Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kumihimo Tutorial

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I'm happy that I have 33 followers, but I'm depressed that school is starting in two days. This is something I learned at the Fair and I just wanted to share it with you. It's super simple and something you can do, while watching TV.
Take an old box and draw an octagon. Draw a line on each side of the octagon. Then draw a circle in the middle.
Cut out the circle and octagon. Then cut the lines on each side of the octagon. You should have something like this.
Cut seven pieces of yarn or embroidery thread of equal length. I cut the yarn to be four feet because I wanted it to be long enough to be a belt. Tie the ends of the yarn on one side.
Stick the yarn in each slot and there should be one empty one, if you do it correctly. Here's what it looks like.
Count 3 slots right to the empty slot and take the yarn from that slot and put it into the empty slot. Just like in the photo above. Hopefully, the arrow helps.
Repeat the step above. Kind of like in the picture above. You just repeat this again and again.
On the top, it should look like something like this. You don't have to use the same colors. I only used different colors to help make it easier to see.
On the bottom half it should look like this. Run your hands through the yarn, hanging from the bottom, to keep it from getting too tangled.
When you barely have any yarn left, like in the picture above, take it off the loom and tie up the end. Cut the yarn on the end, so it's one equal length.
When you're done, it should look like this. I hope you liked this tutorial. If you have any questions, just ask, and I'll try my best to help. It's really easy, but this tutorial is kind of confusing.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Megumi's Day at the Pool

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I took Megumi to the pool recently, just because I felt like it. Here are the pictures from the day.
Megumi was getting a tan, while drinking some of her favorite apple flavored soda. That button must give her a terrible tan line...
Megumi is such a little piggy. She decided a drink wasn't enough and had to go get chips to munch on! What a piggy...I never noticed how stubby her legs look, until I looked at this picture...
The sun got to be too much, so she moved into the shade. It took me awhile to get her to sit up straight. I'm starting to wonder how much food she brought with her. What a piggy...Tsk tsk tsk!
I'm entering Melludee's giveaway and I really hope I win! Wish me the best of luck!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something Corporate Concert

On Friday, August 27, I went to go see Something Corporate. This was part of their Something Corporate Reunion tour, so at the beginning they were playing,  "Reunited, and it feels so good..." Unfortunately, Something Corporate isn't fully reunited. William Tell wasn't there, so Bobby "Raw" Anderson filled in for him. Brian Ireland's hair is so straight now and I saw Kevin "Clutch" Page without sunglasses towards the end of the concert. He still has the same hair and beard. My mum thought Andrew had red hair, like the singers of A Rocket to the Moon and We the Kings, but she also thought he was balding. We made a bet and I won. Andrew still has a full head of hair and his hair is a dirty blond color. I took over 50 pictures, so I'm only going to put one up on my blog. It's a picture of Andrew playing "Konstantine" and I really liked this photo. When I look back at it, I always think, "Starlight, you electrified my life..." from the Muse song. I loved how at one point Andrew tackled Josh Partington and I also liked it when Andrew's dog followed him onto the stage. It was pretty darn cute. My favorite part of the concert was when Something Corporate was playing "If You C Jordan" and Andrew paused and everyone screamed, "F*** you, Jordan!" I felt bad for anyone in the crowd named Jordan. During "If You C Jordan", Andrew jumped up on the piano and my mum was not amused....I liked it, though.
For the first time in my life, I realized why Andrew McMahon left Something Corporate for awhile to create Jack's Mannequin. He said the new music he had been writing was too different from Something Corporate music and the SoCo fans wouldn't like it. In my mind, I was thinking how different are Jack's Mannequin fans and Something Corporate fans? They're very different. At the Something Corporate concert, I saw mosh pits, lighters, a lot of people standing on each others shoulders, and a lot more drunk people. I never saw any of that at the Jack's Mannequin concert or the Andrew McMahon concert. I can't decide if it was the venue or if it was the Something Corporate fans. This was my first general admission, standing only concert. I was 10 feet away from the stage, which was insane, and I was tempted to push past all the buff men to be right by the stage! Also, I noticed there were a lot more guys at this concert. I saw one that resembled my history teacher, which was odd...
Here are all the songs Something Corporate played in order:
  • 21 and Invincible
  • Hurricane
  • She Paints Me Blue
  • Space
  • The Astronaut
  • Fall
  • Watch the Sky
  • Me and the Moon
  • Straw Dog
  • Only Ashes
  • Wait
  • Cavanaugh Park
  • I Want to Save You
  • Drunk Girl
  • As You Sleep
  • If You C Jordan
  • Punk Rock Princess
  • Konstantine
  • Ruthless
  • I Woke Up in a Car
Andrew wrote "Drunk Girl", when he was 16. The girl who he kissed was actually the quarterback's girlfriend. I think that's beyond awesome. "Konstantine" marked the beginning of the encore. I videotaped "As You Sleep" and "Konstantine" and I'm planning on uploading them to Youtube. Seeing Andrew live is always amazing, but seeing almost all of Something Corporate has to be the best thing ever for me. Something Corporate is one of the few things in my life that has been constant. They've been my favorite band for over four years and they've remained my favorite band throughout all my changes in interests...Thinking about it, they've been in my life longer than most of my friends...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rip-Rip's Adventures in Berkeley Day 2

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I watched Project Runway last night and I was really upset that AJ went home. I wanted Gretchen or Ivy to go home...Sorry that I went a bit off topic. Here are some more photos of Rip Rip's adventures in college.
It was colder today, so Rip Rip bundled up in a scarf to keep himself warm. It got in his way though, so he ended up taking it off.
Rip Rip brought  plenty of food and drinks to keep him full. At least, until he found a Target or supermarket, where he could find some more food to eat.
Rip Rip decided to admire the view from the second floor of the building. He had a hard time getting up to the window, though, and an even harder time getting down.
Rip Rip with his roommate. I'm not sure what the name of the panda is. Maybe Rip Rip will let us know.
Rip Rip finished making his bed and wanted to show off what a good job he did. This will probably be the first and last time the bed is all nice and tidy.
Rip Rip is crawling or walking his way to the pillow, so he can get a good night's sleep. What does Rip Rip do? Crawl? Walk? Hop?
Rip Rip getting all cozy under the blankets. He's ready to go to sleep because he had a long rough day.
Rip Rip finally got all nice and cozy. He's ready for some sleep and ready to tackle the challenges of a new day!
Here's a bonus photo that my brother sent me. It's Rip Rip's first day of school. I hope their classes aren't too hard. Wish them luck!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rip Rip's Adventures in Berkeley

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Here are Rip Rip's adventures in Berkeley.He's moving in and going to college. I wonder what classes he's taking...
Rip Rip decided to explore the town. He took some pictures of himself in the car, while we were driving around.
Rip Rip showing his super hero stance in front of Megumi's favorite house! Look at his satisfied expression!
Rip Rip on top of all the thing he brought for college! A backpack, a backrest, food, and all sorts of things.
Rip Rip in his dorm room. It doesn't have air conditioning, so he had to bring a fan. It was extra sunny that day!
Rip Rip by the printer and alarm clock! As you can tell, black is one of his favorite colors!
He had tons of fun playing with lasers! He even pretended to be Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, even though it isn't even close to Christmas time!
Rip Rip needs a room with a view. Luckily, he got one. Otherwise, he would've been very upset!
He has tons of books to read for all his classes and he's not looking forward to it at all.
Even though he has tons to read, he's tackling the challenge! Dante's Inferno is his least favorite so far!
No matter how much homework and studying Rip Rip has, he will still find time to rock out and do what he loves. He wants to start a band with his roommates! Rip Rip's adventures don't end here! Expect another Rip Rip post tomorrow and a Something Corporate post soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Megumi's Trip in San Francisco

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Megumi had a grand time in San Francisco and Berkeley, so now she's going to show you all her adventures during the trip.
Megumi in front of a house in Berkeley that she loved. She wanted to pet the little kitty in the garden, but it was too fast for her!
Megumi walking around on a street in Berkeley. She had tons of fun exercising and losing all that extra weight from those donuts she ate!
Megumi was experimenting with the invisible force field called glass. She didn't enjoy her first experience with it. Doesn't she look like a pink frog? She had a really rough day that day, didn't she?
 Edit-The last photo I forgot to put up originally. This is Megumi walking around the town of Berkeley.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

San Francisco Trip

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We drove to San Francisco  on Friday and it took 9-10 hours and the drive back only took 6 hours. Weird, huh? Here are some photos I took during the trip. I'll do two separate posts for Megumi's travels and Rip-Rip's travels.
On the way up, the sun was setting and it all looked very pretty to me. I like the way the sun glare works in this photo too.
We ate at Andersen's Pea Soup because their pea soup is apparently famous. It was good, but I think my dad makes better pea soup. We also got fried chicken, but I'm sorry to say this, Po Folks makes the best fried chicken.
Aren't these sea lions so cute? I love how big and fluffy they are. I wanted to squish one, but it would probably rip my arm off...Oh these sea lions are still so cute. You can see them at Pier 39. I still prefer seals like my Mamegoma and Sirotan!
At Pier 39, they have a whole store dedicated to alpaca products, so my friend, Madeline, ought to like it. The fuzzy alpaca plushie was so cute. I wanted to get it for Madeline's birthday, but it wasn't for sale...
My family and I went to Alcatraz, which was super interesting. The tour was confusing and I got lost for awhile. I went to the bathroom and what did I find? I found my parents. They said something along the lines of, "You've had so much ice tea today, we figured you'd come here eventually."
I took quite a few photos of San Francisco, while on Alcatraz, but I'm only going to post pictures of two of them for now. It was such a cold and windy day, but apparently, it's always cold and windy there...
This was just a random building in San Francisco. I liked how the building sloped down. I thought it was pretty cool and it would be fun to run down the side of it.
This is a much better photo of the cable lines. I thought it was pretty cool because we don't have them in my town and in Los Angeles, they're hard to find and are usually in some pretty sketchy neighborhoods.
This is a cookie monster cake I saw at a supermarket. I thought Tiffany might like this and I thought it was rather cute. Pretty easy to do at home too, if you want to!
This was at a restaurant called Thai Noodle II in Berkeley. The food there was only ok, but I thought the lamps were cool. I edited the lighting a tiny bit to make it more interesting looking?

On the drive back, there was a fire, but luckily there were already 2 firefighter trucks there. We heard a third one on the way to the fire. Look at how much land it burned away! I originally thought the fire was started by a cigarette, but I started to think it was started by a car because I saw two tires on fire. I don't know how it started, but I'm glad the firefighters had it under control. Should I post Megumi's or Rip Rip's travels next?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cell Phone Charm Exchange

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I'm so happy right now because I finally have 21 followers! That's so amazing for me! I'm thinking of holding a giveaway with Sophie, once both of us have around 25 followers who don't know us in person. Anyways, Rebecca, Tina, and Tiffany met me on August 19th for a cell phone charm meet up. All of us were supposed to bring charms for the four of us and we all exchanged charms for fun. Kind of like friendship bracelets, but better!
This is everything I scored that day, except for the yellow charm, which I bought for the exchange.  I'm really glad that I got the hair thing from Tina because where I live it costs $8 and I was always too cheap to buy it. I'm also really happy that Rebecca got the hair bows for me because a bunch of mine broke recently.
These are all of our cell phones together. From left to right, the phones belong to Tina, me, Rebecca, and Tiffany.
This is Tiffany's cell phone. It has nine charms on it and I envy her beer charm. My mum wouldn't let me get one because she finds it weird. But then again, my mum finds my tofu pillows weird.
This is Rebecca's cell phone and it has 19 charms on it. One less than me! I'm still in the lead!I want her Rilakkuma plushie charm and her Nyanko Sensei one...
This is my cell phone. I know, it's a cluttered mess. I have 20 charms and I sill need to put on five more that I bought at Anime Expo.
This is the back of Tina's cell phone. I love the rhinestone decoration. I've been wanting to get a Rilakkuma one for my phone, but it would cover up my camera and I have tons of purikura on the back....I need to find more guys to go do purikura with me. Four guys have gone with me, but one of them turned out to be a backstabber, so I had to toss that bunch.
This is Tina's cell phone still. She has 17 charms and I envy quite a few of them. She has a Korilakkuma one, like my Megumi, climbing the Tokyo Tower and a Hello Kitty dressed as a seal. Those are my two favorites of hers. All of her charms are super cute...Tina is super cute.
We then stacked all four of our phones into one stack and took pictures!
More of the charms from a new angle. Tina is our hand model. Comment below, if you think Tina has nice hands! If you read this post, and don't leave a comment, Tina might think that you think she has ugly hands. That will make her very sad and no one wants a sad Tina! I think it would be fun to have one phone with ALL these charms. That's my goal. I can barely fit my phone into my purses as it is right now...Well, the charm exchange was tons of fun. After wards, we went for a round of purikura and ate dinner. We wanted to do karaoke too, but karaoke didn't have a room for us, so we got dessert! That's it for now. I hope you guys have a great day!