Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So That's What You People Do at School...

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I have had a cold for the past week and it's pretty annoying. I hate that awkward moment, when the class is quiet and I really need to blow my nose. When I do end up deciding to blow my nose, I always fret over it being too loud or something...On the bright side, it's raining! That means I don't have to think twice about what I'm wearing to school. I just toss a trench coat over it and BAM! I'm done. Anyways, I know I've been doing tons of posts about what I do at school and you're probably sick of them, but that's what's going on in my life now. I can't do something amazing and attend a new event every day.
We've taken to climbing the PE lockers, when bored. It's funny how we'll be climbing over and then someone, who's changing, will look up and say to us, "Whoa! Where'd you come from?" In the picture are Vivian and Tina. Hyeajoon, Kimmie, Jackie, Lizette, Cathy, and I will join them, but none of them wanted to be photographed and I cropped myself out because my shirt made me look weird...
Here you can see Tina and me climbing the lockers before we actually got to the top. My outfit looks so boring, but it really isn't that boring. Just wait for the next picture.
You  see? My rainbow socks save me from being a complete bore. I haven't worn those to school in over a year, so everyone thought they were new. Haha, the wonderful effects of saving your clothing forever and ever! Vivian and I look so silly drinking from these drinking fountains. For these ones, you stick your head halfway through a wall, just to drink! It's so awkward and wonderful and silly!
Vivian drew this lovely portrait of me during Biology. She was looking through my pencil case and drew this in my planner. Guess who's on my Biology binder? Alex Watson in the Burberry Prorsum add...Yeah, that's how she chose the guy.  As you can see, my friends and I do find time for fun at school, even if we're not allowed to talk at the top of our lungs to each other. We're always finding new things to do.
Haha, in French we're learning to compare things using more than, less than, and equal to. We had to write 3 sentences about other people in our class comparing ourselves to them. Sagiv, Sean, Ceajae, and I all used each other for our sentences...I guess you can say we're really good friends! Most of our sentences were pretty complementary, except for Sean and Sagiv's sentences. Sean wrote, "Je suis plus intelligent que Sagiv." Then Sagiv wrote, "Je Suis plus intelligent que Sean." You can Google translate that, but they're basically both claiming to be smarter than the other.
Now I want to challenge you to make a post about what's interesting or fun at your school or university. Just tell me in a post and leave a link in the comments for me to look at!


  1. Haha,,you girls are so fun! There are hardly anything fun to do at my university! =( Oh, maybe I could cause a rampage! ahahaha..XD anyway, that was a fun post to read ^^

  2. is that what you guys do during PE? i'm jealous.

  3. aisyah De Cullen-There must be at least one fun thing at your school! Hahaha, if you start a rampage that would be impressive. Some guy was being a jerk, so this huge group of guys hunted him down to beat him up. I felt so bad for him! My friends and I had no idea what the rampage was for, so we thought it would be fun to join, but we were all horrified at what we had run to...

    Sarah S.-That's what we do before we get changed and after we get changed. In PE, we usually run the perimeter of school and then play basketball. I love basketball, though!

  4. Haha, seems like fun!

    Do finish your skirt please! ;D

  5. I hate that when you have a cold in school and the class is quiet and you have to sniffle or something!!!!!! I had a cold this week too and it drove me nuts!!!
    Love this post, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!

  6. Aww thanks for the sweet comment dear!
    Looks like you are being very productive at school in your own way P: haha x
    ( isen't it dirty up there in the lockers? )
    Alex Watson <33


  7. This reminds me of what me and friends use to do in high school! I look back at those memories almost all the time. So glad that you have awesome friends to spend your time with at over school. :D

    Hope you get better soon! Getting rid of a cold is the worst. :\ Btw your rainbow socks are so cute! <3

  8. Rocking Doll Museum-I will! I just need to stop being such a laxy bum! XD

    Jen @ the Purple Pants-Colds are always so awkward! I feel like the whole class is watching and that they're all grossed out, even though I know it isn't true! D:

    Ice Pandora-You're welcome! It's actually not that dirty! In Biology, we swabbed the PE lockers to check the bacteria count and it was one of our lower ones! :D

    P o o p e r-Haha, I love how we're on the opposites coasts of our country and yet we share the same experiences! Thanks! My socks are from Hot Topic. They have the most fun knee highs!

  9. lol our teacher would have killed us if we climbed on the lockers XD and i love the rain bows sock and the waterfountains seem so awkward!

  10. Hello Naka-I'm surprised we haven't gotten in trouble yet! XD The drinking fountains are weird. If you drink from one, there's alikeluhood, the other will go off too! ^^

  11. My friends and I go into our lockers and scare my other friends :P

  12. YaeJin-Haha, our lockers are super small, so we can't hide in them! D: The only friend of mine that can fir in them is Tina!

  13. Looking at your schools surprises me...;A;

    My school is nothing that fun...;__;

    Your water fountain looks really cool...XD... and your school looks so clean!!...
    You guys even have PE Lockers?...TAT!!

    My school doesnt even allow home cloths or knee high socks...ffff


    Thanks for sharing!!.. I would love to see more of your school life!..^^

  14. P2-You have school uniforms? Sometimes I think school uniforms are better because then no one is ridiculed for how they dress...Where do you keep your PE clothes then? .__.


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