Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BAM! And Then There Was Me

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Hello! Well readers, this is a big day for my blog and I guess, for me too. I decided it's time to post some pictures of myself on my blog to prove to all of you that I'm a real person. Heh, does that even make sense to you? Now, I know not all of you care about this, so I decided I'll make this a post about who I am as a person.
Photo Courtesy of Sophie 2009
I am three quarters Chinese and one quarter Japanese. My mum is from Taiwan and moved here, when she was 9. My dad is from Hawaii and his side of the family is extremely Americanized. In fact, I think my dad is either 3rd or 4th generation.  Even though I'm mostly Chinese, I can't speak Chinese fluently. I only know a few words, but I am learning French at school and Tagalog from my friends, in an attempt to make myself multi-lingual. Overall, I don't have many Asian characteristics other than the working hard in school part and the practicality, when it comes to life. Something odd about me is my freckles. I'm the only Asian girl with freckles that I know of and I don't get tan. If I stay in the sun, I get really pink!
Photo Courtesy of Sophie 2010
My parents constantly tell me I'm fairly "well-bred." Haha, I think it's because my mum is a direct descendant of Confucius and her grandfather was the general for Chiang Kai-Shek's air force. This is rather interesting, I think. My mum's side of the family fled from China to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-Shek in order to escape persecution from Mao Tse-Tung. Due to this, my parents think I'm well-bred. I tell people at school that I'm related to these people and they always think I'm lying, but I pinky promise, I'm not lying.
Photo Courtesy of Tina 2011 (Me with Tina and Tiffany)
I've had the same glasses and haircut for years now. I feel some change is necessary. I really want to cut it short kind of like this, only choppier and messier. I tried to fix my boring hair problem by dying it brown, but that only made me realize how dying my hair wasn't enough. I read this article in a fashion magazine (either marie claire, Elle, or Harper's Bazaar) that people who dye their hair blond have a hard time going darker later on. The author talked about how lighter hair makes your feel more optimistic and how it's a psychological thing. She was talking about how it doesn't have to be blond, any color that's lighter, makes you feel more cheerful and such. I didn't believe her until I pushed my brown hair back one day with a headband and started to freak out, when I saw my natural black hair. In my mind, all I could think about was how dark it looked and I realized, dying my hair brown might've been a bad thing. I'm going to have a hard time going back to black!
Are you going anywhere this summer?
P.S. I am very much aware of how self absorbed the title of this post sounds and this is why WikiAnswers isn't a good source for homework.Click here to see why.


  1. yay!!! you look so nice, and the photo of you and your friends is realy fun. You also have interesting background though i have never heard of those two people you mentioned ^.^

  2. That is so cool that your mom is a descendent of Confucius!!!! Wow!!!
    Great post, I think dying your hair lighter would definitely suit you!!

  3. Ausra-Aww, thank you so much! :3

    Jen-Thanks you! I actually dyed my hair brown (as in the third picture), but I'm thinking about switching colors again! :D

  4. Omgosh!!!!

    1. I'm Taiwanese.. From Taiwan!! I was born there!

    2. I'm from Hawaii!


    3. I'm a direct descent from Confucius too!! That means we're related bahaha.. I'm also like a great descent of the Ming dynasty emperor or something... I think when your Chinese.. Everyones related somehow. My husbands mothers maiden name is Lee and my mothers maiden name is Lee... We were like "uh oh we're related hahahah" and then my mom laughed and said everyone that's Chinese/Taiwanese is related somehow some way!!

    We have so much in common!! And I wear glasses everyday haha!

  5. I always want to dye my hair lighter too but I'm afraid that I'll change my mind as soon as I dyed it. Or maybe family or friends dislike it. -__-

    I'm not Chinese but yeah, I wear glasses everyday too unless I'm going out. haha.


  6. I've been waiting for this moment ... I'm actually excited right now. XD
    I'm definitely looking forward to any more pics of you! You look adorable with all of your friends.

    No way! Your mom's related to Confucius ... I always find it fascinating when people know about some of their ancestors.

    That hair cut looks so edgy and I can definitely see it in a more messier way. I'd say go for it! I've been stuck with the same hairstyle too but I've been too afraid to do anything about it.

  7. I really liked this post! So interesting to learn about you :D I'm a no face blogger and sometimes I feel the urge to do a "coming out" like you. Maybe one day...
    I love your freackles!

  8. Lisa-That's so cool that we're related! Haha, maybe I'm related to the same Ming emperor? It's pretty crazy how the internet can help us find relatives! XD

    MeggiEssa-If you dye your hair, give it at least a week before you dye it! You migh change your mind about it and end up liking it! :3

    P o o p e r-Aww, you're so sweet! I actually love hearing about people's heritage because almost everyone has something cool to tell you! :)

    Piperita Patty-Thank you so much! ♥ I decided to be a "no face" blogger because in my school district, they always stress internet safety!


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