Friday, June 21, 2013

california dreaming

Playing: Submarine (Full Album)-Alex Turner
Reading: Dolce and Gabbana Convicted of Tax Evasion by Manuela Mesco and Giada Zempano
Left to Right: Sarah, Me, and Rebecca
Yesterday was the last day of school, so I met up with Sarah and Rebecca like I did last year. We're trying to start a tradition of some sorts. Sarah took the bus down to my high school and then we drove to Rebecca's house to grab her before heading off to the only Lollicup we know of that serves food. After a heavy lunch of popcorn chicken, potato twists, and sugary drinks, we decided to do something healthy and go to the beach to celebrate our Californian rights to a beach at all times.
We ended up at Balboa Peninsula because I've been watching a lot of Arrested Development lately and because Balboa is one of those places that you cannot visit during the summer a lot due to horrid traffic. There are so many tourists there that I feel out of place sometimes. It was so hot the day we went that we went into the ocean up to our waists despite the lack of swimsuits. For the past week, I have gone to the beach four times and I have not come prepared any of the times. Each time has been spontaneous, so next time, I'll have to plan on going there and bring my bathing suit with me.
Once we were completely soaked and smelled like the ocean, we walked along Newport Pier so that we could sit down and dry off. Unfortunately, we ran out of time on the parking meter, so we had to leave and we all felt too lazy to keep walking around Balboa.
We ended up at Sprinkles Ice Cream, since Sarah and Rebecca have never tried it before. Instead of the Sprinkles Sundae, I got a double scoop sundae with Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream and fresh whipped cream this time. Unfortunately, the cherries weren't evenly spread throughout the ice cream, so it felt more like vanilla ice cream with sour cherries acting as more of a topping than anything else. The whipped cream didn't have much flavor, which was pretty disappointing. If you have suggestions for amazing ice cream places in Southern California, let me know and I would love to try them. Afterwards, we went to Fashion Island to walk around at before going home and unfortunately, the cute guy that worked at American Rag Cie is no longer there. He will be missed. How is your summer going?


  1. OMG i think i've been to that exact lollipcup!! i didn't realize they didn't all serve food.. but i've eaten salt & pepper chicken at lollicup so i'm assuming it's the same one hahah! i'm dying to try sprinkles ice cream!!

  2. Your post reminds me that I should head to the beach. I live so close, but unlike you, I never go!

    I'm surprised that I don't really know any good ice cream places. For my cold dessert fix I usually just get shaved snow from Class 302 or something.

  3. than's for your comment! And what a cute blog you have! I'm totally jealous I wish I was in Cali... or it was warm..... Ps let me know if you would like to follow each other!! xxx

  4. It's always so nice to have lunch with friends! And to go to the beach! I love beaches! I also loved the book you are reading - I mean, I didn't read it yet, but it's a good suggestion!

  5. Yay last day of school ^^ What
    a nice way to celebrate it with
    your girls c: Popcorn chicken?
    What is that.. I want to try
    it! And its hard to find good
    dessert/ice cream with cherries,
    cuz they can be so sour and over
    whelming.... Xx

  6. Lisa-I'm not sure if there are other Lollicups that serves food, but I'm sure there are. You may have been to a different one? It's just the only one I know of within driving distance that has food. If you go to Sprinkles, I definitely want to see what you order! ^^

    prancing bee-I just went to Class 302 for the first time a few days ago! What do your normally order there? (:

    Haeme Rebecca-Haha, it's actually not warm in California at the moment. Yesterday, it was raining. :o

    Denise-I'm actually not reading a book currently. That's a news article and it's pretty shocking that Dolce and Gabbana would do that. Kind of disappointing, since they're some of my favorite designers...


    Ice Pandora-Popcorn chicken is little pieces of fried chicken. They cut up the chicken to about the size of a popcorn, so it's easier to eat and such. I wish there were more cherry things to eat, since they're so good. I don't mind the sourness usually. (:

  7. Your post makes me want to go to California so bad. You encapsulate the laid back and relaxed culture of Cali so well. So lucky!

    And what's this D&G Tax evasion book you're reading? Do sure!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other?


  8. Looks like fun!

  9. Looks like you guys had a great day! And Sprinkles Ice cream??? Yum. xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  10. This look certainly works for you! It's a perfect mix of casual and fancy, so I understand why you love wearing this outfit so much. I love your hair in these pictures by the way!

    des bisous
    (>^o^<) Adeline

  11. It looks like so much fun! Summer for me has been okay, it's a rainy day out today and I'm missing the sun! Enjoy your break!

    Je M'appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  12. ROXTHEFOX-Thank you! I've been trying to be a better Californian lately. Domenico and Stefano got caught for tax evasion and have been sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in jail. However, since that time is fairly short, they'll probably just be on home arrest.


    Regine Karpel-It was! :)

    Love and Ace-Good, but not as good as Cold Stone. (:

    Paint Me Blooming-Thank you!

    Molly-We should switch places! I'm tired of all the sun and getting burnt. D:


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