Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last of the American Girls

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Memorial Day was originally started to celebrate all those, who had fought in the Civil War, but was extended to all veterans of war later on. Nowadays, it's mostly a holiday, where us Americans celebrate being American and talk about how great it is that we can live in the USA and how "[we're] proud to be Americans, where at least [we] know [we're] free." Also, the air force likes to give air shows and anything related to the military will probably put on a show to show off how great America is. Kind of like the Olympics, where we all cheer on our teams only with Memorial Day, we aren't competing against anyone else.
For lunch on Memorial Day, I went to Corner Bakery to get their panini combo with Roasted Tomato Basil Soup and the Club Sandwich. Considering Corner Bakery is a chain, the tomato soup here is probably some of the best I've had in my lifetime. I like the panini combo because it doesn't seem like enough food, but it's always enough for me.
After lunch, I put my ego aside and went to Forever 21 to buy a dress for Ghazal's Fire&Ice themed birthday party. I had to swallow my pride and buy a dress because I didn't feel like spending a lot of money. And then I did something even worse, I sold out and bought a second dress because I genuinely wanted it. Ok, so for my experience with Forever 21, I found that the sizing is odd. I bought the exact same dress in two different colors and I ended up getting them in two different sizes. The red one is a large, while the black one is a medium, but the black one is baggier on me. Also, I'm normally a size extra small. I've only worn the red dress once and I haven't worn the black one yet, so I can't report back to you about the quality.
Then I did something super American and went to an Angels baseball game against the Yankees. Angels games are known for being family friendly and for being very clean cut other than the creeper sitting next to me that kept cussing every five seconds. To celebrate memorial day, they had three fighter jets fly over and had an American flag cover the whole field during the national anthem. Also, they had fire works and everyone talked about how it "makes you proud to be an American." Since the team colors for the Angels and Yankees are red, white, and blue, everyone looked super patriotic too.
This isn't related to Memorial Day, but it's related to being an American. I went to go see American Idiot about a week later. I loved how they pulled together all of the songs through three friends and their struggles. The vibe of this musical was weird. Half the audience acted like it was a concert and screamed about how much they love Green Day, while the other half was elderly and acted all nice and proper. Overall, it was a nice production though and I highly encourage you to go see it. The performers were extremely enthusiastic, especially Joshua Kobak, who played St. Jimmy, and the female singers had absolutely beautiful voices. If it comes to your town, you must go see it for me.

PS I'm afraid I came off as sarcastic, when I was talking about being American, but truth it, I love living in the USA. I love all the people here and how we're so diverse. I like how we're encouraged to think outside of the box and how we're told to chase our dreams, even if that does sound cheesy. I don't think there's any other place I would like to live in more than the USA.

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  1. beautiful dresses ;)

  2. love this post! especially since my husband is in the military!

    yummm that corner bakery meal looks delish! i haven't had their tomato bisque yet but i love loveeeeeeeeeeeee the tomato bisque from nordstrom cafe! have you tried it? how would you compare the two?

  3. Thanks for You visit my dear :)
    Nice dresses!

  4. that lunch looks delicious! : ) and I really like those dresses! hopefully you get some wear out of them!

  5. Yeah, F21 is pretty strange when it comes to their stuff. I've bought some stuff from them where it lasted forever and some stuff that just fell apart. :\

    The dresses looks so pretty! ;-; Can't wait to see them on you!

  6. Caroline-Thank you so much! I really wanted simple t-shirt like dresses. ^^

    Yannick-Thank you! :)

    Lisa-Ooh, I'll have to go try that one. Also, what is your husband doing in the military? I thought he was in the pharmaceutical business.

    bleufountain-You're welcome! And thanks! (:

    Katie-I hope so too. I don't want them to fall apart instantly. D:

    P o o p e r-I've been trying to avoid shopping at Forever 21 because I don't like the whole concept of being wasteful with your clothes and only wearing them for one season, so I felt like I sold out, when I bought them. Hopefully they last a long time that way I don't feel so wasteful. :'D

  7. The tomato soup does indeed
    looks yummy c:

    Anyway, happy Memorial Day
    and for being an American :P
    I love F21, even
    I know their quality is
    a bit lacking :P
    The red dress looks cute


  8. Ice Pandora-I've been getting a lot of mixed reviews about Forever 21, so I'm hoping these dresses will last a long time! ^^

    Head to Toe Chic-You bet! ;)


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