Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Birthdays, One Day

Playing: Everything Will Be Alright-The Killers
Reading: Cannery Row by John Steinbeck (Again!)
Left to Right: Maggie, Vivian, and Tina
On July 27th right before the Olympics, I went to celebrate both Maggie's and Tiffany's birthdays at Gen, an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant, along with Vivian and Tina. No Asian meetup is complete without tons of photos, right? Sorry whenever I hang out with a lot of Asian friends, I tend to make Asian jokes with them.
Such as when we all pulled out our cameras and cellphones to take photos of our food! How stereotypically Asian of us, huh? I found this tumblr called Pictures of Asians Taking Pictures of Food through Coffee Creek, so you should go check that out. It's really pretty funny. Gen had a wide selection of different meats to choose from and tons of side dishes, but I didn't like how most of the meat wasn't marinated like the meat at other Korean BBQ places. You kind of had to flavor the meat yourself using the various sauces they left for you. I did like how they offered a plate of vegetables to grill, since it helped break up the serious meat consumption.
Tina and I, despite us acting like the babies of the group, took charge and cooked for everybody. Since we were busy cooking for everyone else, a lot of the time, we got last choice and ended up eating not as much. What self sacrificing beings we are, cooking for everyone else. Hire the two of us for your next dinner party! The five of us still ended up eating twenty-three plates of food with only two plates of those being grilled veggies.
Left to Right: Maggie and Tiffany
After eating, the two of them opened up their presents and here are the two birthday girls. Maggie is posing here with her gift from Tiffany with Tiffany. Isn't it funny how the two of them are color coordinated too? Peach, camel, and white for both of them!
Tiffany got Maggie a Polaroid camera, which makes my Polaroid camera from the 1970's look excessively bulky. All of us went a bit crazy with the camera and took photos of everything. Luckily, Maggie was nice and let each one of us keep one of the group photographs to take home. If you zoom up on this picture, you can probably see me standing on my tippy toes. No way will I be the shortest one. I'll leave that duty for Tina.
While they were shopping around in Charlotte Rousse, I came across this pair of earrings. How interesting the way algebra works in retail stores. The more you buy, the more expensive each pair of earrings gets. That will definitely prompt me to buy more, while I'm there. (Sarcasm intended.)
I ended up leaving earlier than the rest because I needed to rush home to watch the opening ceremony for the London Olympics. By the way, how amazing was it? I liked how London mixed in their pop culture into the show with James Bond, Voldemort, Mary Poppins, The Beatles, The Arctic Monkeys, and of course, Rowan Atkinson. Rowan's bit was my favorite because it was something anyone in the world could laugh at, regardless of language and age. Anyways, back to the point. I have some seriously sick family members. My mum thought it would be funny to hang my Sentimental Circus bunny, Shappo, on a door. What is wrong with my family?
What was your favorite scene from the opening ceremony? (And I know I'm late, so you can do closing ceremony too.)


  1. Cute post :) You must've had fun :) xoxo ♥

    ps. thanks for your comment!

  2. FOOD! :D

    beautiful post , seems fun

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  3. oh wow the korean BBQ looks amazing!! and yeah it was nice that the olympics mixed entertainment with it too, I was a bit surprised that Coldplay didn't perform at it though cuz they're a HUGE UK band!

  4. Johanna-you're welcome! And Thanks! ^^

    Florence-Thanks and it was! (:

    Pop Champagne-Ooh, that's a good point. I was expecting Muse to play too because they did the official Olympics song. (Or did they play and I just missed it?)

  5. aww cuteness! it looks like you had a fabulous time celebrating your gf's b-day's! I LOVEEEE me some krn bbq but bummed to hear it's not marinated! that's weird.. isn't that sort of the point of eating krn bbq? the sweet and savory flavor or krn bbq? hahaha

  6. I have the Fuji Instax too, it's such a great little camera and so much fun to use! I forget to use it these days though because I use instagram so much more. This needs to change i think!

  7. Great fun, never seen food wé giant onions on it lol!

  8. Awe, you girls are so cute! I miss hanging out with friends ...

    And the food looks really good, yum! :P

    Hope you're having a great week and I'm sorry your family is allergic to cats :(.

  9. Lisa-Exactly! Isn't the sauce one of the best parts?

    Winnie-I wish I had an iphone, so that I could use instagram. D:

    613 Style-Haha, the onions came with the veggie platter and I cooked them on top of the meat to give the meat a better flavor. ^^

    Miki's scrapbook-Thank you! I'm planning on going over to my friend's, Sophie's, home to play with her new cat soon. :D

  10. lol pictures of asians taking pictures of food...what a quality blog

  11. riysse-I know right. It's like the best idea. "Like ever." (Quoted directly from Taylor Swift)


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