Monday, April 18, 2011

Exposition Park (In LA)

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Playing: Yes, Yes, We're Magicians-The Crookes (If you haven't checked out the Burberry Acoustic videos, you should.)
Yesterday, I went to Los Angeles to go visit Exposition Park. I think you're more familiar with Exposition Park than you may think. The rose garden at Exposition Park is the one in the 3OH!3 "Starstrukk" music video. Haha, do I amaze you with my random knowledge of music videos? If not, well I should amaze you...Anyways, I went for several reasons yesterday. I'm on Spring Break and I love Los Angeles!
I went to the Museum of Natural History because it's all about animals and who doesn't love animals? I used to visit this museum a lot, when I was little and had no homework. Now, I'm lucky to get out of my town on weekends because of all my homework. (Yes, I'm looking at you Evolution Project and History Day!)
The Discovery Room is pretty legit to hang out in, even though it was designed for little kids. They have these random animal heads on the walls along with fish and animals in cages. I always wondered what they did with the rest of the body of those deer. Do they eat it? Even if they do, the fur should still be left to make the body part of the figure. Or does the fur become a fur coat?
I told you they had fish and tons of them. I always wondered how they preserved these fish because wouldn't they rot away? I understand furry critters, but not fish. Watch, it's probably a model made of plastic and they laugh at the people like me, who think they're real...
Sorry for the dark photo. My camera was acting up and flash only made it worse. On the bright side, look how amazing the architecture of the museum is! It's like the European structures that I love so much. They should build more buildings like this, like the old theatres I used to go to in England. Unfortunately, I know that's not going to happen because it's more expensive and we lack the artisans that used to do this type of work.
The science museum nearby is pretty incredible too. I love the structure outside with all the gold balls hanging on strings outside. In this post, you get to see the geeky side of me that's a sucker for good architectural feats. Wow, I really do need a life, huh? Even my Geometry teacher thinks I don't have a life. After we take tests, he always holds extra credit opportunities after school, where you help him grade the tests. He always says, "You can either spend your time after school with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever you kids are into nowadays or you can spend your afternoon with me!" I always stay for the extra credit and one time, he just looked at me and said, "It's ok that you don't have a boyfriend to hang out with, Audrey." Sadly, he's one of my favorite teachers along with my epic French teacher...
This question is so unrelated to this post, but whatever. Do you have a celebrity crush? If so, who is it?


  1. VILLE VALO VILLE VALO VILLE VALO VILLE VALO! saying his name brings me to tears he's just so beautiful and romantic. and now that i've mentioned him I won't stop smiling for a couple of days now XD

    also i love the gold balls they look so pretty and magical ^^ and also Ive seen one night only live years ago! and i would lvoe to see muse live but i hate thought of big arenas :(

    ville valo.... *sigh*

  2. Wow what amazing pictures the place looks huge!

  3. Hello Naka-Hehe, thank you for being so open about your crush! XD I love One Night Only and all of the members are so cute and darling! You're so lucky to have seen One Night Only. I want to kidnap George! My brother saw Muse, but he drove something crazy, like 6 hours, to go see them! :O

    Emy-Thank you! Exposition Park takes up so much land! IT has something like 3 museums, I believe! :D

  4. Nice pics! If i lived near, i would visit it too, but the distance is a itsy bitsy 2 far >_<

  5. Wow, your outing looks amazing!

    And don't worry about not having a bf now, your turn will come soon enough:)

    Celebrity crush? Well, after watching my so-called life, I'm seriously crushing the younger version of jared leto then! whose yours?


  6. Hi dear! Thanks for your comment on my post; I must say that I love all the pictures of this entry... it looks like you had a great time at Exposition Park!!

    And yes, the title of my post was the name os a Little Ones' song; I normally use the names of songs I like as titles; my blog is very related with music (even if it doesn't look like!).

    And about your question on this post... well, I've got big crushes with celebrities: Alison Mosshart, Beth Ditto, Alice Glass & Ethan Kath from Crystal Castles; Bowie, Zooey Deschanel... <3!

  7. =3 Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog and... commented.. have a nice day ^^

  8. M'leikie-Aww, I hope you can visit LA one day! :)

    Sher-I'm not worried about having a boyfriend because I'm having a great time being a kid. I have too many celebrity crushes...I find a lot of guys attractive! XD

    Sahakiel-Yes, I knew it! I love the music video for that song! It's awfully cute! Zooey Deschanel is adorable! She's so quirky like Katy Perry! :3

    Kenix-You're welcome! Have a great day too! ♥

  9. Hey, thanks for your visit at my blog :)
    Your international day was quite interesting (such much yummy food OO from all over the world - a great event!!!!!!).
    I saw the flag of the Philippines ^^.
    Aaah, and yes, i know this comment is actually quite unrelated to this post!!


  10. Jasmin-It's ok that it's unrelated. I know what you're talking about, so it's all good! I'm glad you like the photos! ^0^


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