Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is Kind of Like an Update?

Mood: Nostalgic
Playing: Helena-My Chemical Romance
Today has been one of ups and downs. At lacrosse practice, we learned that tomorrow will be the last day of practice at this small field we've been using. Next Monday and Tuesday are tryouts and on Wednesday (December 15th), we will learn who made the team. I know for a fact that a lot of these girls I'm strictly friends with because of lacrosse and if I don't make the team, I fear that the friendship will "fade" away. Some of the other girls don't have much in common with me, so the only time we interact is during lacrosse. Oh, how I'll miss them, but I must think in positive terms, in which I'll make the team.
I spent today listening to a lot of Andrew McMahon music and then I just listened to "Enchanted" by Patrick Wolf again and again. "Enchanted I am because of you..." Oh, how the quote makes my heart melt. I'm a real sucker for sweet or sad songs. For one post, I should put a list of all the songs that can make me cry...That would be a depressing post though. I spent the last half hour listening to My Chemical Romance and I read an article about them in this month's Rolling Stones. I found it very fascinating and I'll probably rip the pages out of the magazine. I really picked it up to read about John Lennon, but then I got sidetracked by My Chemical Romance. On a happier note, I want to give you an update on what's been going in my life.
For Hannie's birthday, my dad and I made a wand for him, like in HARRY POTTER! You probably can't tell, but we carved the end to be more pointed like a wand. I'll probably make one for Vivian because she loves Harry Potter.
My life has been very boring lately and very dull, so I decided some fun socks should brighten my mood. I really like the star ones because my mind is always in the sky. Stars just remind me of dreamers for some reason. Also, you can get them for $1 a pair. Such a good price.
Someone gave us some cookies from this expensive French bakery. I always wondered what was the big deal about the place and now I know. The shortbread cookies are simply delicious. I love munching on the cream colored ones because they have jam on them.
Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about this. My school's winter formal is coming up and everyone is making a huge fuss out of it. I have never had fun at school dances. I guess I'm just not that type. I just prefer talking to a person and getting to know them. Yes, I'm old fashioned like that, I guess. My mum was wondering if I'd go, if the cutest guy at school asked me and I replied no. I rather go see a movie or do karaoke or even go to a park. School dances just aren't my thing.
What do you think of school dances?


  1. You should go to your school dance, get dressed up do the whole shiban!!! seriously because after your uni you will regret if you didn't attend it.

  2. so cute socks!:3 and those are really cute cookies too :3

    you should go to the school dance it doesnt happen all the time and it would be one of your memorable experience

  3. Shanhainese Dumpling-I'm probably going to end up skipping it! Haha, it's pretty expensive for a dance!

    Kaizokumousy-Thank you! :3 I'm actually making plans to go do purikura with some friends that night! :D


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