Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paris Day IX

Playing: Step-Vampire Weekend (Love the 18th century ball sound to it!)
Reading: 1984 by George Orwell
To start off our last day in Paris, my family and I visited the Musée de l'Orangerie to see Monet's lilies before stopping off at the Palais de Tokyo. The Palais de Tokyo is known for its avant garde exhibits and for showcasing up and coming artists. The collection was rather limited, but I enjoyed what they had and how many of their pieces felt like a whimsical childhood gone by.
Right behind the Palais de Tokyo on Saturdays is a farmers market that has everything from fresh produce to flowers to food stands to vintage clothing boutiques. At Gerard&Evelyne, you can order delicious crepes for low prices. The Brocéliande, which I ordered, is stuffed with savory cheese, mushrooms, and ham inside a whole grain crepe. It was surprisingly good and probably the best crepe I've ever gotten off a stand.
After lunch, we wandered aimlessly through Paris before heading back to the Champes-Élysées to visit the Louis Vuitton store. Even though it was huge inside and offered a wide selection, I found it demeaning to have to wait in line just to get in. There were many purses inside that I liked, but I found that the prices in the states are significantly better and couldn't justify buying anything. However, since we were near Ladurée, I was able to grab another box of macarons to bring home.
For our last meal, we just ate at a restaurant near out hotel called Le Bistro Marbeuf. The Escalope de Veau à la Crème de Champignons avec Riz was rather good. The veal was tender and the sauce was very creamy just as I had hoped.
The dessert was the most interesting. Our Île Flottante avec Crème Anglaise was a large puff of meringue topped with caramel, sitting in a pool of custard. It was light and airy, but flavorful and definitely something you should try if a restaurant offers it. Overall, my trip to Paris was one of my favorites. I had been warned several times that the French were rude and standoffish, but everyone was nice towards me and two boys even offered to take me around Paris. The food was good, the city was beautiful, and I got to experience once in a lifetime moments like talking to Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Coddington, and Sylvia Venturini Fendi. I would definitely like to go back there to study one day.


  1. omgggosh that dessert looks crazy delicious!! drooling.

    thanks for explaining the floating guy trick haha.. i was like whoa that's insane.

    also for LV they really only do that to "control the masses" especially since so many people from china are literally lining up in masses outside these days.. they can't allow everyone in all at once.. because of crowd control.. and it would be really easily to steal things if they just let everyone come in all at once.. considering it's impossible to have that much staff and security guards on hand.

  2. I think it is in how you treat people in how you get treated... I am glad you had such a great time:)

  3. Delicious food


  4. thats how I feel about New York! People say new yorkers are rude etc but I find them quite nice- it's the tourists that are rude lol

  5. Oh I love Paris! I agree with you the people were lovely and the food was AMAZING! My husband absolutely loved ile flottante while were there. Too bad I am not talented enough in the kitchen to try it. So glad you enjoyed your trip!

  6. Lisa-I understand that, since the store was so crowded, but it just felt so odd to have to wait in line to go shopping.

    Launna-Thank you!

    Aga Guerrero Olesinska-Yes, it was all very good!

    Pop Champagne-I find New Yorkers to be perfectly fine to deal with. I think it's just how people view those from big cities as acting supercilious or whatever.

    Sylwia-It is an amazing place to be.

    Life's too short...buy the shoes-It's such an interesting dish. I want to try making it at home, but I'm not sure how high I can get it.

  7. The food looks AMAZING! You get to go to all the best places! And i would love for you to help with Aeon Elysium ^.^ Could i get your contact email? Mine is mcloughlinjoel@gmail.com


  8. I love Paris, and I think it just depends on how you travel and change of perspective to be more open. I was warned before, but everytime I've been to Paris I've never had a problem with people there. :) Great photos!

  9. I love Paris in your eyes! It's so inspiring <3


  10. Glad you had a nice time at Paris!
    I want to visit all the exhibition
    you had been! The food of course,
    looks great, that rice in creamy
    mushroom sauce sounds so great!
    I'd leave out the veal of course :P
    Same with the dessert, wow!


  11. Joel Mcloughlin-Thank you and I just emailed you at aeonelysium@gmail.com. Would you like me to email this account as well?

    Novarrina Tan-It was. :3

    FASHION TALES-I always hear these horror stories before I visit places, but none of them have proved to be true. It's weird, but I suppose, it's better for me.

    Katie Frank-Aww, thank you so much!

    Ice Pandora-Knowing that you're an expert at baking, you can probably whip up that dessert easily!

  12. That LV window is stunning, as is your pudding!! Is that a floating island pud? Amazing!!

    Em x


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