Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RIP The Hand Me Down Kids

 It has come, yet another break up, another happily never after. The Hand Me Down Kids, who have become part of my top 5 favorite bands, broke up. After writing one of my favorite songs, how could they just end so abruptly? Supposedly the members just drifted away. Still, it's incredibly sad. Plus, I was about to send in a Fan Pic soon of me holding a sign for them...I think Lamoni said he was going to be part of a band called Kids Like This? I'm not sure, so if you could tell me, that'd be wonderful.
The Hand Me Down Kids Songs (In Order of how much I like them!)
  • Despite the Distance
  • College Girl Queen
  • Liquor Makes a Liar
  • The Comeback
  • Heart to Molly
  • I Wanna Waste My Time
  • Vacate (Vacate never even made it out of the acoustic stage, how sad!) 
I'm going to miss them...RIP THMDK


  1. that sucks audrey. even tho i didnt no them, i will still share ur pain D:

  2. Wow thats really sad that they broke up, hope they get back together at some point. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog while searching for something.

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  3. I know why they ACTUALLY broke up... Last summer they toured and Lamoni stole $8000 from the band money...and basically said FU I'm going solo! Hence the attention to We Should Wisper... Leaving the rest of the guys in the dust... Butters had nothing else so he's now in the military... Paul and Fletcher are now starting a Hardcore Screamo band and Anthony is the new drummer for the band Wayward... Lamoni screwed them over..and that really sucks because they were going places and his songs with WSW aren't even half as good as the hmdk songs are..so thank you for posting this because I really wanted to listen to them but Lamoni took the songs off the myspace claiming they were HIS songs.. he's so rotten..he fools people with his cute little smile..but hes a terrible person.

  4. Well i loved thmdk.
    Ill agree that Lamoni isnt that great on we should whisper but i think if he really did do that, wouldnt the others have sued him; not saying he didnt do it. Anyways, id like to know where you heard that from. And i doubt the band just drifted away. So ill blame lamoni, Paul was much cooler! (though lamoni does have a beautiful voice; i still think the others wouldve sued him - and they should have, if its true)

  5. AAAAHHHH18-That's horrible!

    Anonymous-I want to know where it came from too!


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