Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Haul And Food!

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I wrote a whole speech for history class revolving around John Lennon's dream of a peaceful world today. I think my speech is going to be pretty epic because I'm bringing my ipod to school, so I can play parts of "Imagine" to the class. I also bought a book on the Beatles called Can't Buy Me Love. You hear that, Sophie? I'm actually researching more on the Beatles after History Day! But today isn't about my school affairs, but about what some of my lovely friends brought back for me from their vacations.
My friend, Katrina, went to New York City to see four Broadway musicals! She loves musicals as much as I do, so we had tons of fun talking about it. She brought me back a Playbill from How to Succeed in Business and a key chain. My hairstylist, Sunny, went to Taiwan and brought me back a cute hair clip. She always brings me back something cute...Or tasty!
My friend, Sarah, went to both Japan and Indonesia. She brought me back these two snacks that I love from Indonesia. Rebecca and I used to steal it from her during lunch/break, so she brought some back for us. She also brought back cute charms for us from Japan. I love the Totoro and Domo charms she gave me, so I need to find something cute to do with them!
I went to the Daiso in Berkeley, while I was there for History Day,  because Tina told me you can get Deco stuff there and I was more than up for it. I went inside and I was so amazed. For some reason, I perceived Daiso to be a Japanese craft store, but it turned out to be messier than I thought it'd be. I liked it, though, because it's so cheap and had such cute stuff! I  bought everything above for $1.50 each! I bought one of the blue/yellow/pink pompom hair thing-y for my friend, Alicia. (Edit-I also gave her the stationary notebook on the right.)
I bought some Vinegar Juice because I heard that vinegar is good for you. You can smell some of the vinegar scent, but you can't taste it. The juice is sour, but you can taste the fruit still and I think it's actually pretty good. The peach is definitely better than the apple one.
I've been really into Aloe Vera juices lately, so I bought three different brands. My favorite one is the one in the thin, dark green can. The other two were way too sweet because of the honey. I prefer the slightly sour ones. Hmm, that's all I have for now. Sorry not blogging and commenting as much as I usually do, but I'm getting back on track. Expect some more posts, hopefully!
Who inspires you, when it comes to dressing? I want to do a post with all the people who inspire me!


  1. Yummmmm I love asian snacks too!! I love aloe drinks so much!!

  2. I keep hearing about Daiso everywhere I wish they had one near where I live! The stuff you got from there looks so cute and the hair scrunchies look perfect for fairy-kei. :D

    The guy on the playbill cover makes me think of Daniel Radcliff. o///o

  3. I'm such a John fan, I did a speech on The Long and Winding Road when I was in high school and it was pretty great but they didn't have ipods back then, so I can only image how epic yours is going to be!!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. those look like really lovely gifts. :) xx

  5. Lisa-Me too! X3

    P o o p e r-I;m so glad my brother pointed out the Diaso in Berkeley for me! Hehe, that's because it is Daniel Radcliffe! :3

    Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle-That's so cool that you did that! What was the prompt for your speech? :D

    denise* paper angels-They are! My friends are so sweet! ^^

  6. Michelle Lee-Me too! It's so refreshing! ^^


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