Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meeting Owl City :)

On October 21st of this year, I went to my local Hot Topic to meet Adam young of Owl City. The good news is I got my CD signed and I got a poster! Also, I got some really good photos! Overall I'm pretty happy about the whole incident! BUT on the downside, I was rushed through the line by a group of irritating girls behind me. So I had to use my zoom to get close up! I didn't have time to talk to him but I wanted to ask him a question! Why did he chose to put the Burj Al Arab Hotel on his CD cover? Why did he chose a hotel from Dubai? Yes, it is an amazing looking hotel and it looks like a sailboat, but why that hotel?
Going a bit off topic, but here are some cool facts about the Burj Al Arab Hotel. It's the most luxurious hotel in the world and has 7 stars! (Keep in mind that the Waldorf Astoria only has 4 stars!) There's a plasma screen TV and a jacuzzi in each room! Also, there's butlers on duty 24/7! The Burj Al Arab Hotel is the second tallest building that is used exclusively as a hotel in the world. Some people say that the inside is so incredibly overdone that it becomes tacky, but to me, I would go just because the exterior is so breathtaking.
Anyways, here are the rest of my photos from the day:


  1. For me, the highlight of Burj Al Arab is that you could see the fishes swimming underneath their glass floor in the main entrance. It's worth the visit!!

    Also, if you decide to go, you should during the Dubai Shopping Festival. The whole city goes on sale 70%-90% off on apparel, electronics, you name it. And there are no taxes.. ever.

    Anyway, I know my comment seems like it came out of nowhere.. that's because I found you on google. I love OWL CITY!! And I too was a fan before the the hit album. I wanted to know why Burj Al Arab was the cover album. I thought your blog might have the answer but now I'm just hating on those girls who were too impatient!

    I hope you get to visit Dubai.. there's more to just Burj Al Arab. I must warn you that the summer is extremely hot that foreigners who live there leave & vacation somewhere colder. Haha. But it's well worth it in the name of shopping!!

  2. I read somewhere Adam's dream place to live in is the top floor of Burj Al Arab, because he would be able to see the ocean veiws for miles...that and play tennis on the helicopter landing pad!! XP

    Anyways as Dei Vy said Dubai is an awesome place cant see my self living anywhere else and yes I am a Dubaian born and raised ;P

    Yes our summers are REALLY hot..and alot of people leave to cooler places BUT there is still Dubai Summer Suprises (A summer version of Dubai Shopping Festival with a kids theme)

    There are a million and one things to be done in Dubai from Atlantis to the Tallest builing in the world (Burj Khalifa) to Dune Bashing , but like any city we have problems, like traffic, bulidings ect.

    The majority of the people here are nice but like any city you get the occasional rude person.

    So I hope you manage to visit Burj Al Arab & Dubai soon =)

  3. Dei Vy-You can see the fish? That's so cool! I must go during the shopping extravaganza! Thank you so much for the comment!

    Anonymous-That's really cool! Thanks for letting me know about the Adam mystery! A kid's themed shopping spree? Do they have tons of cute things?


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