Monday, December 27, 2010

Gift Exchange with Tina, Vivian, Jackie, and Tiffany!

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Yesterday, I had a gift exchange with Tina, Vivian, Jackie, and Tiffany. You've probably heard me talk about them before on my blog because they're the friends I sit with every single day during lunch now. We decided to do our Christmas gift exchange yesterday and we all had a $10-$15 limit. My friends did an amazing job making the money stretch. Most of my friends wanted cute Japanese items and as most of you know, it's pretty hard to make $10-$15 stretch at an Asian store.
Afterwards, we headed off for dinner. We all had a hard time choosing one restaurant because one of us would pick a place and two others wouldn't want to go there. Haha, it took awhile to choose, but we ended up at the crepe place. My crepe was filled with mushrooms, olives, mozzarella cheese, bacon, and tomato sauce. It was extremely hard to cut and I kind of regret not getting the salmon one instead.
We were too lazy to wait in line for an inside table, so we ended up sitting outside, where it was very cold. Being the smarties we are, we ordered a huge thing of shaved ice covered in condensed milk, mangoes, and green mango jelly.
We did a pretty good job, I say so myself. We were able to finish more than half of it. By the end of it, we were all freezing and cursing ourselves for not waiting for an inside table. It was extremely tasty though!
This is a poster that Jackie drew for Vivian. Alejandro was Vivian's fake boyfriend. Yes, Vivian had three fake boyfriends. We had to kill off Alejandro though, so we made up a story, where he was pushed off a cliff by Tina.
Tina gave me a cute bunny cell phone holder, 2 Banao lead cases, Calpico candy, a San-X folder, and her card has a drawing of all of us. I love how she got all of our clothing correct. Click on the image, so you can see her drawing better!
Vivian gave me a cute purse that will be very good for the summer time. She has the exact same bag in grey! Maybe we can twin one day. Wouldn't that be fun to do? I just need to find a top that a Vivian would wear...In her card, she drew a very fat Santa because she's just cool like that.
Jackie and I are both very into high end designers. She wants to marry Jonathon Saunders and I have a crush on Alexander Wang. This book was a very fitting choice to come from Jackie! Haha, I hope Jackie and I get into a fashion career together, so we can go to fashion week together!
Tiffany gave me a great gift. The stationary will be perfect for writing letters to people because as most of you know, I love writing and receiving letters...What can I say about the Rilakkuma items other than the fact that they're too cute? Overall, our gift exchange was a ton of fun because we all got something that we've been wanting and by that, I mean the shaved ice. Seriously, I've been waiting a long time to try that with a huge group of friends...Today I'm having a gift exchange with Rebecca, so I'll definitely blog about that later!
Sorry for the long post!


  1. Naaah, it shouldn't matter if a post is super long or not! Imo once you start reading you get really engaged or at least that's how I am! xD

    All the stuff you got is really cute! Drawings as gifts is always so meaningful. I really like the group portrait! <33
    Ahh ... that crepe looks really delicious. @__@

    *Replying to your comment:
    I don't like it at all when people purposely bring themselves down to fish for compliments. :\ I actually feel strange whenever I receive compliments about something, I guess I'm too modest. xD;

  2. so many adorable gifts! ♥ naturally i love your rilakkuma stuff the most, but the card that your friend drew is very very impressive *___*

  3. awww nice gift exchanges :) and I'm always a sucker for cute stationary things! hope you're having a great holiday!

  4. P o o p e r-Sometimes I like long posts, but it always depends what it's about! ^^ If it's something fun, than I usually read through the whole thing. I do a lot of skimming...I love getting drawings, but it always makes me feel lazy fo rnot doing something like that. When I receive compliments, it's usually followed by an awkward sounding thank you. Haha ^^

    insertcake-I knew you would love the Rilakkuma goodies! Haha, I want to frame the drawing!

    popchampagne-Thank you! I hope your holidays is going well too! ♥


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