Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Still Wear Clothes

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Here are some recent-ish outfit photos I've accumulated. I've been into dressing more comfortably lately, so less heels and button ups. Also, I need to get the socks I wear with heels back from Sophie in order to wear my heels, so most of these are non-heel looks. Easier to wear and easier to walk in, I guess...I should just go to Target and buy a new pair of socks.
Left: I wore a BDG cardigan, an Ann Taylor LOFT tank top, a vintage treble clef pin, a Marc Jacobs necklace, Citizens of Humanity jeans, a Burberry purse, and Converse (not pictured) to go hang out with Sophie at Daiso.
Middle: For my grandfather's 88th birthday, I wore an Ann Taylor LOFT tank top, a T by Alexander Wang jacket, MANGO jeans, and an Alexander Wang purse with Alexander Wang shoes.
Right: For a full day of collecting food for a food drive and a tiny bit of shopping at Urban Outfitters, I wore my favorite T by Alexander Wang jacket, a Saks Threads v-neck, BDG floral jeans, and Converse plus a Coach purse (the black thing in the corner).
Left: Once again, I wore almost the exact outfit I wore above only with an Alexander Wang purse and an Ann Taylor LOFT t-shirt.
Middle. To go to the beach with my family, I wore a T by Alexander Wang jacket, a Calvin Klein top, Candie's shorts, and an Alexander Wang purse with flip flops that aren't pictured.
Right: I wore a Calvin Klein blazer, an Ann Taylor LOFT t-shirt, theory shorts, and Juicy Couture heels to go be tortured at school.
Left: To take my California state tests, I wore a Calvin Klein blazer, a Calvin Klein tank top, Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings, BDG jeans, a Gucci messenger bag from my trip to Florence, and vintage boots from the 1970's that kill my feet!
Middle: For my Confirmation, I wore a Calvin Klein blazer, a BDBG dress, Juicy Couture heels, and a Bally purse. I was the only girl at my Confirmation wearing black...Is that bad?
Right: I wore an Ann Taylor LOFT blouse, an Ann Taylor LOFT camisole, BDG jeans, a pocket watch necklace from New York, and my favorite Sam Edelman oxfords to go to school. A boy was wearing almost the exact same thing as me, only his white button-up was too tight for him and he was wearing sneakers. It's awkward to be wearing the same outfit as someone and even more awkward, when it's a person of the opposite gender.

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  1. I love blazers! They look so nice!

  2. No, you're not bad for
    being the only one
    wearing black! I should
    be wearing more black
    stuff actually...

    Nice OOTD's c:

  3. wow your grandpa's 88th, definitely a special and lucky day :) love your AW jacket <3

  4. nice outfits! I love seeing your outfit posts :D and your alexander wang jacket is niceee

  5. Nana-Me too! They're just too perfect! ^^

    AtomicNony-Thank you! It's my favorite jacket right now. (:

    Ice Pandora-Thank you! And black is my favorite color...D:

    Izzy-Thanks! And whoa, 88...Such a long time! :D

    Pop Champagne-Thanks! And I love your outfits too!

  6. i love your military a. wang jacket!!

    haha i know what you mean.. my husband sold his mercedes after only 2 years.. oy... but my parents have a porche cayanne and i loveee it!! it's so roomy and comfy.. i'm trying to convince the hubs that i NEED one hahaha.

  7. Ahaha it's okay, it might have been awkward but you obviously rocked it better than him so it's all good :P

  8. Lovely blog.

  9. bollykecks-Thanks! ^^

    Lisa-Maybe Porsches are just special? My dad has had a lot of nice cars, but he always gets bored with them quickly.

    A Stylish Affair-Thank you! I'm so glad I didn't loose the "Who Were it Better" contest! :D

    Anita-Thank you! And you have a lovely name! Very pretty. (:

  10. You must be sooo happy :D

    Thanks for your comment. I'm following you now. Hope you liked my blog and follow me back :)

  11. Diana-Thank you so much for the follow!


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