Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spain: Day 6 Part 2

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After our visit to the Plaza Mayor, my family and I decided to check out the Museu del Jamon, which looked like a chain restaurant/market revolved around prosciutto. It was amazing to see how many hind legs they had hanging up and how the hooves were still attached to the prosciutto. I haven't seen this since my trip to Florence. Looking back, I should've eaten here at least once.
Since we were craving our own prosciutto, we stopped by Ferpal to get some hand cut prosciutto slices to snack on. It was cool to see this man cutting the slices by hand so quickly and thinly without using a machine. We ended up sitting outside, people watching, while eating all of the prosciutto we had bought. Once we finished eating, we went to the Convento de las Descalzas Reales, which was a complete rip off. For all Europeans, the admission is free, but the tour is only given in Spanish and you spend the whole time looking at art. You don't get to see how the nuns live and at least for my family, we had to pay for a tour we didn't understand.
For dinner, my brother and I shared two appetizers at Cafe de Chinitas. For our first appetizer, we got the Melon with Ham. Can you tell that we couldn't get enough prosciutto on the trip? Pretty standard dish though, just slices of prosciutto and some chunks of melon. Nothing special, but very pricey!
We also ordered the Fried Squid Andaluza Style, which was only ok. The calamari was pretty meaty, but I found the batter to be flavorless and suggest trying something else. Once again, it cost more than it should've. At least the portions were big here.
The main reason we went to Cafe de Chinitas was to catch a flamenco show before we left. It was definitely worth seeing and the show is the main reason the food is so expensive. The dancers were extremely impressive and they had a singer there that looked like Mick Jagger. (I will try to find the photo on my dad's camera for all of you.) The show lasted for about an hour and a half with many different performances, showing all types of flamenco dancing. You can probably reserve a seat through your hotel.
After the show and dinner, we walked past the Plaza Espagne, which looked beautiful at night. There were a lot of couples there and young people hanging out, so I felt like an idiot, when my brother dared me to run up a fountain's side and I agreed. How can you turn down a dare, especially one that sounds so easy? I was wearing Toms, so there was no traction on my shoes and I ended sliding right down from it. Normally, I can do it though; I promise. We ended up just walking around, but ended up back at our hotel by 12:00AM. That was about it for day six of our adventure.


  1. I don't eat ham =w=
    And I find the melon
    and the prosciutto
    pretty lack of
    presentation o:
    And sorry to hear
    about that rip-off


  2. the food looks awesome, and haha I would run up the fountain's side with you!

  3. i love procuitto especially with melon.. although i have to say.. that dish just looked meh.. but i definitely agree you paid for the show more for the food! i would love love to see a flamenco dance!!

  4. Ice Pandora-Yeah, the presentation is definitely lacking. Overall, the food was only alright that day. :P

    Pop Champagne-Sound like fun! Let's go run up walls Matrix style! :D

    Lisa-The food was definitely only ok, like most of the food I had in Spain. D:

  5. Lovely photos from your trip in Spain! The fountain looks so pretty; I would love to see it in person at night.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  6. Amazing blog! Really love it!))
    Following you now)) Maybe we can follow each other, dear?
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  7. MseeTime-Thank you! And hope you get to visit Spain one day! ^^

    Veronic Yudina-Thank you so much!

  8. i think a lot of 'tourist' places are overpriced anyways :-/ but hey i hope you had fun in the end


  9. Kakuidori-Haha, you're so right. Tourists are always paying more than they should. ^^


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