Wednesday, October 26, 2011

San Francisco

Playing: Nothing Left-One Night Only
Reading: Talking to Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield
Hello everyone! How has your day been so far? Well I just wanted to use up my San Francisco photos, so that I can get started on the the Berkeley photos and what I've been up to this school year. During summer there seems to be so much time and once the school year starts, there never seems to be enough. Funny isn't it? It'd be great if you could ration time and sleep through out the year. Like when I'm doing schoolwork and stay up late, I can use three hours of sleep from summer to keep me going. I think that'd be pretty great.
I started off my day in San Francisco at this steakhouse my brother enjoys. It's called Tad's Steakhouse and I have to admit the price is very reasonable for such a large meal and it tasted really good. My brother goes here with his friends whenever he craves steak. We were actually going to try the Thai place right next to the steakhouse, but the line was too long and we were freezing, so we decided on steaks.
I walked around Union Square with my family because I'm just naturally attracted to going inside stores that I can't afford. I like to dream about shopping at these places, when I become a billionaire. Haha, I just need to invent something amazing. While I was walking around, I had to check out Barney's New York. Barney's is my favorite department store because of Barney's Co-Op. I always have to go look at the Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang stuff.
Because I'm naturally attracted to food, I stopped off at Williams Sonoma too. They have such interesting products like these Star Wars pancake molds. I think if I bought these molds, I would eat pancakes more.  Goodness, I'm such a geek sometimes...
I decided to go see Neiman Marcus because I had seen the beautiful stained glass on COCOBELLA BALLERINA and had decided it's a must see. After I remembered the lobster club Lisa gets there, I kind of regretted getting steak for lunch. Aww, next time, right?
Also, I made Lemon Pasta with Roasted Shrimp right before I went to San Francisco and it tasted really good. I probably made it in less than 20 minutes and it was just so easy. Highly recommend it, if you like lemony foods. Now off I go to watch One Night Only and My Chemical Romance music videos!
Do you like to cook?


  1. Your question: Yes I love to cook !

    Comment: Those are amazing food D: & quite a lot Haha & Yes , San francisco is fun . Lots of views. Love your photos ! (:

  2. i love the windows at Neimans!!!! i always drop in once in awhile to look at stuff i can't afford. the SAs never even bother asking if i need help, i guess i just don't look rich enough HAHAHA

    glad u had a great time in SF. it is seriously always that foggy around here. makes my hair frizzy sometimes! >.<

  3. Paula Yang-Thank you! Ooh, what do you enjoy cooking? You should have me over for dinner! ^O^

    ShinyPrettyThings-I'm pretty sure there's a hair product from Garnier that helps with frizz, so maybe that'll help? Haha, when I was at Neiman's, they didn't really talk to me because they were all on their phones! XD

  4. Your pasta looks good! =)

    OMG!!! Star Wars pancake moulds?! How awesome! xD
    I wish they'd sell stuff like that over here.

  5. Yes I love to cook ^^
    Nice photos, I like your pasta, it looks good.
    I also want to visit San Francisco!xx

  6. Aidyl-You should try to make it! It's so easy! What country do you live in? I'm pretty sure they could mail it to you! :D

    MayClover-You should definitely visit it one day because there's just so much to see! :3

  7. I love cooking! :) It's awesome you went to SF! I take it for granted so much because I live so close to SF. The shrimp pasta looks SO delicious. The prawns are huge!

  8. Rainy Days and Lattes-Yup, Costco sells the largest shrimp ever and it's a good price! Also, lucky! You live close to SF? Do you ever visit Berkeley? :3


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