Monday, November 16, 2009


Hello once again! My birthday was on November 10th and today is the 16th. I hope it's not too late to write a post on it! So this was the very first year I went to school on my birthday. It's not because I'm a spoiled kid whose parents allow her to stay home on her birthday, it's because I never had school on my birthday due to Veteran's day. There's two boys at my school, who are twins, named Colin and Clyde who share the same birthday as me so as a joke we always scream, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to each other. Then when I got home I had four hours of homework because that's how much my language arts teacher loves me. (Sarcasm. Just a little side note, my friend Hannie told me that I'm an overly sarcastic person...Is that true?) After that I had a dinner of my choice, which was curry udon! My favorite dish, but curry gives me stomach cramps....I should probably erase that. Then I had birthday pie! Yes, birthday pie because I usually don't like cake due to the fact that it's usually dry.  The only cake place I like was closed, unfortunately.
Now here's the part that describes the picture. It's all my gifts from various friends and relative!
Mom and Dad: A neon green purse, a donut pillow that I named Tadashi after my favorite character in SA, a silence+noise blazer (not pictured), and a book called What White People Like. (I can't underline anything for some reason...)
Madeline:  Harajuku pencil case, tokidoki for Target binder, a Book Thong(awesome name for book mark), and a homemade mustache pillow that is GIGANTIC!
Rebecca: A paper craft of me, these little baggies that I've been asking her for that are epic, and a little cell phone charm that looks like it's saying Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Maggie: A $15 itunes gift card
Tiffany: Two mamegoma folders, an angry pineapple, and a Domo-kun key chain/neck strap thing-y
Auntie La La, Uncle Mike, and Kenji: $50 bill
Grandma and Grandpa: $50 check
Sophie: Eventually a Chubby Bunny Pillow 
All the money is going to my traveling savings because one day I'm going to travel the world. Click on the picture to make it bigger!

Edit-I ended up returning the purse because it had this weird stain that we couldn't get out.


  1. i dont think u use sarcasm that much and btw AWESOME presents

  2. lol "eventually a squishy bunny" I WILL GET TO IT!


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