Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break Update

Playing: Can You Feel It Tonight-One Night Only
Reading: Two Soldiers by William Faulkner
Left to Right: Kavya, John Paul, Sabrina, and Me
Right before holiday, a group of friends and I participated in our school's talent show. We did a dance, where the six of us dressed up as our favorite people from the 1980s and it was borderline school inappropriate. I've started to realize that I do a lot of things that are funny outside of school, but really inappropriate for school. We had John Paul (as Rick Astley) RickRoll the audience by popping out at the end of our performance and killing Sophie (as Lena) and then we had Josh (as Freddie Mercury) start stripping. Kavya (as Mick Jagger) and I (as David Bowie) did the gay scene from "Dancing in the Streets" in which they put their faces up to one another, so that left Sabrina (as a cat from the Cure's song, "Lovecats") as the only decent one in the group.
On the last day of school, Sarah and Sophie hosted a gangster picnic and craft day combo, where we all sat around and drew together, while having lunch. It was supposed to be gangster/wizard themed but the closest thing we got to grills was braces and the closest thing we got to wizards was a beard. It was still a really nice way to start spring break, though.
I left the picnic early to go to someone's birthday party, but they switched the location on me right when I showed up at the beach they told me to go to, so I was really upset and ended up going to Tea Station to eat away my anger. But seriously, I drove an hour there and back and wasted a quarter of a tank of gas to go to this specific beach only to be told they wanted me to drive to another location they weren't even sure of yet. I also paid $15 for five minutes worth of parking. I left a picnic early for them and skipped on another party for them.
The next day I went to Old Town Orange on a hunt for vintage jewelry, which proved to be more expensive than I willing to pay, so I hung out in my favorite Starbucks ever. This Starbucks used to be an old bank and it's beautiful inside, definitely a great place to hang out and I wish my friends would come here to study with me instead. By the way, have you tried their new layered macchiatos? They're so good!
On the same day, I decided it was time I ate healthier, so I went to Gelson's for their salad bar. Notice the lack of lettuce? It was all in my juice and it shocked me to take a sip only to realize that this didn't taste like apples, cucumbers, and lemon at all. Just because I like sharing tales of my travels with you, try pouring some balsamic vinegar on strawberries. I had that in Florence and it's such a good combination, even in pasta salads.
Just yesterday, I visited East Village in Long Beach, which is being praised as the next artist hang out and truthfully, I wasn't impressed. It's probably because I went on Easter, so nothing was open. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to go back and eat there on a day, when more action is taking place. It's steps from the beach has a few cute cafes I would like to try, so I'll definitely go back soon. Sorry for not commenting on your blogs lately. I haven't been on blogger for awhile, since I've been busy with school and being sociable lately. I'll get back to commenting as soon as possible!


  1. Your salad looks great :) xo

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    This is a great post, lovely :)
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  3. Oh wow I'm so sorry the birthday party people wasted your time!
    I can't believe I have never seen that starbucks before despite being in the area.
    Any drink that has a picture of cucumber and celery on the front, I would stay away from haha

  4. Jaz xo-It was surprisingly tasty. (:

    Sandra Martinez-Thank you!

    prancing bee-You should definitely go look! It's so cool!

  5. great post! what a fun time!! i see salt and pepper chicken one of my absolute fav taiwanese eats om nom nom!! i love strawberries w/ balsamic too :p

  6. Sounds like a busy Spring Break so far!

    That Starbucks location looks really lovely - the old bank in my city was converted into a clothing shop for surfwear :(

  7. Lisa-I love the fried chicken too! It's so good!

    Tulip Love-Aww, does it at least look interesting still?

  8. Awwww! I'm sorry to hear about
    that let down birthday party!
    They should have messaged way
    before it..... Such a
    disappointment! And wow, this
    Starbucks must be fanciest I
    have ever seen!


  9. Ice Pandora-It's such a cool Starbucks and the decor inside is equally fantastic!

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