Sunday, February 21, 2010

We the Kings and a Rocket to the Moon are saving Gingers

So yesterday I went to go see the Hot Topic Take Action:Driving For Donors Tour. Stereo Skyline was supposed to perform, but I never saw them. I don't think they showed up...
There For Tomorrow-I have never heard of There For Tomorrow before. So I thought going to the concert would help me decide whether or not I liked them. The whole thing was pretty bad. All the songs blended together and the singers voice was bad too.I liked the drummer's man scarf though.
A Rocket to the Moon-I have always been a fan of A Rocket to the Moon. They only played songs off their album On Your Side. They played my favorite songs by them("On a Lonely Night" and "Mr. Right") though! I wish they played "I Think About You Everyday" and "I'll be your Sunset." The whole band seemed really nice though. Nick said, "Tonight is going to be a good night. In fact, tonight is going to be a wonderful night." Then his band mate sang, "I got a feeling..." It was pretty funny. Every time Nick cussed he would say, "I'm sorry for cussing again." While Nick was singing barefoot, I noticed that all of the members have really skinny legs. I bet they can wear the ultra skinny jeans. Their whole performance was incredibly funny, amazing, and wonderful.Oh yeah, someone from The Summerset showed up to perform with them.

Mayday Parade-I actually like Mayday Parade, but the performance was bad. All of the songs blended together and the guitars were so loud, you couldn't hear the singer's voice. The singer sang a song by himself though, which was really nice. The band kept on spraying people with water bottles and tossing water bottles into the crowd. They did play my favorite song by them, which happens to be "Kids in Love."

We The Kings- Their performance was just amazing. It was funny entertaining and downright amazing. Travis proved to be the funniest with all his side stories. One story went like this: So this is for all the Mickey Mouse lovers out there. So everyone likes Mickey Mouse. He's a cool guy, who doesn't look like anyone else out there. So you're looking at all the products and you see this really cool Mickey Mouse bobble head. You buy it and you run all the way home with him. Mickey Mouse is just bobbling his head along. And when you get home, you go sit down and watch TV with him. Your mom then yells, "CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM! IT'S GETTING MESSY!" And you reply, "SHUT UP MOM! I'M BUSY! I'm sorry Mickey Mouse bobble head that you had to see that." Then you nuzzle noses the way you and your mom used to when you were young. Then you say, "I'll do anything for you! I'll promise you the stars!"
His other story was funny too. It went something like this: I drank a whole bottle of red whine and I had red wine brain. So I went outside and I was all like cool buildings! Then I wondered into the ghetto and saw this sketchy looking guy. I can't explain it, but you know. He asked me for change and I was all like I don't have any change. When I touched my pocket, all the coins jingled and I was like, "Oh shit." When someone asks you for change, it's the first sign they're going to kill you. His eyes got squinty and git even squintier. I wasn't scared, but I did almost poop my pants. Then he's all like, "You've got rockstar hair. You in a band?" Then I'm like, "Yeah, I'm in Fall Out Boy." I figured if he'd kill me, he'd go after my band. So instead of going after my friends, he'd go after Fall Out Boy. Yeah, I'm considerate. Anyways he puts his hand behind his back to pull out a knife or a gun. I seriously didn't know. And I was thinking, "You know what? Life's been good to me, at least until now." Then he pulls out his hand and he's like, "F*** you! You're not part of Fall Out Boy!" And that's how I came up with  "Story of My Life."
Here's a list of my favorite quotes by Travis:
"I brought my party shirt!" (opens up shirt and BAM! It's an NSync Shirt)
"Give it up for A Rocket to the Moon! Together we shall save the Gingers!"
"Did you just call me a Ginger?"
"Ok everyone put up your peace signs and hush up! My teacher used to say that and then I'd make a bunch of noise just to piss her off."
"Everyone nod your head yes. I said just nod, not say yes. (Someone screams Travis) I said nod, not scream Travis!"
"You guys are so sexy. And it's about to get a lot sexier."
We The Kings ended the concert by tossing out 2 drumsticks, a bunch of guitar picks, water bottles, and towels.

Overall my favorite performances were A Rocket to the Moon and We the Kings. I like Mayday Parade, but they're not good live. And There For Tomorrow was just awful. I shall listen to There For Tomorrow on myspace to figure out if they're any good.


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