Monday, March 29, 2010


Something amazing happened last night, something I had been hoping to witness. Andrew McMahon had originally said he wouldn't play "Konstantine" because it was strictly a Something Corporate Song. Then he said he found it insulting to his wife, Kelly. But last night, at Bamboozle, the concert I had been wanting to go to so badly, he played it. He played it at the Something Corporate reunion. Andrew had made the decision to play "Konstantine" once again. Now, I need to make it to a Something Corporate concert. I must see Andrew play "Konstantine" live. I am tired of watching concert videos on Youtube and my brother's phone. I want to see it live and I shall add that to my life goals. My goals are to meet Something Corporate and see "Konstantine" live. That is my dream, my goal because Andrew is my muse.


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