Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"A moment you'll never remember..."

Reading: The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

Since I'm done with my first year at NYU and no longer have a proper excuse for neglecting the blog, I thought I'd write something up quickly. 

Have you ever found that you become ten times more productive/adventurous when you know time is running out? Well, that's what happened to me when I realized that I only had a month left before heading back to SoCal. My last month consisted of running off to finally try the famous afternoon tea at the Plaza and exploring more of Central Park (I went three times!). I also managed a visit to the David Zwirner Gallery to check out my favorite artist's, Yayoi Kusama's, "Obliteration Room" and a stop at Chanel's "No. 5 in a New Light" exhibit.


  1. I love that dotted room by Yayoi c:
    I hope you had a great time in NYU and
    I can't wait to read new posts by you!

  2. the pictures are so beautiful

  3. That "Obliteration Room" is so eye-catching! I love it.

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