Friday, March 15, 2013

I Couldn't Come Up With a Clever Title

Playing: Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On a Bad Bet-Fall Out Boy
Reading: Those Who Nailed It for Fall 2013 by Cathy Horyn
Over the weekend, I got the chance to try Taco Asylum, which was featured in Orange Coast. I must say it's one of the best places I've tried in a long time. Typically, I avoid Mexican food at all costs, but after looking at their menu, I was convinced that I should try it. For starters, I shared a Taco Plate with the Pork Belly, Wild Mushroom, and Surf n' Turf tacos, which also came with lentils and quinoa. Out of the taco trio, I would skip the Surf n' Turf taco because the arugula overpowered the lobster and pancetta by a long shot. The Pork Belly and Short Rib tacos were so good. I loved how the pork belly was braised in coconut milk and how the Short Rib taco was topped with pickled red onions. Everyday Taco Asylum makes several drinks freshly, so on the day I went, I got a Pineapple Orange Acqua Fresca, which comes with free refills.
The Nachos were so amazing. Topped with salsa verde, guacomole, scallions, pickled red onions, jack cheese, oaxaca cheese, cayenne creme fraiche, these nachos were unlike any other nachos I've ever had. First of all, these weren't your typical tortilla chips; these nachos were made of crisply fried potato chips. Second of all, these nachos were lacking the fake cheese spread that's always grossed me out in the past. Since I usually don't like Mexican food, I think I should toss in that many of the flavors weren't specifically Mexican. For instance, the Pork Belly taco's flavors were more along the line of Thai food.
After lunch, I also stopped by SEED People's Market to do some quick shopping. I've been looking around for more earrings and this pair is so long and perfect. I love how simple it is yet how it does make a statement. The only issue I have with them is that I have to keep untangling them from my hair, so I'm thinking of wearing them with a messy bun soon to keep my hair away from the earrings.
Left to Right: Austin (aka Cheese), Vivian, me, Alley, and Shabaan
However, I had to cut my shopping trip short to work on an APUSH video in which my group discusses why the Social Security Act is detrimental to the health of the USA. In my video, I played the parts of a Looper, Professor Audrey Gordan Levitt, one of Shabaan's wives, and my APUSH teacher. Our video is really random and it includes guest appearances from Stephen Colbert, Alfred Landon, FDR, Katy Perry, and the authors of my APUSH textbook. It's really weird and there's singing, dancing, drinking, and a murder. Hopefully, I don't get suspended from school for this video, but Vivian edited out most of the bad parts. We showed it to the class today and everyone asked us why half our characters were wasted and why Shabaan was running around shirtless. He wasn't shirtless by the way; he had a tank top on.

Congrats to Mei of Ice Pandora for winning the first prize of my giveaway and to Terri Leane for winning the second prize! I'll be sending both of you an email, asking for you addresses, soon and you've got a week to reply before I give the prize to someone else. Thank you to everyone that entered!


  1. AHHHH! Yippeee I won :D
    Thank you Audrey! And also
    congratulations Terri!

    Mexican food is okay and
    but Mexican food is not my
    favorite cuisine of all.
    But I would politely empty
    my plate of course.
    But that plate of nacho's
    and icecream-looking
    guacolmole looks YUM!

    I also like your new pair
    of earrings, I would have
    bought it as well c;


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog!
    I'm a huge fan of Mexican food so I was salivating over the tacos that you had. You are so lucky that you live in a State where you have easy access to it.

    I'm loving your blog and your quirky sense of humour.

  3. Looks like a such nice meal! xx

  4. Hey it seems you had a great time!! Thx for stopping by my blog and yes, Venice it's not the perfect city where you can wear heels but i got used to and try to choose the easiest way ;)
    Have a nice monday

  5. Mexican food was my dinner yesterday :) Delicious! Great blog :)


    The Marvelous World of Narcissa

  6. Ice Pandora-I'll send your prize as soon as I get the address for the other person! Congrats on winning! ^^

    Steph-Thanks! Haha, yeah California has a lot of Mexican restaurants. :)

    Katie-It was. :3

    Wall of StYle-I'm still super impressed you can wear such high heels there. I guess practice makes perfect? :D

    Charlotte-It tasted amazing too. c:

    Narcissa-Haha, coincidence, right? :D

  7. yummmmmmmmmmmmm omgosh pork belly tacos?! and potato chip nachos that's amazing!! looks so good.. it's like fancy fusion taco truck food!

  8. the tacos look delicious, ahh I love that type of food haha. and cute earrings you got from the market!

  9. Those earrings are gorgeous :) xo

  10. @Reply: there is one particular
    song of Ed Sheeran that has a
    special place in my heart (so
    cheesey..) 'Wake me up'
    There's like 1, maybe 2
    instrument and it might sound
    dull, but the input of feeling
    and especially the lyrics makes
    it all so nice!


  11. Love the pics! You have an amazing style!

    If you like my style follow me with Bloglovin and GFC. Just let me now, I'll definitely follow back!

  12. nice post!!!
    thanks for your comment.
    I'm following you.

  13. Lisa-Haha, exactly! It's fusion food at its best. :3

    Vicky (goldenmirrors)-Thanks! Aren't I creative? ;)

    Pop Champagne-Thank you! I love wearing the earrings around. ^^

    Jaz xo-Thanks! (:

    Ice Pandora-I'll go check it out right now! :D

    Maja Mladenovic-Thank you!

    Miriam Perez-Thank you so much! And no problem! (:

  14. The food looks fantastic! ;)
    Thank you for your comment! I am following you on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you do the same! ;)

  15. THis looks delicious! I never seem to have such delicious food!

  16. Isa Machado-No problem and thank you!

    Tallia-It was so good! ^^

  17. That food looks SO delicious and those earrings are really lovely :) I would have bought them too :)
    You have such a lovely blog :)
    Im a follower :)

  18. hahah sounds like an interesting video! Is it public?

    Those tacos and nachos look amazing! I so wish we had good Mexican style food like that up in Canada.

  19. shortylegsbeauty-Thank you so mcuh! :D

    MizzJ-The video is up, but it's so embarrassing that I don't want to share the link. It's basically us running around, killing each other, telling FDR he's wrong, and referencing inside jokes.


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