Monday, February 15, 2010

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

So today I went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief with Rebecca. Another girl named Tiffany (Fluffeh Bunnies) was supposed to come, but she never did. I showed up with the Poseidon sign, a trident, drawn on my arm to match Percy. This movie is based on one of my favorite book series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. I found this movie to be greatly disappointing though. If I had never read the book, I would have loved the movie because it was quite entertaining. I was just upset that the movie wasn't really based on the book. The movie added things, took out things, and changed things. Percy Jackson was supposed to be 12 but was played by 16 year old Logan Lerman, whose eyes are not green. And the girl who played 12 year old Annabeth was played by a 20 year old. Annabeth has grey eyes and bleach blonde hair, the girl in the movie didn't have bleach blonde hair. Grover was a ginger, not an African American. Poseidon has black hair and green eyes, not reddish hair. He wears a Hawaiian top, Bermuda shorts, and a fishing hat, not a suit. Luke has a scar running down his cheek. Some characters in the book didn't even exist in the movie. Some people were missing scars or other things. Another thing is some things in the movie never really existed in the book and some things in the book never existed in the movie. Overall, if you never read the book, I think you will really enjoy the movie. It is entertaining and has enough action. But if you did read the book, expect to be upset. Oh yeah, Rebecca thinks Logan looks like Zac Efron. Then I was like, "Percy has cooler hair!" Then Rebecca told me, "Zac Efron can get a haircut any time!" Oh hur hur. 
Dear Logan Lerman, 
Your cherry Chapstick colored lips match Rebecca and my cherry Chapstick lips.And by the way, I find you to be very attractive. My parents think Zac Efron is attractive and Rebecca thinks you look like Zac Efron, so I guess my parents think you're attractive too. :3
Audrey (hkittygirl)


  1. horrible movie
    he still looks like zac efron

  2. I really didn't like that book.... >.<
    It was okay.

    Imma see it with my brother~!

  3. Haha Rebecca...It was so bad! Nothing like the book. The book was much much better.


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