Sunday, October 6, 2013

Burberry Headband Giveaway

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Reading: Exile and the Kingdom by Albert Camus
For every fifty followers I get, I like to host a giveaway for all my lovely followers. This time I kind of upped the giveaway game by purchasing this Burberry headband. The headband is new without tags because I lost the tag, when it slipped off the headband, and I don't know where it went. It's one size fits all and measures from an inch to two inches think. It's a soft beige color with grey, periwinkle, and maroon details. (If you're wondering how much a Burberry headband goes for, it goes for anywhere from $40-$170 on eBay.)
This giveaway is open to anyone in the world and will be open until the end of October, so all entries must be in by Oct. 31! To enter, here are the rules:

  1. You must be a public follower of this blog and comment below with your name and email.
  2. For an extra entry, you may blog about this giveaway and comment with the link to your post that mentioned my giveaway.
  3. For an additional entry, follow me on Instagram @this_is_audrey and comment below with your Instagram username.
  4. For the final entry available, you must already be a follower of mine on Instagram, but you can repost a photo of the headband on your Instagram and tag it #hkittygirlgiveaway. You must keep that photo on Instagram until the giveaway is over in order for me to count up the total amount of entries.
This means that there are four entries available. Step 1 is the only mandatory one, but to do step 4 you must do step 3. The winner will be announced at the end of October and will be chosen by a random number generator after I add up all of the entries. Good luck to everyone that joins and thank you for continuing to read my blog!


  1. Good luck for everyone who enters :-)

  2. hi, this is a super great giveaway!
    I follow you on GFC as Radmila U.
    And i also follow you now on instagram as msradfmilamila.
    Thanks, Radmila,

  3. thats so kind that you're giving away a Burberry headband! I'm a follower on your blog! but I don't have instagram, good luck to everyone who enters!

  4. omgosh what a generous giveaway! so nice! i use to have a burberry headband just like this!!!

    1. I used to wear headbands all the time and my parents bought me three Burberry headbands that I would wear all the time. (:

  5. Following @ sunchicka

  6. Oh really cool giveaway:

    GFC: Sakuranko
    Instragram Username: rasakuranko

    I want invite you to Join to my MOOTTA Giveaway for win "Innisfree Masks + Anklet"

  7. GFC follower: Angi Solle

    Lovin' this headband, super cute!

  8. AHHH congratulations with your numbers Audrey c:
    I have followed you in both ways ^^
    //REPLY: one my dream is indeed to become a
    childbook illustrator! Xx

    1. What's your Instagram username and 2 entries!

      You would be one of the best child book illustrators ever!

  9. Entering!
    email: jpsotpuff at
    instagram: prance2

  10. I'm a follower on GFC lovely, my name is Hannah and my email is, I'm also following on Instagram and my username is pouretrebelle :) good luck to everyone, this is a fab giveaway! The headband reminds me of Blair Waldorf xx


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