Saturday, June 15, 2013


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Yesterday marked my last day of real school. The next few days will consist of final exams and yearbook signing, not to mention the mourning of all my favorite seniors graduating. Sophie and I celebrated by going on an adventure throughout Southern California. We first stopped by Sprinkles, which Sophie has never been to before. Normally, I don't like Sprinkles, but their Chai Latter flavor was actually pretty good.
Afterwards, we drove right down the street to the Newport Beach Public Library, which is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever stumbled upon in Orange County. If you like clean lines and modern architecture with big open spaces, this is the place for you. They're opening a cafe within the library soon, so it'll be a great hangout area one day. Plus, it's within walking distance to the shopping center that has Sprinkles, so you can grab lunch in that shopping center.
Since we were so close to Corona del Mar, we decided we might as well go visit it anyways. We spent a lot of time exploring the tide pools and looking at all the cute houses down there. Corona del Mar has two popular beaches, one for tide pools and one for swimming and having bonfires. I'm hoping to have a huge bonfire over summer here, but all the fire pits are taken by 10 a.m. so I probably won't be able to get one.
Our next stop was South Coast Plaza because we were running low on non-food places to go to. Sophie wants to be a design student, while I hope to work in the fashion industry, so window displays are the perfect thing for us to look at together. I can't get over how perfect Louis Vuitton displays always are. They're like works of art all on their own. Their displays always make the clothes look great, but also manage to be whimsical and beautiful at the same time.
We ended the day by going to Diamond Jamboree because we couldn't think of another place to do purikura in Orange County. I haven't been to Ajisen Ramen in so long, so I forgot how good their Premium Pork Ramen is. The pork manages to be juicy, fatty, and a tad crispy, while the soup is really creamy and flavorful. However, I still think the noodles taste kind of odd and Santouka Ramen is still at the top of my list for great ramen. After dinner, we ran out of money and didn't end up doing purikura, so we'll have to plan another day for that. Sorry that I have been missing from the blogosphere. I've been busy studying and being sick, so I haven't been up to much at all. Hopefully, summer will bring about a boatload of better posts.


  1. yumm ajisen ramen i use to eat it in sf all the time.. i've never had santouka ramen but i've heard amazing things.

    the gourmet soda drinks were just ok.. haha wasn't really a fan but i had a fun time trying them :p i prefer pellagrino anyday!!

  2. Good luck on your finals! I can't wait to read about your summer adventures!

  3. What an adventurous day ^_^
    I haven't had ramen in ages - totally craving some now, lol.
    Good luck with your exams!

  4. It is so cool to live in a big country/ state and having to drive down to various places. How I wish to have road trips too.

    I LURVE Santouka ramen. After eating so many ramen even those famous ones from various districts in Japan coming into Singapore for the Ramen Challenge, I still find Santouka the best!

  5. I think it was a very good time at school and visiting places! So nice you finished school and can think of new plans now! It's good finishing, and I hope you keep in touch with friends that really mean a lot to you!

  6. Lisa-The San Pellegrino sodas are so good, especially the Blood Orange and Lemon flavors! If you ever see a Santouka Ramen, it's a must. Their pork chashu salt ramen is amazing. (Miso is good too!)

    prancing bee-Thanks!

    Tulip Love-Thank you!

    Jo-Really? That's nice to know I'm eating the best of the best. :D

    Denise-Thanks and I hope so too. We're planning on mailing each other letters. ^^

  7. I was in OC visiting family yesterday and went by Sprinkles Ice Cream and really enjoyed the cherry-vanilla bean in a red velvet cone. =) (although I am not so much a fan of the cupcakes)

    xx, alisia e

  8. lovely blog :)

  9. allsia E.-I normally don't like their cupcakes, but I tried their ice cream once. I wanted to try the Cherry-Vanilla Bean, but they didn't have it the day I went. D:


    Ashley Elizabeth-Yup and it's great for the summer weather. :3

  10. lovely blog :)

  11. Oh dearie Audrey, get well soon!
    Its good that you have holiday
    now c:

    Love the places you've been really,
    I'd love to visit this Newport
    place and this beach! The ramen
    looks really delicious as well!

  12. Great time always bring great photos. Love it.Thank you for sharing the story :)


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