Thursday, October 29, 2009

Andrew McMahon Concert :)

So I saw Andrew McMahon for the second time on October 27, 2009. When am I going to stop obsessing over Andrew? Not soon. For everyone, there is one band that they just adore for their whole lives. For my mom, it's Bruce Springsteen. For my dad, it's Phantom of the Opera. For me, it's Andrew McMahon. This concert was amazing. I was told that Andrew was only going to play for 1 hour, but he played for around 2 hours straight! Here's what he sang:
  • Hammers and Strings (JM)
  • Dark Blue (JM)
  • As You Sleep (SC)
  • Crashing (JM)
  • Holiday From Real (JM)
  • Annie Use Your Telescope (JM)
  • The Resolution (JM)
  • She Paints Me Blue (SC)
  • Spinning (JM)
  • Walking By (SC)
  • Just Like a Women (Bob Dylan)
  • Olive (Bikelock)
  • 21 and Invincible (SC)
  • La La Lie (JM)
  • The Mixed Tape (JM)
  • Moon River (Andy Williams)
  • Bruised (JM.One of Andrew's favorite songs from the Everything in Transit record)
  • There There Katie (JM)
  • Punk Rock Princess (SC)
  • Swim (JM)
  • The Astronaut (SC)
  • Bloodshot (JM)
In the very beginning of the concert Andrew was holding up signs that said, "HI I'M ANDREW. NO REQUESTS! REQUESTS ARE FOR KARAOKE BARS!" I laughed at it and so did everyone else. I was super excited that Andrew played "As You Sleep" because it was the first song I ever heard by him and it's my favorite song in the world. Andrew was talking about how he came up with some of his songs and "Holiday From Real" is about Venice Beach, while "Annie Use Your Telescope" is about one time when he was stranded in an Australian airport. The story behind "She Paints Me Blue" is really funny. It's about when he moved out of his house at 18 and how he bought his bed at IKEA. Then he went and bought a blue light bulb, which he always wanted, but the light bulb gave off about as much light as a night light. So Andrew spent 6 months of his life in a poorly lit apartment. This was all part of his "hippie phase", but now Andrew jokes around and says he's in his "grandpa stage" because he grew a beard. At that moment, the guitarist, Bob Anderson said, "Hey, you have a beard, since when?" "For awhile now," replied Andrew. Before Andrew started to sing "Walking By", he explained that "Walking By" was written to swoon a girl and it was a quick addition to Audioboxer. The girl he wrote it for ended up marrying him. Halfway through "Walking By", Andrew stops and says, "Oh my God. I forgot to mention this, but this was the stage I first played "Walking By" on!" Then he restarted the song. After that, he sang his favorite Bob Dylan song and then Bob sang a song from his side band, Bikelock. Then he sang "21 and Invincible" which he wrote because his eldest brother one day just looked at him and said, "Dude, Andrew, why you gotta sit like a girl?" Andrew then set off for the garage and sulked. (One line in the song says, "No one makes fun of me, 'cause I cross my legs like a girl.")After that, he sang "The Mixed Tape" and instead of singing "Where are you now?", he sang "Where is Bob now?" Bob replied with "I'm right here!" It was really funny. He then did a cover of "Moon River", which he sings just to defame someone. The story is he told a girl he wanted to sing "Moon River" at a concert and she told him it's way out of his range, which he thought was rude. At that moment all these ideas go through his head. He wanted to push her down and have Bob pour beer on her, but Andrew refrained himself. His encore started with "There, There Katie", which is about his sister Katie. Katie was in the audience, so Andrew said, "I didn't have time to practice this Katie, so if I mess up, don't kill me!"  Oh yeah, during one of his songs, he was all like, "Has anyone ever burped into the microphone like I just did? I'm ashamed of myself; it's really quite disgusting."
I should probably end this post because I need to go do homework. I have like 4 hours ahead of me. Aren't I lucky?
Anyways, it was a wonderful night and everything went smoothly. I bought an Andrew McMahon shirt and poster. When I was in the bathroom, I heard someone say they had backstage passes. I wish they took me with them! Oh yeah, throughout the concert, my stuffy nose was ticking me off. And for everyone out there, I have two goals in life. 1. Meet Andrew McMahon! 2. Go through a metal detector and get stopped because of my braces! Good bye everyone.


  1. omg, i bought a huge orange lantern for my new room, but it made my entire room orange and barely lit it up!!! D: i feel andrews pain.


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