Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Hours

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Reading: Countdown to Fashion Week: Model Casting About for Character by Ruth La Ferla
Last Tuesday marked the last day before my brother left to go back to college, so we went to Laguna Beach to enjoy the ocean and to try a place we've been meaning to try. Watermarc is located right on PCH and offers contemporary takes on flat breads, burgers, sandwiches, and salads among other dishes. During the summer, I usually crave mozzarella and fresh Italian food, so this Burrata Mozzarella Flat Bread was perfect for me. The burrata was creamy and helped to offset the richness of the pesto, while the sprouts and balsamic vinegar added a nice acidic element to it.
To give you an idea of what my brother, Ted, is like, here is a photo of him flicking off the camera. It started as a way to stop my dad from taking so many photos during vacations. He would flick off the camera and I would death glare, but now it's just a habit of his. Other than that, I thought I'd let you know I'm wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket, a Marc Jacobs necklace, an H&M shirt, 7 for All Mankind shorts, and a Kimchi Blue purse.
I'm not necessarily the best Californian. I don't tan well, I never learned how to surf, and I suck at beach volleyball, but California is still a nice place to be. Being close to Los Angeles and Disneyland means that good concerts come my way and being close to Newport Beach means there will never be a shortage of luxurious things to fill my time with. It also means that I can go to the desert, mountains, beach, or city whenever I want. Overall, I don't mind living in California. With college coming up, I think I'll apply to a lot of schools in my home state, but I will apply to some in big cities too. Who knows where I'll end up?


  1. It's always good to try out other states for schools.... learning a whole different culture is amazing. Good luck in getting into the school of your choice ;-)

  2. you have seriously amazing parents haha to let your brother flip off the camera.. omgosh i'm fairly certain my parents would have a heart attack

    georgetown is great!! i love it there.. great food and great shopping.. it's a little pricey to live there but honestly if i had the opportunity to live there i would in a heartbeat!

  3. That burrata looks delicious! I love mozzarella and tomatoes :) Funny story about flicking off the camera, if i'd of done that with my dad he would have gone mad! lol
    California has always been a dream destination for me :) It seems like such a lovely place with so many things to do!

  4. lovely blog!

  5. that flat bread looks phenomenal! and I oh so love your purse. C'est adorable!

  6. Launna-Originally, I was going to go to another country, but then my parents are worried that a foreign degree won't be as competitive fr future jobs. I'm thinking of a few schools out of state right now, so if everything goes according to plan, I might be out of here. :)

    Lisa-Thank you! Georgetown sounds lovely. My parents always yell at my brother, but then they can't use the photo. However, they still take tons of photos, so we may need a new strategy.

    Bel-I hope you get to visit California one day! If you ever want to know places worth visiting, let me know!


    Laura Go-It tasted great and thanks! It's one of my favorite purses.

  7. Haha, sounds like you and your brother had a great time! I'm totally the same way about not being a great Californian. I usually just get sunburns, haha. Moving to New York was amazing, but I still miss home :)

    fashion and tea

  8. Looks amanzing:D
    Great post:)

  9. That flat bread looks soooooo good!

  10. It look so yuumy!
    You look so cute :)

  11. Mhmm Watermarc sounds a nice
    restaurant! Love eating flatbread
    with fresh greens and other
    ingredients c:
    You and your brother looking cute!
    He looks smart as well!


  12. i often dream about living in california. mostly for the weather. but also for the beautiful scenery and various things you can do. canada is toooooo cold. i hate the cold!! i can dream for now.. :P

    Sparkle & Chic


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