a person and we tossed three and gave some to friends. Most of my apples are going to be baked. What should I blog about now? I'm running out of stuff. Maybe I'll just do picture posts!
Have you ever gone apple picking? Or picked your own produce? Did you enjoy it?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Picking is an Adventure to Me

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It's around 88 degrees today. Dr. J left Jack's Mannequin to join the band, Kid is Qual. Just thought I'd throw that out to you because Jack's Mannequin is important to me. I go apple picking once a year and this is the first time I brought friends. I went on Sunday with Tiffany and Sophie. I invited some other people, but they couldn't go...When we went, it was around 96 degrees, I believe. Anyways, here's some photos from the trip. I'll probably make this two posts.
Up there, they had a cheese/candy shop, which sold homemade hard candies and taffy. I want to try the watermelon hard candies and taffy. They had homemade fudge up there! When I was small, I would always beg my parents to get me some, but then we settled on a new Hello Kitty...I'm pretty sure the fudge would've been cheaper.
These are flavored honey sticks! When I was little, I would buy them in so many flavors! This time, I got watermelon, sour apple, and sour cherry. Sophie got sour cherry and Tiffany got watermelon, mango, and orange. Here's all of our honey sticks lined up from darkest to lightest. It would be cool to have a huge lamp light them up, kind of like a glow stick. Sophie and I tried eating ours right away, so we chewed at the top to open them up. When I was little, I remember tearing off the tops easily with my teeth, not chewing for 5 minutes to get one minute of flavored honey...
We ate at Apple Annie's, which was right next to the cheese/candy store. Sophie, Tiffany, and I all got Snow Line apple cider, which is the best apple cider ever! We all drank it too fast, though.
The three of us all got the plate of fried chicken. It was extremely filling because it was half a chicken. I felt sick after eating all of it...
Then the waitress misheard my mum, when my mum asked for water and brought us pie instead. Sophie, Tiffany, and I all agreed that we couldn't waist food, so we ate this too. By the end of it all, we all felt so sick.Tiffany made a mess of the leftovers on the plate, by adding salt, pepper, hot sauce, and jelly. No one wanted anymore afterwards.
Here's a picture of the apple orchards. Just rows and rows of short, scraggly trees. It's nothing like how I used to draw apple trees. It was so hot that day and I think you can tell from this photo...
Sophie and I are fighting for an apple. Tiffany is the smart one and goes for a different apple. I'm in dark blue, Tiffany is in a sea green with the backpack, and Sophie is the scandalous one showing her shoulders. Do you notice anything about my hair? I dyed the tips of my hair brown! It's not as noticeable, as I hoped...
This photo is a photo of Tiffany and Sophie walking around carrying the apples. I didn't have to carry the heavy bags because I'm a ninja. I hope this made you want to visit California. If not, I'll try to convince you some more in my next apple picking post!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Adventures with Alexandra, Jackie, Tiffany, and Tina!

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So last Wednesday, my school had an early out for Back to School Night. I decided to go have lunch with my friends, Alexandra, Tiffany, Tina, Sophie, and Jackie. We decided to eat at a bakery and a Boba place. Alexandra had her first Boba with me! I'll post pictures of the array of pastries later on, deal? I'm only going to post pictures of what I actually ate!
Sophie, Alexandra, Jackie, Tiffany, Tina, and I went to lunch together. I went to my favorite bakery and got a Prosciutto Pesto grilled panini, which was super yummy! I think Tina and Tiffany got the same thing as me. The cupcake was just too pretty to pass up. It was passion fruit cake with blueberry icing.
Tiffany got a passion fruit cupcake with raspberry icing. Alexandra loves raspberries, so she stole the raspberry from the top. I'm pretty sure she stole the blueberry too! Tiffany and I cut the cupcakes in half, so we could try both flavors. I was too full after the blueberry one, so I didn't try the raspberry one. Tina ended up eating my half. I think Tina also ate a some of the blueberry cupcake too! I thought the cake was a bit dry and the icing was too sweet. At this bakery, the icing is usually creamy, so it was shocking to see that this icing wasn't super creamy! I still like the Red Velvet Cupcake more! It's the best!
When we were done eating, Sophie left us to visit our old school.  The rest of us stood on a bridge above this river/drainage thing-y. Jackie took out some coins and tossed them at the cement sides. We watched them roll down the sides and skip on the water. Can you find her three pennies and her nickel? For some reason, it was really entertaining and calming.
We were walking around in the river area on the sand and I passed this. For some reason, it really interested me. I thought it was kind of sad. It reminded me of a shipwreck...I like going on adventures throughout my town. I like the feeling that I'm getting to see things I haven't seen before. Jackie is from Big Bear and Alexandra is from Illinois, so everything in my town is new to them. It must be wonderful to go and explore a place, where everything is new.
We crossed this cement thing to get to the other side. I think the cement wall helps slow the water down, when it rains a lot. That's Tiffany there with her tokidoki backpack! The first thing I ever said to Tiffany was, "If you ever decided you don't want that backpack anymore, I can take it for you." She probably thought I was greedy, but now we're really good friends! Tiffany was originally scared to go up, but I cajoled her into going with us. During the day, we ran around in the grass that almost went up to our knees, chased ducks, played around in little areas filled with aquatic plants, and climbed walls. It was a fun day and we only stopped the adventure because of homework. We plan on going on a longer adventure one day. At least, we hope so! Hopefully, Sophie can stay for the adventure. I should blog about the adventures I've had with other friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

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I just realized that I got the "Beautiful Blogger Award" from insertcake who has the cutest blog ever all about Lolita and other super cute things! For all of you that read my other blog, Obsessive Cuteness Disorder, you all know how much I love Lolita things! I wasn't quite sure what to do until Sophie cleared things up for me...Turns out I need to tell you seven facts about me and then link 7 bloggers/blogs who amaze me! This is going to be fun!

My Seven Facts!

One! My favorite types of music are alternative rock, electropop, and indie rock! My favorite musician of all time is Andrew McMahon, but I've really been into Nickasaur, A Rocket to the Moon, Amy Can Flyy, and One Night Only. There are tons of other bands that I like. Just ask!

Two! I hate how my voice get's all high pitched/nasal/ annoying, when I greet someone, especially guys...Just ask any of my friends and they'll tell you.

Three! I have an English/Scottish accent! It's the first thing people notice about me! People have told me everything from English to Scottish to New York to New Jersey to French. Since English is the most common, I'll go with that. I probably got it from my Scottish nanny! My friend, Connor, told me it's an East Birmingham accent. Is that a good or bad thing?

Four! I am really loud, when I talk. It's something that runs in the family, I think.

Five! I'm addicted to purikura! I have gone way too many times! The problem is, I keep making "promises" with people that I'll go. When they tell me I promised, I think to myself, "I did?" Sometimes, I think they're making it up...

Six! I really like stuffed animals. I have way too many. When I was little, I loved Hello Kitty, so everyone got me Hello Kitty stuffed animals. I probably have over 150...I have tons of other cute stuffed animals. That's why I take pictures of them all the time.

Seven! Let's make this a good fact about me. Hmm...I love to eat. It's not a normal "I Love to Eat" thing because we need to eat to survive. It's an, "I'm Eating All the Time" thing. Whenever people text me, I always respond with something like "Eating", "On my way to the fridge", or "Just got done eating..." The sad part is it's 100% true!

Seven Bloggers!

I wanted to link these people for the seven bloggers, but since I know them all in person, I think it would be unfair to post them up there. Sophie said it was ok, but I felt kind of guilty doing it, so I didn't put them up there, but I want to link them! Check out Sophie, Tiffany, and Rebecca!

This post took me so long to find just seven bloggers. There were so many I was considering...Sorry, if you didn't make the cut!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy Thoughts

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Today, during 5th period, we were taken out of the media center and sat in the quad. There was an announcement that anyone who had a sixth period class on the first floor of building J had to meet in the quad. My next class was lacrosse practice and we store our stuff in a teacher's room in the J building. I figured since my class wasn't really in the J building, we just stored our stuff in there, that I should just walk over there. Turns out no one was allowed in and lacrosse practice was canceled. We were all wondering what happened in the J building and we came up with thoughts like fire, student break down, flood, and structural problems. Turns out, one of our English teachers had a heart attack and died. I just find it so crazy and weird how you can wake up fine one day and feel perfectly healthy, but then you end up dieing that day. It's just so weird and I just don't feel like it was right. He was actually fairly young. He was only 46 and he died of a heart attack. It's crazy isn't it? Our school is actually offering counseling for anybody who was especially close to him, in case they need help. I also wonder what the students' reactions were, when they found him dead...I just want to send out my best wishes to his family and friends.
On a topic that fits my blog's personality better.
I was going to buy tickets today, but I learned it was sold out already. What? Sold out after only one day? That's crazy, but I'm glad that Andrew is doing well.
I learned about this today and I really wanted to go for both Andrew McMahon and Grill Em All, but then I realized that it passed! I really need to get back into the habit of checking the Jack's Mannequin website every single day...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and Tons of Desserts

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Yesterday, I went to go see Scott Pilgrim VS the World with Alexandra, Rebecca, and Rebecca's friend, Erica. This was my first time meeting Erica and Alexandra met Erica and Rebecca for the first time too! Our group worked out surprisingly well. We started off the day with lunch and Pinkberry! We got an extra large plain yogurt with milk chocolate shavings, chocolate chips, raspberries, and strawberries to share! Here are some pictures of it.
Doesn't it look super yummy? The plain yogurt had a lemon-y flavor to it, which tasted surprisingly good! We sampled all the flavors and none of them had much flavor, so we got plain, since it was the cheapest.
We were running out of time and we still had like half the container left. We grabbed a top for it and shoved it into Rebecca's purse, that way we could bring it into the theater. Since we were sitting in a row of four, we put half the yogurt in the top, so it would be easier to share.
Look at the theater! It's so empty! We were the only ones in the theater for awhile, but then five other people joined us. I thought Scott Pilgrim was supposed to be super popular. This was my first Michael Cera movie and I really liked him. He was so awkward that it was funny.
Later on, Alexandra told me how she had never had a funnel cake before, so Erica bought one for Alexandra, Erica, and me to eat. Alexandra chose raspberry topping. Turns out she love raspberries. We almost got a caramel apple to share that day, but we decided we had enough desserts for the moment...
By the way, Drop Dead Cute is having a super cute giveaway and I think you should go and enter. I'm not sure whether you have to be a follower or not...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gifts From Friends (Is This Considered a Haul?)

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Lately, I have been listening to a lot more Andrew McMahon music to prepare myself for my speech! That means I'm listening to strictly Andrew music and nothing else! Anyways, over summer my friends visited all these different countries and they all brought me back cool stuff. This summer I didn't go anywhere, which is weird, because my family goes to a foreign country every year. This summer we couldn't though because of visiting family, lacrosse camp, and my brother leaving for college with Rip Rip. I just wanted to show you all the cool stuff my friends gave ma and I was wondering, is this considered a haul? Hauls are usually things you bought yourself, but these were gifts. Comment on this post on whether or not you think this is a haul, please!
Rebecca brought back things I've been wanting for a long time from her trip to Taiwan! She always knows what I like, it seems. I love Hi-Chew and she brought me back five flavors I've never seen before! She got the Pudding one for me because my nickname is Pudding or Pudding Head. I was actually planning on calling my blog Pudding Head, but then I realized the people at school would tease me for it. Rebecca also brought back a name stamp for me with Hello Kitty on it because I love Hello Kitty(No surprise, hkittygirl!) I've been looking for some bows to replace the Hot Topic ones I bought, so I was so happy when Rebecca brought back these ones! It'll help put some color into my wardrobe! I also love how she brought back a button for me. I love buttons, but I can't leave them on my backpack because they either fall off or get stolen.
Tina brought back this cute hair thing I've been wanting for awhile. She told me they were only $1 in Japan, while in the USA, they cost $8 and they're not even half as fluffy...She also got me a cute flan cell phone charm with a Korilakkuma on it. I've been wanting a flan plushie for so long, so I'm so glad she brought this back for me from Japan.
Clare knows how I love candy, especially foreign candy. I have a bad sweet tooth, which I either got from Madeline or my dad...It's really tasty! It has like a nutty honey middle and a fluffy outside. The inside is so chewy and I really like it. She got it while visiting family in the Philippines.
Marika went on a trip to Japan too and she meant to get me stickers, but she forgot. She felt bad, so she got me stickers from a local San-X store. I told her not to worry, but she still got them for me! I love how the Japanese in general are always so helpful, sweet, and so polite! Unlike, other people...
Tiffany got me so much cute stuff! She got me three pens, two hair things, and a super pretty cell phone charm. I can't tell whether the stuff is from China or Taiwan. She didn't tell me. So far, I'm guessing she got it for me at the Night Market in Taiwan, which I really want to go to! I can't get myself to bring the pens to school because I'm afraid it might get stolen and I can't replace them. I find it absolutely horrid that I can't feel comfortable bringing things to school out of fear of getting it stolen. Oh yeah, Tina, Tiffany, and Rebecca all brought me cell phone charms back, but I didn't picture them here because you can see them at our Cell Phone Charm Exchange.

Edit-THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME REACH 50 FOLLOWERS! That's beyond cool and amazing! I just want to thank you for everything! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures, Drinks, and My Rambling! FUN STUFF HERE

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I don't really have anything to blog about at the moment because I haven't finished uploading and editing photos. I'm so lazy sometimes...I will get to it soon, I hope. I'm blogging right now because I know school is going to get busy and I won't have time to blog later on. I'm hoping that if I blog a lot now, you will forgive me for my lack of posts in the future. I'm really scared that I will have tons and tons of homework because I constantly hear about it from all the people older than me. I really want/need to make the lacrosse team. I want to make the lacrosse team because I have never done a team sport, or a sport, before in my life and it looks like tons of fun! I also need to make the team because I was walking around with a lacrosse stick for two days and tons of guys, who never really notice me, are all like, "Whoa! You play lacrosse? That's really cool!" That's such a lame reason, I know, but the real reason is, if I don't make the team, it will be beyond embarrassing for me...I hate being embarrassed and feeling stupid because I love the feeling of being on top of the world. I'm going to upload some photos I've been meaning to show you.
I took my frog, Mr. Pung from my trip to China, to Rodeo Drive with me on the day I performed for History Day. We ate at this expensive place, but the shrimp was so good! Imagine me taking Mr. Pung into high end stores like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, etc. No one allowed me to take pictures of him in the stores. It kind of pissed me off because they say it's for "copyright issues," but it always feel like a "I DON'T LIKE THE LOOKS OF YOU" to me. I don't know, maybe it's just me!
I was playing around with my old American Girl doll clothing and I was dressing up Megumi in the clothing. The clothing is too long on Megumi and too tight around her chubby waist! This was the only dress that looked good on her. It makes her look so tall, doesn't it? She's wearing a dress from the Felicity/Elizabeth collection, which is ending soon. American Girl always gets rid of my favorite ones. They got rid of Samantha, who I thought had the most amazing dresses. These American Girl dolls from long ago have the most amazing clothing and I envy them...
This is a picture from summer time, when I went to this random Asian place. I got my favorite drink from them, Honeydew Milk. I want some so bad right now...I should go get some soon! I usually don't like honeydews...Are there any food you usually don't like, but you love it one way?