Monday, February 1, 2010


1. Embroidery-I am currently working on a pillow case. It has a cupcake, Domo, turtle, mushroom, ladybug, and the lyrics to Swim  on it so far.
2. Knitting-I love to knit scarves and blankets. This year for Breanne and Sophie's gift, I knitted them scarves. For Sophie's birthday I knitted her bows. I also like knitting small blankets and clothing for my stuffed animals. Yes, I am that juvenile. Let's see, the first scarf I ever made was given to Madeline for a just because gift in 2nd or 3rd grade.
3. Reading-Whether it's magazines, comics, or novels, I am almost always reading. I usually read one book for school, one book for enjoyment, a comic book, and a magazine all within a week or two. I tend to read a tiny bit of each and then when I get bored with one I move onto another one and then I go back to it sooner or late. I am currently reading Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Van Alan Legacy, Pandora Hearts, Time, and Vogue. Quite a difference in genres from book to book isn't it?
4. Drawing-I like sketching pictures of people. They're cruddy most of the time, but I always get a compliment from people calling them "cute" or something along those lines. I also enjoy drawing frogs, tofu pillows, and pretty much anything cute. I also like making drawings that consist of symbols and lyrics. Most of the time these word/symbol drawings are dedications to Andrew's music.
5. Painting-I am currently working on a recreation of a Monet painting. It is one of his lily paintings. I could not find a picture of it online though. It is one of his lily paintings, where the water is a pastel pink/purple mixed in with muddy greens.
6. Going to Stores-I like going to vintage clothing stores, vintage furniture stores, and foreign food stores.
I love eating foreign I love eating foreign candy and chips. The furniture store is incredibly fun. You never know what you'll find. The pictures in this post are of things I found at the furniture store. One time I found a chandelier that had frogs playing violins on it.


  1. i like pandora hearts
    im kind of confused about whats going on in it right now though

  2. candy!!! and DOMO!!!! and KNITTING!!!

  3. Pandora Hearts is super confusing DX

  4. you should embroider the stuff you drew on your algebra notebook... XD

  5. HAHA I should Sophie. Hmm What first though? I'm going to have so many song lyrics on it!

  6. :D I'LL BE BACK arnold swarzzeneger (sp) can!

  7. The Sopher Gopher-SURE I COULD! :D

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