Sunday, July 8, 2012

Customized Shoes and Food Galore

Playing: This is Your Life-The Killers
Reading: Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire
Over the weekend, I was going through my attic, searching for some decorations, when I found these. My grandmother, who passed away from breast cancer before my parents ever even met, loved to get dressed up and while she lived in Taiwan, she got her clothes custom made for herself. She would buy the fabric, draw a picture, and take those two things to a tailor to get her clothing made. I found her calf skin set of shoes, a coin purse, and a purse up there. Even though the shoes were custom made for her feet, they surprisingly fit me perfectly. I want to wear these out, but I'm worried I'll ruin them somehow.
After I was done digging around the closet, my family and I went to some food trucks to pick up some lunch. I ordered the Caprese Crepe from Crepes Bonaparte, which was on Food Network's Great Food Truck Race. I would like to say the crepe was amazing because I liked Crepes Bonaparte a lot on the show, but it was only alright. It tasted just fine, but it wasn't enough food for me.
I ended up splitting The Rhino from Rancho A Go Go in order to fill myself up. It's a super filling pulled pork sandwich served on buttery bread with macaroni and cheese stuffed inside. It sounds completely gluttonous, but it's really an amazing sandwich. Having barbeque sauce on your macaroni and cheese makes for a nice touch. I'll definitely get this next time, even though it probably is quite deleterious.
After lunch, we took a quick trip to Marukai to buy a rice cooker for my brother's new apartment. It's funny how fobby Marukai truly is. They have a Shiseido makeup counter in there, toys, clothing, fountains, and even light up plants in there. A boy looked at me oddly, when I was taking a photo of the fobby light up plants. He was cute too, but now he'll never look my way. The things I do for this blog.
These little, pastel jellies are so cute. I like the clear, ice cube look to them and the simple packaging. I was tempted to buy them, but they looked awfully artificial, so I wasn't too sure if they'd be any good. I ended up skipping on these and I think I'll make my own version of these over summer, when friends come over or something.
For my Chemistry class (because I love them all so much), I bought some hard candy to share in interesting flavors like honey dew, pomegranate, and blueberry. And just for the cuteness factor, I bought a small packet of Hello Kitty pasta, which is almost too cute to eat. My parents used to make me Hello Kitty pasta in order to get me to eat because I was an extremely picky eater, when I was little. Just in case I have friends over or I'm in the mood to play chef, I bought some easy to make cream flan and I want to try the black sesame version. Are black sesame products any good? They look kind of sketchy to me.

PS I'm back from Spain!


  1. OMGGG the mac and cheese bbq sammie looks CRAZY DELICIOUS!!! YUMM I'M DROOLING!

    ohhh cute vintage finds! i think back in the day in taiwan a lot of ppl got their clothes custom made.. most of my mom's wardrobe from her 20's is all custom cut for her.. so it doesn't fit me sadly haha but it does however fit my 90lb 22 year old sister so she took a lot of things with her to college haha

  2. oh wow hello kitty pasta! I've never seen that before haha and I thought I've seen everything hello kitty!

  3. I love all of this, I know I say it every time but the fact you add food into your blog posts is the best thing! I hope you had fun in Spain!

  4. Lisa-That's a shame that nothing fits and wow, you're sister is tiny! I haven't weighed 90 pounds, since elementary school. :o I think getting your clothes custom made in Taiwan was pretty standard for all people with money.

    Pop Champagne-I know! It's so cute! Have you seen the Hello Kitty nori sprinkles? :D

    bollykecks-I did enjoy Spain and I hope to get some posts up about my trip! Also, seems like art is your thing and food is my thing? :3

  5. Glad you are
    back home! Safe
    and in once piece!

    Lol you guys are
    allowed to eat
    snacks and candy
    with chemistery
    class o: I have
    a HK pasta thingy
    as well!!

    Also this Marukai
    sounds like a
    shop in Hong Kong
    called 'Japanese
    Home Center' they
    sell everything
    as well :P

    Also nice vintage
    founds of your

    /Reply/ I work in
    a clothing store c:


  6. Those vintage finds from your grandmother are really incredible!

    Courtney ~

    P.S. To answer your question - I am a historian, of early modern England to be more specific.

  7. Cute vintage styles that you found. I wish I had the talent to uncover such treasures.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Ice Pandora-Haha, at first my chemistry teacher told us not to snack in his class until I asked him, if he wanted some too. The Japanese Home Center does sound a lot like Marukai! :D And how fun that you work at a clothing store! Bet you get great discounts on all the cute clothes! ^^

    Courtney Erin-Yup and how interesting that you chose that specific area of research! (:

    Bonnie-One day, when you're bored, you should go hunting in your attic (or basement). c:

  9. Omg, that's probably where you get that fashionista trait from. :D It makes me feel sad in a way but in a good way if that makes sense? Especially the fact that you fit in your grandmother's shoes perfectly! It must mean something. lol

  10. P o o p e r-Sometimes I feel sad that I never knew her, but I'm alright with it, I guess. It's crazy how we fit in the same size shoes, but she was shorter than I, so my feet must be tiny! :o


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