Sunday, March 24, 2013

Best Moment

Playing: If U C Jordan-Something Corporate
Reading: Cat in the Rain by Ernest Hemingway
Last Thursday, March 21, I went to go see Andrew McMahon perform for the sixth time. Unfortunately, Rebecca got sick last minute, so I had to force Austin into going with me. The opening acts for Andrew were really good this time. Erland, who we talked to after the show, just got a record deal thanks to Andrew, so that's pretty exciting for them. Austin and I really liked their music. We also really liked the spiffy bass player in his vest and fedora and I really liked the cute guitarist/keyboardist. I'm going to be stalking out their music on YouTube because they were really good.
Barcelona was up next and they were so into their music; it was like they were in a trance. Chris was so intense on his synthesizer, while Rhett played the drums with his eyes closed the whole time, nodding his head along with the music. Brian, the lead singer, shared stories with us of how awful middle school dances can be. I know I said this about Erland too, but honestly, they were so good too.
When Andrew McMahon got onto the stage, there was no shortage of fan girling coming from me. After all, only a few months ago, I thought it was my last time seeing him live, but being able to get to see him again really brightened my whole life. I'm so glad I went with Austin because he literally just pushed ourselves to the front and I'm surprised no one yelled at us. I don't think I should even subject all of you guys to me telling you how bloody perfect Andrew is, since I've done that a million times. I sent Andrew a message a month in advance asking him to play certain songs and he played all of them except for one, so I was pretty happy. Here's the set list:
  • No Man is an Island (I asked him to play this, since it's going to be my wedding song and when he played it, a part of me thought he was playing it for me. I know that sounds silly, but...)
  • The Mixed Tape
  • Straw Dog
  • Television
  • Learn to Dance
  • Holiday From Real
  • Me and the Moon
  • Amy, I
  • Punk Rock Princess (Requested this one!)
  • Swim
  • I Woke Up in a Car
  • The Resolution
  • Bruised
  • Synesthesia
  • If U C Jordan (Andrew spent two months of his life at the Observatory, recording his album. Then for Grad Night, his high school always kept the location a secret until the night of Grad Night, Andrew hopped into the bus and when he saw it was being held at the Observatory, he just went, "Are you fucking kidding me?" Then Jordan got into a fight with Andrew over Andrew's girl friend and tossed a chair at Andrew, so there you go.)
  • Dark Blue (Requested this too!)
  • Konstantine
  • La La Lie
After the concert, Austin was really nice to me and waited with me outside of the side entrance, so that we could wait to meet Andrew. Austin is the first person to be willing to wait with me and I'm really thankful he did. I got the chance to meet Andrew for the first time right after meeting his parents and I could not hold in my excitement. Talking to him was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I discovered his music in fourth grade and have been listening to him ever since. In fifth grade, I saw him wearing black Converse and that's when I switched over from red and I've been through 12 pairs of black Converse since then. During his Something Corporate days, he wore thick black rimmed glasses and that's how I chose mine. I've written about him for five different school essays and I've done two school projects on him. I got my first hug from him and he signed my ticket that night. When I told him, it was my sixth time coming to watch him, he was surprised and it was just so wonderful to talk to him. Needless to say, it was the best moment of my life with the best person in my life.


  1. aww how fun!! i love love concerts and you look like you had an amazing time :)

  2. You look like you had an amazing time :) Its been a while since I went to a concert :)
    Oh btw, I have awarded you on my blog :)

  3. Looks you had your a
    wonderful night c: I
    think i'm gonna check
    some of these songs!
    The last picture is
    super adorable!


  4. Just found your blog and this looks like such a fun concert! Sorry your friend got sick.

    xoDale (Stylist from San Francisco)

  5. I love going to concerts! It is so fun!

  6. that is cool that you met him, and sweet that Austin waited with you! Most guys wouldn't do that!

  7. Lisa-It was the best. :3

    shortylegsbeauty-Thank you! I'll check it out in a second. ^^

    Ice Pandora-Thank you so much! (:

    Dale Janee-It was so much fun and I feel bad for her. D:

    Tallia-Me too! Austin and I are planning on going to a bunch over summer. :D

    Pop Champagne-I know and I'm very thankful that he waited. ^^

  8. I am SO jealous but so happy for you! xo

  9. glad you enjoyed the concert! it's great to meet your idol in real life :)

    Metallic Paws

  10. Jaz xo-Thank you! Are you a fan too?

    Izzy-Yup, it was amazing!


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