Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gift Exchange with Rebecca!

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On December 27th, I had my gift exchange with Rebecca. I think it's amazing that we've remained great friends, even though we're no longer going to the same school. It's probably because we write so many letters to each other. Our gift exchange was quite a bit of fun actually. I haven't met up that much with friends over this winter break. I've had two gift exchanges including this one and I've been seeing my art class friends...That's about it.
We got tea from Tapioca Express. I got peach green tea with lychee jelly, while Rebecca got passion fruit tea with boba. The large is only $0.50 more than the small, so I usually end up getting the large...
We ended up eating next door at a bakery, so I tried their coffee cake. The sad thing is, I prefer Starbuck's coffee cake over this one. Darn, my love for chain restaurants....
Rebecca sewed me up a bag with a hand made key chain on it. The bag is super cute and I'm impressed that Rebecca did this. I didn't even know that she sewed! She also got me a mystery Hello Kitty food charm. We sat there feeling it, trying to figure out which one she got for me.
I took this photo later on to show that we got the doriyaki Hello Kitty key chain. It's currently dangling on my camera strap. Rebecca also gave me a Tomorrow Frog folder.
We walked around afterwards and went to the drainage area to check how high the water had gotten from all the rain. It wasn't that high at all so we walked around in the sand. Unfortunately, I took a step forward and sank around 6 inches into the sand. I still haven't cleaned off my Converse yet...We ended up going to Barnes&Noble to read comic books. Did you know there's a Justin Bieber comic book? Who knew? Oh yeah, I had a weird dream, where I met Alexander McQueen and we talked about manga together. Yeah, who knew he liked talking manga with me? That'd be pretty epic, if that happened in real life.
What are you doing for New Years?


  1. awww that is sad when starbuck beat a bakery. LOL justin bieber comic book, he is every where now >.<

    yessss hi5 on getting the large for extra 50 cents, I cant get enough of milk tea. I spend so much $$ on them and is starting to think its a wise idea to start making them at home some how.

    Alexander Mcqueen as in the designer? I cant remember my recent dreams these day which is a pity because they are usually so fun to watch. Sort of like a movie.

  2. (Yummy that cake looks delicious..!! *q*)
    Oh, how cute bag! ^^
    I really like it~

  3. Justin Bieber rules! I think I saw a comic about him in our bookstore. But I didn't buy it because it's WAAY too expensive! XDXD

    PS. Wish you Happy New Year 2011! o(^w^)o

  4. Tam-It's scary how Justin Bieber is everywhere you look! You can buy milk tea packages at any Asian supermarket and yes, Alexander McQueen the designer! XD

    Meri and Anni-Yup, I like it too! :)

    riysse-*high five*

    ☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆-Happy New Year to you too! I'm a bit late though, huh? Would you really buy his comic book? XD


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