Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paris Day V

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My family and I took a day trip to the Palace of Versailles, which is surprisingly easy to do. All you have to do is buy a ticket for the SNCF and stay on the train until the last stop. The Paris Pass worked for Versailles too, but you had to stand in line for around two hours anyway, since everyone buys their ticket ahead of time. The palace itself is splendid and there are many incredible works of art inside. However, there are only two food options inside: an expensive cafe and a cheap sandwich place. Therefore, I suggest getting through the palace before lunch and eating in the gardens.
The garden was my favorite part of Versailles. Normally, the Paris Pass covers this too, but during the summer, they play classical music, so you have to pay. The garden itself is beautiful and very well kept. It made me feel like I was in Pride and Prejudice or in Anna Karenina, so basically, I felt like I was in a very wonderful Keira Knightley film. I heard that there is a masquerade ball held yearly at Versailles, so any boy that is willing to take me to it is welcome. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the type of place that makes you want a huge ball gown.
Within walking distance from the gardens are Marie-Antoinette's Estate and the Grand Trianon (pictured above). I'm not sure how much it costs to go inside of them, but I got in for free because of the Paris Pass again. I wouldn't recommend visiting Marie-Antoinette's Estate, if you have to pay because the estate is pretty much empty and it's just like a cement block. I do recommend eating crepes by the lake though. The Grand Trianon however is worth visiting, since it's decorated nicely and the gardens are beautifully done. Also, the checkered floor reminds me of Mr. Darcy's home in Joe Wright's version of Pride and Prejudice.
Before heading back, I stopped by a McDonald's and French McCafe is so much better than what I have in the states. Their McCafe serves lemon tarts, caneles, crème brûlées, cheese cakes, molten chocolate cakes, and of course, macarons. Since they were fairly inexpensive, I got two of each flavor: vanille, framboise, pistache, chocolat, fraise, and what I believe to be pistache chocolat. I actually got a box before my trip to Ladurée and thought they were rather good, but after the Ladurée ones, I found the ones from McCafe to be a bit chewy and heavy. The insides were either strongly flavored jams or overly whipped and fluffy creams. However, they're still better than a majority of the macarons I've had in California.
For dinner, we ate like total tourists along the Champs-Elyseés at Café di Roma, where I ordered the Thon et Asperges. Overall, the pizza was completely average, but I give them credit for trying different toppings from your common pepperoni and cheese. The tuna was stronger than all the rest of the flavors, so that you didn't taste the asparagus, dried tomatoes, or pesto very much. However, the Orangina made up for everything. There was a boy around my age drinking wine and he reminded me that I could legally drink there, so from then on, I started ordering beers and wines. Note to self: champagne is the most tolerable.


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog Audrey (

    Wow, so exciting you are in Paris... one of countries I would LOVE to visit... I will in time:)

  2. I was in Paris in April and November of 2012. I loved the palace and the desserts at McDonald. It was fun reading about tour trip.

  3. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I don't knew your blog but I have seen it right now and I love it. I follow you since now.

    I like París but I not had a chance to visit it yet. I hope do it some day.

    Sorry for my bad english haha

    I follow you ;)


  4. Hey dear!
    Lovely blog :)
    I used to live in Paris and I really love the city! I am sure you have a wonderful time there :)
    Come and visit my blog if you like :)

  5. wow beautiful pictures of a beautiful city..loved it

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  6. I love these pics, they remind me of the latest Dior campaign set at Versailles, which I adore!
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  8. Great I love macarons!

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  9. Before I read the part about where the macarons came from, I was pretty surprised that I read McCafe on the box.

  10. wow looks like a beautiful place, i would love to go there one day!


    ♥ Ellen
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  11. you're sooo so lucky! i've only had the opportunity to go to versaille once and sadly i went during the winter!! which means that entire gardens were covered in snow -____- epic fail! i'm dying to go back during the spring or summer time so i can see the amazing gardens!!

    i do prefer the mccafe's in europe over the US.. but i find their pastries are not very good at all which sucks.. but i do enjoy drinking coffee there from time to time :)

  12. beautiful snaps!

  13. Oh nice photos! I really like Paris :) I really want to visit it again after looking at these photos~

  14. Launna-No problem and I hope you make it there soon! ^^

    Betty Taylor-Thanks! And that's so cool that you were there too. :)

    Rousi Weasley-Thank you so much! I hope you get to go to France one day.

    Larissa-You got to live there? SO LUCKY. I hope to go back one day to study there and perfect my French. :D

    Antee Gurung-Thank you!

    Coco-Oh yeah I saw that! Wouldn't it be so magnificent to just run around in a beautiful ball gown there?

    Elena Mouttet-Thank you!

    Sandl Prizmah-Thank you and me too!

    prancing bee-It's shocking, right? I was surprised too, but I guess wherever money can be made, McDonald's will do it.

    SHOP STYLE CONQUER-It's a splendid area and I hope you get to see it one day. c:

    Lisa-I didn't get to try the other pastries, but I guess that's expected. That makes sense why the garden is free for Paris Pass holders during winter. Because no one could last that long in the gardens, if it's freezing.


    mariana vp-Thank you!

    MayClover-I want to go back too! Take me with you!

  15. That garden of Versailles is
    so beautiful! And OMG the
    French McCafe is like creme
    de la creme of all McCafe's!!

  16. Ice Pandora-I know right! I want to check out the other McCafes. I wonder what Japan's is like.


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