Monday, July 8, 2013

Paris Day I

Playing: Dig a Hole-William Beckett
Reading: (French) Elle Juin 2013
Hello everyone! I just got back from Paris yesterday and the jet lag is still in effect, so I'm a bit loopy at the moment. However, I wanted to get something new out to all of you, so here's my first day in Paris. I stayed at the Hotel West End, which was a small hotel with an amazing view of Le Tour Eiffel. From my room, you could see it clearly.
On the first day there, we arrived late in the afternoon, so we really didn't do much. My brother let me explore Kenzo, which was amazing and I wish there was one in Los Angeles. It amazed me how much Los Angeles is lacking in terms of designer stores compared to Paris. Right across from the Kenzo store was the Louis Vuitton flagship store, which I'll talk about later.
We also walked to the Arc de Triomphe, which offers an amazing view of the city. I really like gloomy weather, so I didn't mind all the clouds over the city for my photos. The hike up the stairs was incredibly disorientating. All the stairs blended in together, so I had a hard time differentiating the steps. It probably didn't help that I hadn't eaten for more than 24 hours, so the hike probably wasn't that bad and it was just my hunger making me have trouble going up and down the spiral staircases.
First order of business after getting myself down from the Arc de Triomphe was to order the most  French meal I could imagine. At Le Cristal, which is only a block away from the Arc de Triomphe, I ordered the Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard. It was so rich and creamy. I ordered a lot of foie gras while in Paris, since it's illegal in California.
For my main course, I ordered a Croque Monsieur, which is one of the first things we learned about in French class. Even though a Croque Monsieur is intrinsically a glorified ham and cheese sandwich, this was really good. The cheese was so smooth and rich, while the bread was oozing butter. Le Cristal was reasonably priced and it was a nice start to my trip. Everything was pretty basic, but the service was very friendly. After dinner, I just walked around the Champs-Élysées until I couldn't manage to stay awake any longer.


  1. Wow lovely you got to go on a trip! Would like to here more about the LV store! And those meals look delish!

    Please check out my blog for info on how you could be in Teen Vogue!

  2. Welcome back Audrey!! Glad to
    hear Paris treated your well,
    and I'm surprised to hear you
    like gloomy weather :P the
    food looks, of course, GOOOD!!
    And why is foie gras illegal
    in LA?

  3. Glad you had a fab time, I so want to go to Paris! xxx

  4. fabulous photos! I super miss Paris!

  5. This is so lovely! I am sure you are having a great time! Paris is always so nice! Enjoy every moment, you deserve it!

  6. so jealous of your paris trip! those pictures are gorgeous!

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  7. great post, the food made me hungry haha :)

    On the Bright Style

  8. Ohh Paris! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  9. Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion-Does your username have anything to do with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? :D

    Ice Pandora-A lot of times, the ducks are considered to be treated "inhumanely" because they are fed a lot that way they'll be fat. Typically, fat ducks make better foie gras.

    Josie-You should definitely go if you ever get the chance. It's a wonderful city!

    Life's a shoe-It's only been a week and I already miss Paris too. :'(

    Denise-Thanks and I love it there!

    Lala H-Thank you!

    Izael Garrido-It was one of my favorite trips ever. ^^

    Sarah Lewis-Thank you!

    praning bee-Thanks!

  10. drooling.. the foie gras and the croque monsieur.. I have to say I could definitely eat with you girl hahahah!! nom nom nom!!!

  11. It's so nice to read your posts, cause I love Paris and it's so good to see it here! I also love to visit little churches and I go to the Louvre every time I am in Paris! It's amazing! I am glad you enjoy Paris that much!


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