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State History Day in San Jose

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My apologies for not blogging in a long time. I've been busy with various things including History Day, but that is no longer an issue because last weekend (April 29-May1), I was in San Jose to compete at State level! I'm not going on to Nationals, but it was nice to get out of my town for a few days. This year, I did my project with Tiffany and Tina. It was a performance called The Great Debate on Neville Chamberlain's Appeasement of Hitler. Pretty serious topic for me, eh? Vivian was there too, but she did an exhibit on Nixon's Trip to China. Overall, it was pretty fun exploring San Jose, but we started off the trip by driving to Berkeley right after getting off the air plane to grab my brother.
I thought an obligatory photo of the drive there was quite necessary for this post. Look how pretty it is with the sunset slowly seeping into the ocean.
Since I'm a connoisseur of fine art, I had to take a photo of this painting. (It's hard to tell sarcasm through the internet, huh?) Of course, this painting is absolutely epic and I saw it at an art gallery in Berkeley.
My brother took me to this Italian restaurant in what the Berkeley students call the Asian Ghetto. It has amazing food and it's so cheap. My whole family got seafood dishes and it was only $7 a dish. Not to mention, it tastes great, especially the Alfredo ones.
Afterwards, we went to this crazy place called CREAM, which had these really amazing cookie and ice cream sandwiches for only $2 each. The cookies are still warm too, which is a major plus for me! Oh my goodness, just looking at the photo makes me want one! Haha, the guy working there randomly breaks out into song and he does a good rendition of Katy Perry's "Firework."
I stayed at the Double Tree in San Jose because that's where National History Day was hosted. It was a very nice hotel and it had free Wi-Fi. If I had known that, I would've brought my laptop. I also loved how they had these water stations everywhere with all these fruits in the water. It gave the water a nice crisp, citrus taste. Overall, I guess History Day was pretty fun other than the fact that my group didn't move on and dominate in the performance area, like I was hoping for! Haha, but they had this ceremony-like thing, where they announced who was going onto Finals and there were two very attractive guys there. One was a brunette with short hair wearing a green and navy striped shirt, while the other had long-ish blonde hair and was the brunette's friend. If either of these vague descriptions is you, let me know. I think we can be friends.
Have you ever competed in a national academic competition?
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  1. Yummy that seafood pasta dish looks so delicious and those ice cream sandwiches look amazing!! I will def have to try those places!!

    They serve the popovers and strawberry butter at every neiman Marcus restaurant I've been too it's complimentary with your food! Just make sure you go to the restaurant and not the cafe because they don't have it at the cafe. San Francisco neiman Marcus has both cafe and restaurant but some Neimans only have cafe and not restaurant so def check with your local store :)

  2. I've never competed in one but it sounds crazy!
    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. What a fun getaway! I love water with citrus in it. : )



  4. that looks like an amazing ice cream sandwich for $2!! You got me craving for one now

  5. i competed for a textiles competition where we were the youngest entries, that was differnt lol XD and it sucks how sarcasm doesn't trasfer through pc XD

    ur school sounds like fun :(

  6. also thanks for the sweet comment it cheered me up :)

  7. Those icecream sandwiches look AMAZING. And only $2? I wish I could go to that place right now. :D

    Since I'm a connoisseur of fine art

    I was able to see it as sarcasm right before you mentioned it, hehe xD

    I've never been on an academic competition :c but I've been in choir competitions. Though they weren't national ;-;

  8. I have never had an ice cream sandwich (they're not really a 'thing' in australia) and that photo really makes me want to try one. especially if the cookies are warm, yumm!

    the only national academic thing I can think of is that one of the universities here runs exams for school students, I can't really remember why but all the 'gifted and talented' students had to do it. anyway it's only from year 5 & up, but in year 3 when I was 7 I really wanted to do it and insisted on being allowed to take the test, so the teacher let me take the year 5 test and I finished in the top 5% of the state, ahead of kids 2 or 3 years older than me. my dad was so excited!

  9. lovely photos! the ice cream sandwiches look amazing! looks like fun :)

  10. Hello Naka-Aww, you're welcome! That's so cool, a textile competition? I would love to see all the entries! ^^

    P o o p e r-Choir competitions sound fun! Haha, I'm glad that you understood the sarcasm! XD

    Ali-Whoa, that's so cool! You must be uber smart! Try making an ice cream sandwich over summer and tell me what you think! :D

    arielle @ a beautiful journey.-They're so tasty! :3

  11. Lisa-Ooh thank you for letting me know! Since you're in SanFran, you're pretty close to the places! Hope you make it there one day!

    Courtney Erin-It's amazing how much work goes into it! :3

    sarah nicole-It's a lovely way to freshen up water, huh? :)

    PopChampagne-Haha, they're delicious!


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