Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"In a Perfect Situation"

Playing: Buddy Holly-Weezer
Reading: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Second time!)
Left to Right: Sarah, Me, Hannah, and Austin
Last Friday, my friends and I caught Weezer at the OC Fair. Our original plan was to watch Modest Mouse at the US Open of Surfing and then see Weezer, but then the reality of what a completely psychotic idea that was hit us and only Austin went to both. The traffic for both are some of the worst in Orange County and then when you try to do both with only an hour between both concerts, we realized it was nearly impossible with our luck. Sarah, Hannah, and I ended up hanging out at the fair for bit, looking at goats and other farm animals, before going to the concert.
The concert itself was really good and I highly recommend going to see them. The lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, was really adorable during his performance and he was actually quite funny too, making up little songs about Orange County. They sang all of my favorite songs and I really liked the part in "Perfect Situation," when he's wailing because the whole crowd joined in, so we all sounded like banshees and it was hilarious.
After the concert, Austin, being the concert genius that he is, figured out where to wait to meet Weezer. By the time we got there, the bassist and drummer had already left, but we got to talk to Brian Bell as he was driving away with his family. Then we waited for awhile and we saw Rivers Cuomo stepping into his car, so we called out to him and he came over to meet us. He was so friendly and seemed a bit shy, but it was fun to see him in his knee high striped socks, running sneakers, khaki shorts, hoodie, and baseball cap.
Here's just another photo of us after the other fans swarmed him. There weren't that many fans around until we called him up, so I apologize ahead of time to Rivers in case he didn't want to meet that many fans and we pushed it upon him. We all got our tickets autographed by him and Sarah gave him a gift of a lollicup with a scorpion inside. I really wished he was wearing his glasses though because he's more identifiable with them on and because people wearing glasses (like him and me) have a natural bond with each other. Plus, then he looks like one of Forrest Kline's relatives. Thanks for reading this because I know this post is rather irrelevant unless you like Weezer.


  1. OMGG so lucky!! i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE weezer LOVE LOVE weezer!!

  2. I guess it was alright that you missed Modest Mouse since the US Open went crazy at the end.

    It's so cool that he took pictures with you!

  3. Hahahaha, poor man! But so cool you got to meet him!! And going to gigs is always nice. :D

  4. Ah ive just been looking through your blog and you go to so many good places! Id love it if you put bigger images onto your posts though! :D



    prancing bee-Oh, yeah, I heard about that. What exactly happened? All I know is that a mini riot broke out and that there was a guy smashing windows with a stop sign...

    Louise-I love going to concerts. It's so nice to be surrounded by people that love the same thing you do and it feels amazing to be united by the same passion. :)

    Joel-I think I'll try that. Bigger images shouldn't be too hard. (:

    Milex-Thank you!

  6. I had no idea you are a fan of Weezer!
    looks like a good time

    The Sweetest Escape

  7. Wonderful post; I loved it!xo
    Follow me on GFC and Bloglovin’ and I'll follow back! Let me know when you’re done over on my blog:)x
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  8. stevia indrawan-Yeah, Weezer is great!

    Viola-Thank you! ^^

    Salihah M-Thanks!

  9. wow amazing show I love weezer!!thanx for you comment hun, I follow you now, maybe you want follow me back?:)

  10. I don't really listen to Weezer but it looks like you had a fun night, glad you got to meet him!

  11. paola robiolio bose-Thank you! And Weezer is just so good. ^^

    Jane-I did! It was wonderful.

  12. Glad you are having a great
    time with your friends, despise
    the traffic jam. So nice to able
    to meet one of the bandmembers :D

  13. Ice Pandora-Thanks and it was great to meet him! (:


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