Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tomatoes on Tomatoes and Used CD's

Over the summer, my brother and I really struggle to come up with things to do, so most of the time, our days revolve around food. I know that sounds lame, but eating is one of our favorite activities. The Fried Green Tomatoes at Eat Chow were very interesting. The green tomatoes were dipped in cornmeal batter, fried, and topped with an aioli of sorts plus salsa. It definitely has a Mexican flair even though it's a southern classic. 
For my entree, I ordered the Pan Seared Salmon Sandwich a la carte. It usually comes with a mixed greens salad or Caesar salad, but seeing as I don't eat most vegetables, it would've been a waste on me. I was surprised at how large the salmon steak was, but I found the bitterness from the asparagus to be overwhelming, so I took it out and then the sandwich was much better.
Just down the street is Second Spin, a used CD/DVD store. I love this place because of their large selection of every genre of music other than Gregorian monk music of course. (Please excuse my lame attempt at making you smile.) Second Spin also offers discounts and deals almost everyday, such as buy three used CD's or DVD's and get the third free.
I ended up purchasing three Killers CD's that I had not had the chance to buy yet. I've been listening to these CD's pretty much everyday since then. Since I bought two used CD's, the guy at the counter told me I would save money if I did their aforementioned deal, so I went for it. Haha, I fell for their plan, but whatever. As you can see, I grabbed another Joseph Gordon Levitt movie, 50/50, which was supposed to be funny, but it the story line was more depressing. Then my brother also chose The Dark Knight because we love the Batman series and the pencil trick in this film. Plus, how gorgeous is Christian Bale?
Afterwards, we drove down to Casey's Cupcakes to bring home a snack for the family. We got Scrumptious Cinnamon Sugar, Smokin S'Mores, Luscious Lemon, Grandma's German Chocolate, Peanut Butter Pizazz, and Caribbean Coconut. All of them were pretty tasty except Grandma's German Chocolate, but then again, chocolate cupcakes are usually pretty bad. My favorite are the lemon flavors at any given store.
Oh and since it's summer time, I feel like I have to show you as many photos of the beach as possible to prove I'm a Californian or something. The drive there takes you through many different beaches and you get a good idea of how wealthy the people of Newport Beach area are. Newport Beach houses some of the wealthiest people on the planet and most of the homes there will coast you over a million dollars including the rundown shacks. Oh, how great it is to have rich people in a town so close that way I can enjoy all of their fancy shopping centers and trendy restaurants.
Have you ever heard of Newport Beach before?


  1. yum omgosh these food photos are AMAZE! i LOVEEE fried green tomatoes and your salmon sandwich looks HUGE!!! i've never had salmon in a sammie before i'll have to try that if i see it on a menu :) and GOOD LORD those cupcakes look NOMS!!!

    my fav flavor at bi-rite is the salted caramel!! it's love in a cup.. right down the street from bi-rite is tartine bakery and that for me a must! i actually think tartine is more of a must than bi-rite haha they have both sweets, baked goods, desserts and savory things like quiche and amazing sandwiches!

  2. These looks delicious! : D : D I love your food! Haha sounds weird...

  3. I love Newport Beach. Fashion Island is one of my fave malls!

  4. I thought those green tomatoes were tortilla. It looks good though!
    Woww those cupcakes are fancy looking! The only cupcake shop cupcakes that I've tried are Sprinkles and they certainly don't look as cool as those.

  5. Such yummy looking food! Thank you for stopping by, I'd love to keep in touch! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Lisa-Thank you so much! I will definitely try my best to make it there! Both places sound delicious. :D

    Nana-No worries. I know what you mean! ^^

    Shop N'Chomp-I know right! It's so beautiful there! :)

    prancing bee-If you get the chance, you should try these. I prefer them to Sprinkles just because the icing on Sprinkles is way too sweet for me. D:

    Always Maylee-No problem! And thanks for visiting my blog too. :3

  7. yes, i've heard of newport beach. making good food isn't lame at all. which killers album is your fave? i saw them in concert in 2006 or 2007 i can't remember which year. i also saw 50/50 last year. i expected it to be funnier than it was. oh my gosh, i soo want one of those cupcakes.

  8. i finally watched the dark knight rises yesterday CHRISTIAN BAAAAAAAAAALE
    now i want to watch the dark knight again (ive actually never seen batman begins!) augh christopher nolan is so great

  9. that tomato thingy looks super delicious although I've never tried it before :)
    would you like to follow each other?

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  10. ive never heard of newport beach :< i love eating too, but me and my bro ust normally stick to mcdonalds :p

  11. Wah, I would love to
    try out that salmon
    burger thing! And I
    would love to eat
    the unwanted veggies
    of yours as well :P


  12. i love CDs, i wish i have some more, I only have a few :<

  13. hm as long as the food is good and makes you happy it should be ok that most of your days off are mainly about food XD (and those cupcakes look soooo tasty!!)

  14. Teddi-YOU'VE SEEN THEM? SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW! I heard getting their tickets is super hard, since they sell out so quickly. I don't really have a favorite album, but what's yours?

    riysse-I just bought it, so maybe you can come over and watch it? And Christian Bale is so fine. :D

    Anthea Lau-It seems pretty easy to make at home, if you'd like to try it. :3

    Hello Naka-Nothing wrong with that. McDonald's is very tasty! I have too many CDs right now, but it's a great feeling. :D

    Emy-Yup! (:

    Ice Pandora-Haha, you and I would be a perfect team. I'd eat the meant and you'd enjoy the veggies. Sounds like a good duo to me! :D

    kakuidori-Haha, I suppose you're right. ^^

  15. I have been drooling over all your food pics! I love food pics on blogs, i don't know why - i just LOVE seeing them x

  16. Hahaha, I live in California, too, but never go to the beach :/. I think we've only been there twice in a year and a half.

    Awe, and I love Common People by Pulp. I'm pissed to have missed them when they came here. They're in the Coachella cruise, but I bet that's really expensive.

    Oh, and yes! To going through used CDs! ;)

  17. Temporary:Secretary-Haha, awesome! I like seeing food photos, so I have an idea where I should go eat in case I ever visit. :D

    Miki's scrapbook-I was going through NME's Top 100 songs and that's how I found "Common People." It's a fantastic song and I hope you get tickets to see them! Tell me if they're still amazing!


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