Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whatever, Whatever, I Do As I Please

Playing: 1901-Phoneix
Reading: Antigone by Sophocles
Disclaimer everyone, I am not a title making genius. Let's just get on with the show about what I did over the weekend.  As you probably know, I love Tim Burton a lot. I love his movies, poems, and art, so I was dying to go see Dark Shadows. While it did leave me feeling disappointed, I have to disagree with the critics that said it wasn't funny at all. There were tons of awkward moments, where the main character Barnabas (Johnny Depp) from the 1760's had to adapt to the 1970's and all the modern appliances, that were chuckle worthy. Although this movie was dry from time to time, the beautiful set and well thought out costumes totally made up for it. The main complaint I have with this movie is that too many story lines were going on. If they cut out Bella Heathcote's unimportant story of how her parents left her in a mental house and Chloe Grace Moretz'z random transformation into a werewolf, the movie would've been a lot better.
I also tried the Turkey Melt at Berkeley Dog, which was unlike any other Turkey Melt I've had. It had slices of turkey covered in grilled onions, cheese, and bacon. I'm used to the typical turkey melt with American cheese, so this was definitely a step up and it was a decent price.
 My friend, Sophie, let me use her Chanel nail polish from Spring/Summer 2008 called Antelope. This has to be one of the prettiest nail polishes I have ever used. It's tan with a metallic shine and when you go out into the sun, it looks like the prettiest blush ever. My camera did not pick up how pretty this color is and frankly, it looks kind of bland in this photo, but trust me, this is such a gorgeous color. It almost looked like I had pearls on my nails and what made it so pretty is how close it is to my skin color, so it was also subtle. In class, I could not stop staring at my nails. Considering Chanel nail polish is like $30, I was not impressed by its staying power. By the fourth day, it started to chip really badly on all of my nails except my thumbs. By the end of the week, I had to take it off because it was almost all gone.
The Orange County Great Park has been in development for years and part of my summer plan is to check out all the farmers markets within driving distance that I can, so I just had to check out the one at the Great Park. They had tons of cute stalls with specialty items like the local raw honey shown above and organic, gluten-free baked items. They also had fresh vegetables and fruits plus gourmet food trucks, vintage records, dog clothing, and organic pet food. I did buy some amazing nectarines and sweet cherries, while I was there too.
Before going to Daniela's party, I made Chef Michael Symon's 3 Minute Chocolate "Cup" Cakes with my brother. It was such an easy recipe and took next to no time at all. However, I did find I had to microwave everything for twice as long as he suggested. I used one and a half bars of Lindt's 85% cocoa dark chocolate and one bar of Lindt's 70% cocoa dark chocolate. I found that our's came out way too rich, so I think next time I'll use two and a half bars of Lindt's 65% cocoa dark chocolate plus some vanilla extract. I topped mine with whipped cream and the left over chocolate bar crumbled into sprinkles. Eat it while it's hot! It always amazes me how much I can squish into one weekend...Until next time, hope you have a most fabulous day!


  1. Oh man I didn't know that Chanel nail polish was that expensive. Too bad it doesn't last :/

    3min cup cakes sounds simple, but fancy at the same time. Looks gooood!

  2. That polish looks so pretty!!!

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  3. yummy fooooood!! the cupcakes look so good. can't believe it's all done w a microwave.

  4. Lovely blog! :)

  5. i really like those pictures <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  6. Ohh the Chanel nail varnish is such a pretty color! Btw I read your profile, I would also love to live in NY as well

  7. Ooh, ashamed to say I still haven't seen Dark Shadows, even though I LOVE Tim Burton! Shame it's got a little too much going on in the storyline but I'm sure it's still a good movie :)
    I'd really recommend trying the Chanel nail polishes with a good basecoat, though, really improves the staying power! xx

  8. Dark Shadows was quite funny
    I love the twist at the end!! but I won't tell :)

    The Sweetest Escape

  9. Yummmm those "cup" cakes look so so yummy!! <3

    If you have a free moment I would so appreciate if you could check out my new post!

    The Urban Umbrella

  10. prancing bee-It's super easy and most of the ingredients are stuff you already have, so I suggest trying it! ^^

    Allison-Mhmm :)

    ShinyPrettyThings-Same here! Can't believe it was so easy too! :o

    Camilla-Thanks! c:

    Katie Frank-Thank you! (:

    Fashion to Go-And when we both live in New York, we can visit each other. :D

    Francesca-You should go catch it in the dollar theatre! And I'll definitely try that next time! :D

    Stevia-Other than the awkward makteout scene, I thought it was quite funny. ^^

    TheUrbanUmbrella-Yup, I'll check it out! :)

  11. thanks for the sweet comment, dear! that is one of the prettiest polishes I have ever seen!

  12. Before Dark Shadows released I had plans to go watch it but some people I knew had watched it on premiere night and told me that it wasn't that great. :( I'll still try watch it when it comes out on DVD.

    That hot chocolate ... ;__; So tempting!

  13. love the nail polish!

  14. I was just flicking through a Tim Burton book before I read your post ~spooky~ I really want to see Dark Shadows now!!

  15. So dissapointing nail
    polish by Chanel o:
    And I love Tim Burtons
    movie as well! I've
    heard some critics
    about his last movie,
    so I decided not to
    go see it =w=

    I love this chocolate
    muffin cup thing! It's
    so easy & yummy c:


  16. That turkey melt looks so delicious!

    The Lovely Memoir

  17. nice post and really cute blog! :)

    visit my blog?
    and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! :*

  18. Ashley-You're welcome and I love this polish so much! *w*

    P o o p e r-I still want to see it really badly. :'D

    Jenna Hughes-Me too! >.<

    Ayu Nuada Damayanthi-Yup! (:

    bollykecks-You love Tim Burton too? He's one of my favorite people ever! :D

    Ice Pandora-Since you're a super baker, you should try it! And I mean, if you get the chance to see the movie, you should. :)

    Lisa-Mhmm. ^^

    RaeAbigael-Thank you! You're so sweet! :3

  19. im also a huge fan of Tim B. and i liked this movie but not loved it, unlike his past movies they were all great. however this one had some comedy in it but it wasn't that bad either..but i liked the random wolf transformation and the classic background story telling of the escaping from the mental :)

    the food all looks delicious :">

  20. aMz88-It was good, just not his best. Really? I found the wolf part too random. XD

  21. omgosh the chocolate cake in a cup blows my mind.. your picture looks SOOO GOOD!! hahaha

    yah.. a lot of my friends from the bay area were seriously frantic when the news that foie gras was getting banned hahaha..


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