Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Dream of Mine: Going on an Adventure!

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I just reached 100 followers, so that's incredible! Originally, I wasn't planning on blogging during finals, but reaching 100 followers is pretty cool to me. I thought, since nothing interesting is going on in my life, I'd share with you something I dream of doing. I haven't been taking many photos lately, so none of these photos are mine...Before you start to read this post, I highly suggest playing the song below. That will echance the overall feel of this post!
My first interest in going on an adventure with my friends started when I saw the movie Stand By Me. It's basically about four great friends going on an adventure to find the body of a boy, who had been hit by a train. They believe that if they find the body, that they'll be heroes in their small town. The real story though is about their friendship and how they grew up. Somewhere in my mind, I really do hope that I can go on a life changing adventure with my friends...
My interest only grew, when I saw it on Milk Tea. Here's a real person going on an adventure, exploring the countryside with her friends. I would explore the countryside, if there was any countryside left in my town...Instead, I'll have to wait until I go to Japan with my friends after our graduation...

Everytime I think of going on some amazing adventure, this song always goes off in my head. I plan to do a semeister abroad in England for college one day. While I'm there, I hope to make tons of British friends, especially ones who look like Burberry models. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to attract all these British model-like people (I'm not serious about the model part, anybody with a cute accent and agreeable personality is welcome!)...I guess the perfect adventure would be my friends and me driving around the British countryside or Irish countryside doing nothing and everything all at once...
Have you ever gone on an adventure?

Sunday, January 23, 2011


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It's finals week at school and I'm freaking out. I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to, but my life has been very boring and dull lately, so there's nothing interesting to post about. Now here's where I break the news to you that I'm not going to post a lot this week because of finals. I have to raise my grades in all my classes because my parents expect high A's in all my classes. To make this post a bit cheery, I thought I would share with you some rainbow photos! Hope these cheer you up!
 A letter I mailed to Sophie over summer. I love the idea of raining rainbows...
This is also from summer. I decided to line my color pencils up and I just noticed that in between the green and yellow, there's a pencil out of place...
No way, this is also from summer time. I really miss summer time because it was so free and easy. No one to please and no one to nag me about being better than the over achievers at school....
When are your finals?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"No, You Can't Go On This Road."

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I've spent my whole weekend doing schoolwork. Everything from Geometry to Biology to History Day. It's really not that fun at all...To take a break from it all, I decided, "It's time for a post!" These photos are from December 26, the day I saw the most epic flood ever.
Of course, I had Megumi in the car with me. I'm just that amazing that I always have a cute plushie and my camera, so I can take pictures for a plushie story, whenever, where ever. This is the first time I've seen a flood, so I had to go check it out!
Look at that building that's under water! That's at least a 10 feet tall building. I thought it would be cool to stand on top of the building...
Here's Megumi standing by the flooded area. In the background, you can still see some of the buildings and the ramps...
Look how far the water goes...You can even see the yellow road lines slowly start to disappear. I wanted to go home and grab the kayak, so I could go kayaking on this. Wouldn't that be interesting? Just kayak around and see the buildings that are underwater. This was the road we were supposed to take to get to our destination...
Just a picture to show you how high up the water goes. You can see that the water is almost swallowing the sign. This is the type of stuff you see on TV, when watching the news. I hope you found this post somewhat interesting. If not, let me tell you something truly inspiring. from the Black Eyed Peas is legally blind. Even with contacts in, his prescription is around-11. When he was growing up in the Philippines, people told him he wasn't going anywhere because he couldn't see. When he was little, he wanted to be a nurse, until a teacher told him he would never be able to become one. Even with so much stopping him, he is still able to be so successful and do so much. I think it's truly amazing what he's done with his life, don't you?
Have you ever had a flood before? What do you think of and what he's done with his life?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Update

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My internet has been extremely bipolar lately. Sometimes it works extremely well, while other times it doesn't work at all, so excuse me, if I haven't been leaving as many comments on your blogs! If you're wondering why I'm disappointed, it's because a certain really good friend of mine didn't make the tennis team. I really wanted him to make it, but on the bright side, we're going to have PE together now!
I decided I should show you more stuff from school and what's been going on in my life. I was wondering, if you would be interested in seeing my flood photos. If so, I have two great posts coming for you! If not, you might need to give me some time to find something interesting to talk about...By the way, I redid Obsessive Cuteness Disorder and it's now Audrey On The Vogue. Please check it out!
This post actually goes back to Christmas time...I got a Christmas card from a British family I'm friends with. I thought it was interesting how they put that little sticker on it.
I thought this was funny. There's been this shoe in this tree at my school. Terry told me that this shoes has been at my school for four years! When I graduate, I want to add a shoe of my own. Maybe one of my Converse?
When I didn't make the team, Hannie was really sweet and gave me this note and some Hi-Chew. I thought it was a very sweet gesture. We should really go to karaoke one day...
We had a Secret Santa at church and we had to write two things down that we liked for it...I didn't know it was for the Secret Santa, so I did a clueless Audrey move and wrote, "food&fashion." I feel really bad for the person who got me. What would you get for a girl who wrote that, when gift cards aren't allowed? Daniela made this cute Christmas gift, where she filled mini bags with M&M's. She told me that it took forever to fill all the little bags!
I brought my seal, Shota, to school one day, for some reason. Guess what we found in my French classroom? We found a guillotine! My French teacher's joke for us, when we annoy her is that she'll behead us! Haha, pretty crazy huh?
Would you be interested in seeing my flood photos? It'll probably take 2 posts!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adrian Wu Fall/Winter 2010

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So, as you know, I hope to get into a career dealing with fashion, so I thought I should start posting more fashion posts. I thought I could help give shopping tips to achieve different styles or do reviews of different collections. I thought that I could do a review of Adrian Wu's Fall/Winter 2010 collection because I really like his clothing after seeing it on Pop Champagne. This is my first time doing a review, so please be kind!
Adrian Wu's collection reminded me quite a bit of Alexander McQueen's unfinished collection, the one he was working on before he hung himself. It's probably because he used tapestry looking fabrics, just like Alexander McQueen. This blazer, although unrealistic, looks exceedingly glamorous, when worn with just heels.
This poncho style dress interested me because it seems too slouchy for a glamorous event, but yet the fabric is expensive, so where would you wear it too? I guess for the filthy rich, any charity ball would do.
I think this look is probably my favorite, even though it wasn't meant to be the show stopper. I love how he used two patterned fabrics that don't necessarily go together, but yet work so perfectly. The large painted stokes help lend this whole look a very Lanvin feel for me. The silhouette helps too.
This dress looks like it is perfectly cut because it fits her so well. One of the problems I have with these photos is the surroundings he chose. The pieces bring to mind old Europe and I guess you could say darker thoughts, but I know that's not the right wording! The surrounding backdrop feels modern and serene, with the plants. Don't you think those two things are complete opposites?
For some reason, this dress doesn't work for me...I love the top half, I really do. I love the simplicity of the dress combined with the complicated fabric, but the fur just doesn't look right. It's as if she tossed on a cute cocktail dress and decided it was cold outside, so she decided a fur skirt would help.
This was the last photo in the album and obviously the dress is meant to be the showstopper, but it's not my favorite. You've already seen the one I like the most. I think this dress is amazing and the skirt work is really incredible. I got all of these photos from Adrian Wu's Facebook and if you would like to see the other 4 looks, click here. If you don't agree with me about his collection, that's alright. I understand. After all, I'm wearing two different nail polishes on each hand. Grey on one and a light metallic turquoise on the other.
What do you think of his collection?

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Saw Snow!

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I'm thinking of getting rid of the mood thing up above. All it shows is that most of the time I'm neither happy nor sad. That's not saying that I'm never happy or sad. It's just saying that I almost always right my blog posts up after doing homework or in the morning on weekends.
Yesterday, I went to the Cabazon Outlets because I was hoping to catch the great end of holiday sales! Well, the real reason is we were planning on going shooting or to Joshua Tree, but I caught a cold, so we couldn't....
It started to snow, while we were in one of the stores, so my brother and I ran out to check it out. You can see the snow clinging to my hair a tad and my new-ish dyed hair.
Yup, I wasn't the only one taking photos of the snow. A lot of you probably live in areas, where it does snow, so this is no big deal for you. For me, it's my first time experiencing snow, so that's why I'm making a post about it. I also want to do a post, where I show you some of the flooding going on.
Yay, you can see snow on my arm too. Yes, that's a sweater I bought, while at the outlets. It was such a good price and I need warmer clothing because this winter has been especially cold for a California winter.
It wasn't cold enough for the snow to stay frozen, so it all melted and ended up looking like rain...While at the outlets, I went to the Burberry store and I found the most darling little jacket, but it was over $500 and would put me back at least a year, if not two for my Lady Dior bag. I've been saving up for awhile and when you're a kid and don't have a job, saving up for something takes forever...
Does it snow where you live?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

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For New Years I went to a sleepover at Tina's house with Tiffany and Jackie. We were watching this Japanese celebration for New Years that had all these famous Japanese musicians performing, which included Arashi! Get ready for a picture drop complete with a lovely story!
Jackie, Tina, Tiffany, and Tina's little brother, Kent, played cards with me and we decided to gamble using cookies. Tina and I lost all of our cookies during BlackJack. Jackie eventually lost all of her's too. Somehow Kent ended up getting the most, even though he's allergic to an ingredient in the cookies. Lucky for Tina, Jackie, and I, he shared with us.
Aren't Tina's camera and camera pouch so cute? I love how she used deco pieces and ribbons on her camera. She offered to deco my camera, using her deco items that I lack and she got in Japan, but I declined because I thought it would be rude of me to use up her deco pieces. She's so sweet to me, though, and gave me a donut to stick on my camera.
We all counted down until 2011 together and watched the crystal ball drop in Times Square. We were about to turn off the TV, since we saw Lil Wayne performing and we don't like him, but then I saw My Chemical Romance. Of course, I forced my friends to listen to me talk about all the My Chemical Romance facts I know because I'm always talking...Thank you Jackie, Tiffany, and Tina for putting up with my endless rambling about random bands. (The picture above was drawn by Tina and it's the four of us celebrating 2011!) Tina's parents treated us like family, making sure Tiffany, Jackie, and I got into all the photos and videos. I thought that was so sweet of them!
I was flipping through Tina's sketch book and she had so many great drawings in it. This is my favorite drawing she did! It's like a manga cover. We ended up staying up until 3:15 AM and we got up at 6:00 AM because Tina and Tiffany had to go to the Rose Bowl Parade. Jackie and I were pretty grumpy waking up. Haha, probably because she and I have a hard time falling asleep. Also, Tina drew a picture of me and this guy she thinks I look cute with. I would post it, but I have a terrible feeling, he would end up seeing it. Then I would be terribly embarrassed.
What did you do for New Years?