Sunday, June 17, 2012

School is Almost Over

Playing: Are You Gonna Be My Girl?-Jet (I was playing this loudly in chemistry and someone yelled, "Whoever's playing the crappy music, turn it off!")
Reading: Elle July 2012
Alright, I know I should be studying for finals, but I spent seven hours doing algebra and chemistry homework today, so I think I deserve a break, right? Friday was the last day of school for the seniors, so they pulled off a bunch of awesome pranks this year. For some reason, this was the first year I got to see senior pranks! Whoever saran wrapped the outdoor lockers is my hero. I love the person that came up with this idea so much right now. I don't know if YOLO is popular, where you live, so let me explain: YOLO means "You only live once" or "You obviously love One Direction." "You only live once" is more popular, since the latter is only used by One Direction fans.
Another person that deserves a high five is the senior (or seniors) that filled one of the buildings with balloons. A bunch of the students including me were kicking these around and kicking them up into the air until a teacher told us to clean them up, so we all ran away like good kids. A bunch of us stole a balloon as a celebratory sign that school was almost over.
By the time I saw this senior prank, a bunch of people had taken the post it's down already. The same people that wrapped the lockers, I'm guessing, put 2012 up on some windows and I actually thought it was a very cute idea. Not as funny as the other ones, but still it brightened up my day and it's perfectly harmless.
My French teacher, Madame Bonfiglio, is retiring after 39 years of teaching various languages including English, Italian, and French. I've had her for two years now and I was hoping to have her for the rest of my years taking French. She's really funny and likes to talk about hot guys like Joseph Gordon Levitt and Project Runway with me. We used to have arguments over who the better designer was and how Tim Gunn is the best dressed man ever. She's taught me so much about the French language and the culture. Everyone in my class decided that on one of the last days, we would all share our favorite memories and stories of her in class and we surprised her with a Starbuck's gift card, since her three loves in life are coffee, donuts, and Sylvester Stallone. Nous va manquer beaucoup Mme Bonfiglio. Even though my eyes aren't visible in this photo because I'm smiling so stupidly, I wanted to share this photo of us.
At lunch, Christine brought in some homemade blueberry cheesecakes to share with all of us. This was kind of like her birthday celebration and we sang "Happy Birthday" to her really loudly, which seemed to embarrass her, so mission accomplished. For birthdays, we've decided to stop wrapping each other's lockers, bringing in balloons, and buying presents. Instead we decided to start celebrating with treats.
Tiffany brought in Sprinkles cupcakes to celebrate Christine's birthday for all of us, which was so incredibly sweet of her. Jackie and I split a lemon cupcake and a coconut cupcake because both of us wanted to try each of them, while Christine and Tiffany got the limited edition key lime cupcake, which was so good. I feel guilty for stealing a bite of Tiffany's cupcake, when she refused to take a bite of mine. Vivian got the chocolate one, while Tina tried the banana one, which she said tasted more like a muffin. I hope Christine had a fabulous birthday!
After school got out, we waited around for other people that way we could sign each others' yearbooks. Here are my good friends, Tina and Tiffany, looking as beautiful as ever, while we waited for Sagiv, Shayan, and Devin to finish up writing messages in our yearbooks. They always have that Asian swag with their peace signs and charming smiles. Haha, but seriously, I hope we hang out tons over this summer. Tina said that Jackie, Christine, Vivian, Tiffany, and I can come over to her place to watch Totoro, which I haven't watched yet.
By the way, congratulations to the winner of my giveaway, bollykecks! Expect an email soon! Also, thank you to everyone that entered. I hope to host more giveaways because I want to share more of my life with all of you!


  1. Love the blog!!


  2. aaaahh, i love sprinkles cupcakes, they are so delicious! :D

    p.s. yay for school being over!

    <3, Mimi
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  3. haha I love the stick note of 2012! that's adorable!

  4. I also have to study really much lately -.- really annoying^^
    the cupcakes look sooooo yummy o.O I really want cupcakes how^^
    and thank you for your comment^^ it's scary right? sometimes I think I would die of thirst, because I wouldn't even notice that I'm thirsty^^
    I wish I could tag you, but you have a bit over 200 followers :( xD

  5. I must be getting ancient, I honestly had no idea what YOLO stood for though I had heard it bandied about recently :p Thanks for the info, lol. The cheesecake/cupcakes look so sweet and yummy :) Good luck for your finals!

  6. Jé Fazzio-Thank you! ^^

    Mimi-Only one more day of school left! I'm SO ready for summer. :D

    Pop Champagne-Such a fun idea, right? :3

    Elli-Aww, I'm flattered that you like my blog! ^^ I've been working very hard to pass the 200 mark and I hope to make it to 300 before summer ends. Any help would be wonderful!(:

    sleepandwater-You're not old. YOLO just popped up like 2 months ago at my school and now everyone is saying it. It's kind of annoying though. .__.

  7. My school's over!YEY!SUMMER BREAK!(already lasting few days though)
    LOVE your blog!And these cupcakes, just lovely-looking!
    xo, L.

    P.S. You're so pretty!

  8. Fashion babel-Ooh, sorry for responding so late. It seems I have less than a month of summer left. ;~;


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