Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Day in LA

Playing: Never Be the Same-One Night Only
Reading: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
I was going through all my old photos and I forgot to show you some photos from my day in LA from summer break. It's sad looking back at these photos because I would love to make trips to LA almost every weekend like I used to, but this year I have so much homework that I have to stay home every weekend. Sigh, the glamorous life of a student!
It's the Tim Burton exhibit entrance!  Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos inside, so I'll just tell you about it. It was a mixed media exhibit with statues, paintings, sketches, short films, and so much more! I wish there was some way for me to smuggle a sketch home. Just one, that's all I'll ask for.
They had inflatable characters for you to take photos with and that was about all you could take photos of. There were a lot of interesting people at the exhibit like this one girl that looked like a candy raver or something. It was cool to be at an art exhibit, where you truly have something in common with everyone there, a shared love for Tim Burton.
I grew up with Tim Burton, so it was so fun to see all the sketches that he had made for his films and the statues he had used for his stop action films. I love him as much as the Japanese love Hayao Miyazaki. Tim Burton always amazes me, so I would love to meet him and his girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, one day. They're so creative together and I want to thank them for making such a huge impact in my life. I want to make it back to see this exhibit one more time, but homework will probably keep me from going...
This isn't part of the Tim Burton exhibit, but it is at LACMA. It's a huge metal square with these semi-transparent tubes hanging down. Everyone there was running through it because it was just so cool and there was one couple making out in it, which was pretty awkward...Also, at LACMA is a display on the Sultan's jewels right across from the Tim Burton exhibit, so you should check that out too. They have jewels from the Topkapi Palace!
Afterwards, I wanted to go to a new fried chicken place for dinner that I had read about in People magazine called Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken.It was so good and I had never put honey on my fried chicken before, so it was interesting to try that. I have to bring my brother back because both of us enjoy a good fried chicken!
I also went to Little Tokyo for lunch and stopped off at the Sanrio to grab some cute stationary. It's Hello Kitty in a gothic lolita style outfit! I love it, but my mum's reaction was along the lines of, "You're getting odder and odder between buying gothic Hello Kitty stationary and going to a Tim Burton art exhibit..." Oh mothers, they worry too much sometimes...In fact, my mum is fretting over me right now because I'm getting over my cold.
Who do you prefer, Tim Burton or Hayao Miyazaki?


  1. wow the tim burton exhibit is so cool!! but i think i'd pick HK hahaha i'd pick HK over anything!

  2. I LOVED the Tim Burton exhibit, glad you got to see it as well. I have a Honey Kettle chicken place right by house and I keep meaning to try it, thanks for the reminder!

  3. That exhibition looks and sounds fantastic :D bet it was great fun! You've made me hungry now too, hah!

  4. ShinyPrettyThings-Haha, well Hello Kitty does have a cuteness factor that beats Tim Burton. :)

    GeekyGlamorous-You should definitely try it! It's so good and it's a great price! The Tim Burton exhibit was amazing and I want to go back. ^^

    Caroline Ergy Erg-Go eat something now! Haha, the exhibit was such an inspiration! :D

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  6. Honey Fried chicken sounds amazing! The Tim Burton exhibition sounds and looks fantastic. I also share a love for Hayao Miyazaki too. He's so so good.

  7. omg! that place is terrific!! And the Gothic kitty is super cute!!!

    Bunny kisses (' x ')<3

  8. SO KUTTEEEEE HELLO KITTYY . sorry that caught my eye ;D

  9. yumiKo-Thank you! ^^

    Winnie-Hehe, Hayao is super creative and I never realized how much he changed the books stories until I read Howl's Moving Castle. It's interesting to see where he made up the story and where it's the actual story. :)

    ★Mel-It is! The Hello Kitty stationary is so adorable! :3

    Paula Yang-Haha it's fine! Hello Kitty catches everyone's eye, right? :D

  10. Wow, if I would have the chance to go to that Tim Burton exhibit, I would hide somewhere and then come out at night to play)


  11. Katrina-I heard it's going to France next year! :)


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