Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's in My Purse

Playing: This is Gospel-Panic! at the Disco
Reading: Vogue September 2013
A lot of people have been doing posts about what is in their purses lately and I've been meaning to do so too. Even though everything I carry is pretty standard, I thought some of you may be interested. Here's what's in my purse at the moment:

  1. iPhone-I almost always have my cellular phone with me, so that I can keep in touch with friends and stay connected through Instagram with all my favorite people in fashion. (Follow me @this_is_audrey for food pictures, outfit updates, and pictures of pretty things!)
  2. Tums-This just started as a bad habit during elementary school, so I always carry it now. My friends and I use it, so it's just useful to carry around.
  3. ChapStick/Lip Stick-I have a tough time paying attention to anything if my lips are dry, so ChapStick keeps me focused during class. Lip stick just became an essential this year to give my lips some color, since I'm pretty white.
  4. Car Keys-I drive a white Gucci Fiat 500, so obviously whenever I drive it, I carry around my keys. My car keys are both kawaii with the Sentimental Circus key cap and badass with my Swiss army pocket knife. As for the whistle, I'm not sure why I have it. My parents just stuck it on there one day and it's stayed there.
  5. Wallet-My Burberry wallet has been with me for around five years now and it just carries the normal everyday things like gift cards, some money, and my driver's license. 


  1. You are braver than I am, lol... I don't think I could do a post of what is in my purse... way too much I can tell you that.

    I think the whistle is for if you get into any trouble, it would scare someone away or bring people to help you:)

  2. Nice content! For a second, I thought
    you have One Direction as phonecase
    haha... phew.
    And your teachers clown story really
    made me laugh!

  3. I like the wallet, it seems vintage ;)

  4. Love it !!

  5. cute! love your bag!! the whistle is if you're in trouble!! it's for your safety you have really caring and loving parents :)

  6. LOVE that bag <3

    Alexa <3

  7. lol yaaa I carry about tums a lot too just because you never know!! love your key chains!

  8. Nice purse! It's always so interesting to see what other girls carry with them)

  9. Launna-That makes sense actually. I purposely carry small purses to make sure that I don't start hoarding things in my purse.

    Ice Pandora-Haha, he was one of my favorite teachers. Actually, that's a photo of the Killers, not One Direction. (:

    Rosalinda Tijoe-Thank you!

    Ilaria Ro-I like its classic design and it's from around six years ago I believe.

    MARTA SZYMANSKA-Thank you!

    La Noura-Thanks!

    Lisa-Thanks and that makes sense!

    Alexa-Thank you!

    Pop Champagne-Thank goodness I'm not the only one.

    Victoria Chekanova-Thank you! I like seeing what other girls carry around because they might be carrying around something that may be useful for me to carry too. Plus, it's kind of interesting.

  10. Cute bag :)


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