Thursday, April 28, 2011

Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA)

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Sorry about yesterday's post. I was just feeling stressed and losing hope, but I realized, I just need to toughen up and accept what's thrown at me, so without further adieu, here I go! Over Spring Break, I made it to LA twice! The second time around I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which is a collection of 9 museums housing all different types of art. I truly doubt that you wouldn't be able to find one museum that you like considering they have everything from Persian to Contemporary to European Impressionist art. It truly is an incredible museum because it has pieces by such great artists like Picasso, Pisarro, Warhol, and Monet! When I saw the Warhols, I was mind blown! At first, I wasn't expecting to take too many pictures, but I ended up with over 40! Unfortunately, I had to cut it down and now have 18, which shall be divided into two posts!
At first, the main thing I was going to see was the Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden. I like old fashioned street lamps like these because they have this wonderfully whimsical, magical aura to them.
I took some great photos of it, I think, because you get to really see all the different styles of lamps used. I like taking closeups of things like this, but I never know where to post the photos because I doubt my blog readers want 20 photos of the same thing.
I went into the main building with the Modern Art, European Art, and Persian Art. I saw this sculpture and I love it. It reminds me of Star Wars and of tripods. I liked walking underneath it and walking around it. While in this building, I found a French family. At least, I'm assuming they were French. I followed them hoping to hear some French because my French teacher encourages us to try to talk to people in French, so I figured, she'd be impressed when I told her that I spoke French over Spring Break! It was quite a comical sight, really. I was stalking a frightened European family, while some college-age Asian Teeny Bopper stalked me. I wonder why he was following me out of all people...MAYBE HE WANTED TO PRACTICE ENGLISH THE WAY I WANTED TO PRACTICE FRENCH?
This painting made me laugh. I mean really, how can a painting of Spam go wrong? Especially, a painting with flying Spam?
Some modern art leaves me confused, like the painting on the right. Doesn't it remind you of the dress sprayed with paint at Alexander McQueen?
I can't remember the name of this exhibit, but it's only here for a limited time. I like the semi-transparent sheets that helped break up the exhibit. Without them, I have a feeling, it would've been overwhelming!
This was the Museum of Contemporary Art and was definitely my favorite! (The Asian Teeny Bopper guy followed me there. He followed me to 3 different museums...If he's reading this, hey! How's life? We should become friends!) I loved the long escalator and the killer view of Hollywood at the top floor. The elevator was huge! In fact the week before, they had a bar in the elevator! I wish I was there!
At the American Art building, I had to take a break and sat down at this lovely table that looked as if it had been built out of hard candy. I looked straight up and got a great picture of the stores. Harry Potter moving stairs, anyone, eh? Or am I the only one that is full of geeky references? Expect a second post, eventually! I really hope you like it, when I share these things with you!
Oh by the way, we're playing basketball in class and the girls have special rules against guys. If a group of girls play a group of guys, we get 1 point if we hit the rim and 2 points if we make the basket. Yesterday, in class, this guy named Kevin had the ball, so I smiled sweetly and asked him, "Can I have the ball, please?" He replied, "You really want the ball?" So I said, "Yes!" And guess what? He gave me the ball and I made a basket! His team still won, 10-9. I made 6/9 points! Today Andrew and Matthew were guarding me at the half court line, so I stood there dribbling for awhile and Matthew stepped aside to guard Hyeajoon, so I ran straight forward and made a basket!
Are you excited for the royal wedding? I heard that there's no school/work in the United Kingdom!


  1. I love the Urban Light Sculpture
    Thats so cool!

  2. ami-Me too! I wish I had stayed longer to see it at night! ^^

  3. You're so lucky! I would of loved to see a Picasso, Warhol or Monet painting right in front me ... *-*

    As for the guy who followed you maybe he wanted to build up the courage to speak to you but couldn't. ;-; (or maybe he was a creep? D: I dont want to give him the benefit of doubt!)

    I bet you were extremely inspired by the end of the day. :D

    I had completely missed the wedding on tv but I saw a lot of cute pictures of them on tumblr. :'3 <3

  4. P o o p e r-Yay, you're back on the blogosphere! I've missed your cute posts! Haha, maybe he was a creep, but I like thinking nice things about people! Haha, it was very lovely and very inspiring. My friend, Max, and I joke around about modern art together now! XD

  5. I LOVE the LACMA. I want to make it to their Tim Burton exhibit if I can.
    Those lights are especially beautiful at night :)

  6. Katie-They have a Tim Burton exhibit? I MUST GO! ^^


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