Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let's Make Reindeers!

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Yesterday was a really terrible day, so I had to make sure today was extra good, which I sort of failed at. Yesterday, I figured out my grade in Biology dropped, did badly on my French oral because I kept on asking her to repeat a question, and I made my first huge mistake in lacrosse. Tryouts are coming soon for lacrosse, so I've been extra worried about looking good in front of the coach, While doing a drill, I fell for the first time. Everyone else has tripped and fallen before on the team, but it's still embarrassing because I scraped myself up pretty bad. I also got my flu shot yesterday, so my arm is super sore! Sorry for the long-ish rant!
Today I did something good, since I did some charity work! For my church, I helped decorate candy canes to send to an orphanage in Mexico. I hope the kids like them. I showed up a few minutes late, but I'm happy to say that many of my friends were there!
We started off with plain cherry flavored candy canes. Unfortunately, we didn't get to eat any, but I understand, it's for the children!
I would then take a medium size pipe cleaner that Chelcee cut and twist it around the top to start the antlers.
Then I would take two small pipe cleaners that Chelcee also cut and twist it around to make the antlers look more full.
I would then pass it on to Clare, so she could glue on eyes and a little red nose, since I don't like working with glue...
These were our finished products with around 10 people working for around 30 minutes. I think we did a pretty good job!
PJ, a new guy I just became friends with, started to get creative and made one with three eyes. We had a hard time explaining that to the person supervising us...
PJ's mustached reindeer tried to hit on Clare's reindeer, even though it tried to run away. As you can see, we were acting like geeks!
Of course, I had to go and make one with a mustache bigger than PJ's reindeer's mustache! Haha, our supervisor found the mustaches "cute."
When we thought we were done, we learned we had to tie on notes that said, "Jesus loves you." I wrote that out and then I learned we had to do it in Spanish, so Daniela helped out with that! Not all of those notes are mine. No way is my handwriting that perfect!
Chelcee had this interesting lemon kumquat juice. I've tried kumquat juice, but never lemon kumquat juice. Interesting, huh?
They had hot chocolate and whipped cream, but then they ran out of hot chocolate. I ended up taking a cup of whipped cream and several people were thoroughly grossed out by it. Whatever, I'll work it off during lacrosse practice! At the end, we had to fill in a form about what we learned and we were all sitting there wondering what to write. Eventually we just shared answers because none of us knew what to write. Overall, it was a lot more fun that I thought it would be and it helped me get to know PJ and Sara better and helped me grow closer to Chelcee, Clare, and Daniela.
Do you ever do charity work with your church?
I'll try to do a real tutorial on how to make these, if you want...This was more a summary of what I did.


  1. wahhhhh cuteee
    and so inspirational..

  2. It's ok to rant! It helps clear out all that inner tension.

    The reindeers look so cute. :'3 These things make a difference when given to children. I miss being a kid and looking at life with large hopes. The mustache one that you made is the cutest of them all. lol Just cause it's unique!

  3. Aw! Cute reindeers!♥♥ I always be a volunteer for charity works and I feel happy being one! o(^-^)o But this year I didn't help so much because my mom restricted my outdoor activities.. --> o(;A;)o

  4. Your charity work sounds lovely. Those candy canes look so cute!

  5. Hello Naka-Thank you! :)

    Dorothy Souhuwat-I'm so glad I inspired you with this post. I really like the whole idea of inspiration! ^^

    P o o p e r-I miss being a little kid too. I miss the wonder that used to be in everything. Science kind of kills the wonder of everything. once you know why something happens, it kind of kills it for me.

    ☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆-That's sad that your mum restricted your activities, even the charitable ones! -A-

    Winnie-Thank you so very much! :3


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