Monday, November 24, 2014

a symphony of sound

Playing: All You Had to Do Was Stay-Taylor Swift
Reading:The Red Pony by John Steinbeck
My life is really busy, being in college and all. I've been studying a lot, visiting the theatre often, stocking up on winter clothing, and complaining about the low temperatures. Consequently, I don't have many "blog-worthy" photos, so I thought it was time for a vibes post about all the music that's been on repeat for me.

  • Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Andrew McMahon is at it again with a new album and a new moniker. Although his new album is more dance focused than usual, I still really enjoy his album. Check out "See Her On the Weekend" and "Maps for the Getaway" for a quick taste of the album.
  • 1989 - Although I'm ashamed to admit that I like anything mainstream, I got to give it to Taylor Swift that her new album has a few addictive gems on it. "Blank Space" has been on repeat for the past week in my dorm room. The music video is gorgeous and I'm obsessed with all the beauitful outfits in it. Also, Jack Antonoff helped out on a few of the songs, so that doesn't hurt either.
  • Hesitant Alien - I saw Gerard Way perform last month and he is amazing with his new set, full of songs from his first solo album. Hesitant Alien is different from anything My Chemical Romance produced yet its distinctly Gerard Way, ya know? Highly recommend "No Shows," "How It's Going to Be," "Drugstore Perfume," "Brother," and pretty much the whole album. It's that good.
  • Strange Desire - Literally everyone of these songs is perfect. This album covers everything that you could ever want from your youthful exploits - love, adventure, and that strange melancholy feeling you get whenever you realize you still care about someone even when you know it's not gonna last forever. If I had to choose a favorite, I would go with "Rollercoaster" or "Wake Me."
  • Before the Waves - After seeing Magic Man on the Harlem USA tour with New Politics and Sleeper Agent, Magic Man quickly rocketed to my top five favorite bands. The band itself is a cute group of best friends, who seem to enjoy each others' presences tremendously, and their music is perfect on so many levels from their reminiscences of Paris to their quirky electronic sound. Download "Paris" and "Every Day."
  • Chairlift - Admittedly the only song I listen to is "Bruises," but "Bruises" is one heck of a song. If you aren't addicted to it after your first listen, you just got to try again. It has a light hearted sound, but it says a lot about how far you will go in a relationship and how you'll change for someone. If nothing else, at least it gives you a useful tip: Frozen strawberries can be used to make your bruises feel less awful.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

h a l l o w e e n

Playing: Il Volo Mix
Reading: Bacchae by Euripides
Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your Halloween was filled with fun adventures and horrific costumes. I know mine was. This Halloween marked my first Halloween in New York and for many of my friends, marked their first Halloween ever. Being the clever college students we are, my friends and I thought it would be hilarious if we went as the Wizards of Waverly Place, since NYU has buildings located on Waverly Place. We spent the afternoon doing an elaborate photo shoot, which you can see on my Instagram, before heading to class. As soon as the sun set, we hit up SoHo and the East Village before ending the night at St. Marks with late night boba. SoHo and the East Village really know how to put on a show with the Village Parade and all of the elaborate costumes out there. Cheers to the confident guys walking around in boxes dressed up as either God's gift to women or kissing booths! Those costumes totally work on women.