Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cute Is What We Aim For Broke Up?D:

Two days ago I was wearing a Cute Is What We Aim For band shirt. (For those who do not know Cute Is What We Aim For, go look up their song "Time", my personal favorite.) My friend, Rebecca, started to jab my shirt and she kept on saying, "DID YOU KNOW? DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THEM? THEY BROKE UP!" My response? "I WON'T ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN! GFLCKHLCF,NBFLKCGNJCKFLNB KFJCBN!" We were sobbing over them breaking up, we were planning on seeing them live together. So, what I'm wondering is did they really break up? Supposedly, Shaant wanted to go solo, but is that true? What happened to Cute Is What We Aim For? Everybody seems to be breaking up...Derek Whibley from Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne broke up and now Cute Is What We Aim For? The world is falling apart. Next thing you know, Andrew McMahon decides to quit music. If that ever happens, I will fail at life.
Here's just one more picture for old times sake!


  1. ciwwaf broke up because one of them was being a faggot...

  2. LOL...Wow Rebachu! Yes, Shaant doesn't care about his friends so he went solo!


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